Happy 4th of July !!!

 Hi there everyone  🙂 Wanted to pop in and say HI and give a little update  on the goings on around my humble house.

As I write this I am sitting here watching  Independance Day with Ariel  ( a July 4 th  tradition for us )  and Brian and the other two are watching the local fireworks display.  We had two emergancy room trips this weekend with Ariel and this stubborn MRSA. Brian took her Saturday and got antibiotcs  but by Sunday she was much worse with lines moving up her leg so back we went this time they gave her an IV with stronger antibiotics  and lanced the two places on her little knee and packed it and sent her home with pain meds. and instructions to take the packing out today at home and repack it……..Well I took the dressing off and that was as far as I got 😦  So I called the pediatrition and they said we can just wait til tomorrow  morning and they will do it in the offoce. Yipee for me.  I cant say it enough that Im sick of this stuff!!!!!    Heather has had this three times now ( thats how we got it )  Anyway thats what has been gping on around here I hope you are all having a great holiday with Family and friends we are  🙂  Leslie your posts on your Grand children are precious I’m happuy you got to spend some time with them Ours are  visiting the other Grand Parents this weekend and will be back later so we get to have them tomorrow with lots to hear from Sierra I’m sure 🙂   I will update tomorrrow  after the Doctor visit.


 Take care friends 

Many hugs and lotsa love,



One thought on “Happy 4th of July !!!

  1. It has been a constant health rollercoaster for you and yours since the winter Shelly. You must feel like moving into the doctor’s office or emergency room! MRSA is the devil to get rid of; it is rife here in the UK and usually contracted after operations in our hospitals. My poor sister-in-law went into hospital for cancer treatment and an operation and came out sicker than she went in; she had MRSA plus two other hospital contracted diseases.
    I sure do hope your kiddies can be treated and that they will regain their full health very soon.
    Thinking of you and yours and was hoping the summer would drive away all these bugs and nasties from your home.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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