Ok…. I lied , Crafting corner still in the works

Hi BLogging friends,

I had said before that I would have photos up today and that’s just not gonna happen so I guess I’m a liar¬† ūüė¶¬† Seriously , I did get a lot accomplished but Brian has suggested a rearranging of the space so I will wait til we get that finished. Of course I’m hoping that tomorrow will be the day but I’m at the mercy of my generous hubby si we will have to wait and see. I did get some cheap curtain rods and some hook thingies and got most of my ribbon pinned so it wont unravel and its all hung nice and neat, I need one more than that will be done, I took the shorter spools of ribbon and wound them around card board and they fit in the photo bos with the other small ribbons. I had all the paper punches out so Brian could get an idea of what I wanted with the towel rods and bless his heart he said I don’t know if anyone has done this or not but have you thought about those over the door shoe holders….. I told him many other crafters use them but I didn’t think It would work for me and he has figured a way to do it so that’s what I got today for the punches. Yipee soon I’ll be all organized !!!! The way he wants ro arrange things should give me more space to move around in and with things where I can see them. I am determined to use up my scraps of card stock and other items I have hoarded over the last few years. I still need to get the stamps sorted and all but there is always tomorrow and I have short days baby sitting the first part of the week. Plus a three-day weekend next week so I’m gonna get this thing whipped into shape before school starts up.¬† I’m also gonna post some of my other crafty storage¬†problems so any feed back on them will be appreciated¬†¬† ūüôā

Hope you are all keeping cool, enjoying friends and family ,and whatever else that summer holds for you ūüôā

Take care and happy crafting¬† ūüôā

Hugs and Love,



Hello out there in Blog land………………………..

Hello my blog friends¬† ūüôā

Haven’t had much time with all the kids and crazy heat and or down pours. The natives are really restless being cooped up in such a small space,There is always a… she is looking at me or that’s my spot or did you just see what he done??? Did you hear that….

We have less than a month and back to school they go . I don’t know if I’m ready for that¬† ūüôā¬†

I have been working on my stamp set index ( been working on it when the little ones are home and mine are occupied )and finally got them all stamped and sorted and my divider tabs finished tonight. Now all I have to do is number them and do the same to my shelves. I am searching all over the web for a ribbon storage that I could do and something for my ribbon, Since wall space here is at a minimum . I have seen many clever ideas but none I can put to use here.

I have been following your blogs but if I have the laptop out while Levi is here he thinks he needs to use it   :O      Gotta go foe now the kids will be back here in the morning and mine will be up early too.  


Love and hugs to you my friends,



What I’ve been up to.

Hello Everyone from steamy hot Illinois ūüôā WE are under a heat advisory tomorrow, Yucky for anyone having to work outdoors or have no air conditioning. So we will be indoors for the day with the kiddos¬†Thank goodness for movies and video games. The MRSA at our house is finally on the way out it everyone is responding very well to the antibiotics and the lesions are healing up nicely. So other than that we are all doing very well barring no other bug or injury sneak up on us ūüôā lol
I had the weekend off and was able to get some work on my organizing in the craft area…I know more arranging but, I cleaned up some really messy areas cram packed with too much stuff. I got rid of most of the things I think I need to keep to alter or use in some crafty project and that made a big dent in the clutter. I grouped like things together for easier access. I took some pictures of the process to post with this blog entry. I also think I have come up with a way to category my stamp sets after a lot of web searching ( I couldn’t find the one you spoke of Leslie but I got some really good Ideas ). So heres¬†what I decided to do…. I bought some 4×6 index cards that are blank on one side and lined on the other. I stamped all my stampin¬†up clear mount stamps tonight on the blank side and hand wrote the information on the other side ie: stamp manufacturer,name of set,number of stamps ,if it was a hostess set or sellabration¬†and if it was a two-step set¬†that had coordinating punch or punches. I am going to make category dividers color coded with my tab punch and put colored dots on the index card to show where it belongs and that way I can list if it fits more than one grouping. I now have a note-book but they are just randomly stamped and I have to look through all them just to find what I’m looking for . Way too time¬†consuming when my time is limited. any hoo that’s what I’ve been up to this weekend and it feels good to get to do something I enjoy. There is a couple of pix of Ariels¬†leg and one of Levi on the kitchen table the little rascal thinks he’s a monkey and he’s fast too. There is also a couple of photos of some pipe cleaner art on my bed done by Sierra She found them in¬† the craft cleaning and had fun playing with them, Oh the to be a kid again and get so much enjoyment from something so simple. The last one is of mister Levi after his peanut butter and jelly sandwich , He had as much on his face as in his tummy I think. the watercolored¬†looking photo is my canvas I stamped and sprayed with my homemade glimmer spray and I also put in our VBS¬†crafts the colored sand cross necklaces, Wooden tops. Cross wind chimes any hoo thats¬†what I’ve been able to do these past few weeks. Lotsa fun with the kiddies.
Enough rambling for me I am off to get this posted and my photos up loaded and then watch some movies with the kids then to bed at a reasonable time. Thais the plan anyway ūüôā Hope you are all staying cool and safe with whatever is keeping you busy where you’re at.
Much love and hugs,

July 6 update

Took Ariel to Doctor yesterday and we don’t need to keep packing her incisions¬† PHEW¬† ūüôā¬† that was great to hear for me and her alike¬† ūüôā¬† Had the small ones yesterday and they were both happy to see us Sierra says to me¬† Nanna did you miss me? I sure did I answered and she smiles really big and says I missed you so much along with a big hug. What more can I ask for.¬† On the MRSA¬† note around here we are hand washing with antibacterial soap, bleaching everything we can , Taking vitamins daily and making everyone who has a wound wear band aids whether they want to or not. I have high hopes that since we had labs and know what antibiotic fights this and have gotten everyone on it that we can get it cleared up soon.¬†

I did get to play last night¬† with a primed canvas and my stamps and some homemade shimmer spray …. didn’t¬†turn out like I envisioned¬†but trial and error will teach me what works and what don’t.¬† I finally got the batteries and found my book for my label maker¬† ( another yard sale find )¬† I wand to label my stamps with letters and numbers so I can catalog them for easier use. I’m thinking of making a¬† spread sheet although I have never did it before I think the little help thing can get me through it. I spend way to much time digging through my mess so I thought if I had numbers and letters I could find things quicker. any suggestions will be appreciated . Do any of you have a system like this.? I am thinking I can put a M on all that could be used for masculine cards a F for feminine and K for kids ect. some will fit more than one category¬†I have all the sets stamped in spiral notebooks so I can look through them then go to the right letter and number.Soes this sound too complicated¬†?¬†¬† Well I need to go work on dinner the beef¬† for beef and noodles is smelling very delicious so I need to figure what else can go with it.¬† Hope you are all doing good.

P.S.¬† I figured out how to approve previous comments don’t remember having to do tha before they were just on here.¬†


Much love and many hugs to you all,


Happy 4th of July !!!

¬†Hi there everyone¬† ūüôā Wanted to pop in and say HI and give a little update¬† on the goings on around my humble house.

As I write this I am sitting here watching¬† Independance Day with Ariel¬† (¬†a July 4 th¬† tradition for us ) ¬†and Brian and the other two are watching the local fireworks display.¬† We had two emergancy room trips this weekend with Ariel and this stubborn MRSA. Brian took her Saturday and got antibiotcs¬† but by Sunday she was much worse with lines moving up her leg so back we went this time they gave her an IV with stronger antibiotics¬† and lanced the two places on her little knee and packed it and sent her home with pain meds. and instructions to take the packing out today at home and repack it……..Well I took the dressing off and that was as far as I got ūüė¶¬† So I called the pediatrition and they said we can just wait til tomorrow¬† morning and they will do it in the offoce. Yipee for me.¬† I cant say it enough that Im sick of this stuff!!!!!¬†¬†¬† Heather has had this three times now¬†( thats how we got it )¬†¬†Anyway thats what has been¬†gping on around here I hope you are all having a great holiday with Family and friends we are¬† ūüôā¬† Leslie¬†your posts on your Grand children are precious I’m happuy you got to spend some time with them Ours are ¬†visiting the other Grand Parents this weekend and will be back later so we get to have them tomorrow with lots to hear from Sierra I’m sure ūüôā¬†¬† I will update tomorrrow¬† after the Doctor visit.


 Take care friends 

Many hugs and lotsa love,