July 6 update

Took Ariel to Doctor yesterday and we don’t need to keep packing her incisions  PHEW  🙂  that was great to hear for me and her alike  🙂  Had the small ones yesterday and they were both happy to see us Sierra says to me  Nanna did you miss me? I sure did I answered and she smiles really big and says I missed you so much along with a big hug. What more can I ask for.  On the MRSA  note around here we are hand washing with antibacterial soap, bleaching everything we can , Taking vitamins daily and making everyone who has a wound wear band aids whether they want to or not. I have high hopes that since we had labs and know what antibiotic fights this and have gotten everyone on it that we can get it cleared up soon. 

I did get to play last night  with a primed canvas and my stamps and some homemade shimmer spray …. didn’t turn out like I envisioned but trial and error will teach me what works and what don’t.  I finally got the batteries and found my book for my label maker  ( another yard sale find )  I wand to label my stamps with letters and numbers so I can catalog them for easier use. I’m thinking of making a  spread sheet although I have never did it before I think the little help thing can get me through it. I spend way to much time digging through my mess so I thought if I had numbers and letters I could find things quicker. any suggestions will be appreciated . Do any of you have a system like this.? I am thinking I can put a M on all that could be used for masculine cards a F for feminine and K for kids ect. some will fit more than one category I have all the sets stamped in spiral notebooks so I can look through them then go to the right letter and number.Soes this sound too complicated ?   Well I need to go work on dinner the beef  for beef and noodles is smelling very delicious so I need to figure what else can go with it.  Hope you are all doing good.

P.S.  I figured out how to approve previous comments don’t remember having to do tha before they were just on here. 


Much love and many hugs to you all,



4 thoughts on “July 6 update

  1. So happy for you and Ariel that the wounds no longer need packing. Not a nice job to do.

    The spread sheet thing is too complicated 🙂 I would never remember or bother to turn on the computer and scroll through a spread sheet. I unmounted all my stamps, I then decided on the catergories I wanted them in and stamped the images onto printer paper. I laminated the stamped paper and put the stamps onto the laminated sheets and inserted these into plastic pouches and put them in a ring binder which have index sheets with the catergories on. As I only have two ring binders of stamps at the moment it is no big hassle to flick through them to find the stamp I want.
    I do know that some people use letters and numbers and then put these in notebooks to use as a cross reference especially useful for those that have many stamps. I make a note of the set the stamps come from and the manufacturer so I can mention that when I post a card.
    I put all sentiments into catergories too.
    Hope that helps.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Thanks for the response Lynn. I have way too many stamps mostly /stampin up with about a box full of various wood mounted stamps and a small shoe box of clear polymer type stamps and it is just so hard to find what I want at any given time. For instance Fathers day with the kids It took me about an hour to find what everyone everybody wanted 😦 I have the 2 binders but they are just randomly stamped in there. I have thought about unmounting all my sets but the cost of the cling foam stuff and the cases to put them in will be pretty costly. So for now just getting them all organized so they are easier to use wouldbe great. I will have to look into the pdf that Leslie spoke of. Hope you are having a nice summer so far. Other than the various sickness going around here things are pretty good. We are in the middlw of a heat wave again but still going pretty good here.


  2. I agree with Lynn. A spreadsheet will take you forever to create it. It will go through at least three morphs before you get it the way you want it and it still would not be good enough 😦 Been there done that!

    Go to splitcoaststampers.com They have a reference section (can’t remember where it is) with PDF’s you can download and print. There are pages for large background stamps with only one place to stamp the image, then they have pages for multiple stamps (like floral stamps). The top of the page is for the stamp information, i.e. Stamp name; manufacturer; category. You can take the pages you print from your computer to a copy center, like Kinko’s, and have multiples printed.

    If you have all wood mounted stamps, and you really want to use that label maker, you can categorize your stamps anyway you want to and label your shelves. Put the corresponding reference on the paper you stamped the image on and you will be able to know the stamp lives and which one it is.

    This all sounds like way to much work to me…..think hooking up trucks is easier 🙂 I do understand your desire for control since your household is kind of “out” of control right now.

    My poor friend 😦 Just when things were beginning to settle down then something else flared up. I hope you and your family see the end of the MRSA stuff quickly. Poor kids with these wounds. They seriously cut into play time and take all the fun out of it 😦 I hope you are doing alright through this current crisis. I do get a bit concerned with you Shelly and all that you are being responsible for. You take care my friend, seriously. Please, pretty please?

    I’m looking forward to seeing your latest creation. What you may think of as a big old flop we just might think it is awesome!

    Love you Girlfriend – Leslie

    • Hey Leslie 🙂 Gonna look up the pdf on splitcoast later in the evening when kiddies are a bit quieter 🙂 AS I posted to Lynn I need to get a handle on my stamps so I can use them. Of course Brians answer to this problem is just get rid of some of them and you wont have that problem 🙂 MY answer is NOT!!!! lol . I have taken photos of my latest works even our Vacation Bible School crafts to share what I’ve been up to as far as crafting goes and will try to post them tonight too. I seem to have this crazy problem of when I have crafty plans the kids always have something happen to them 🙂
      I hope you and Joe are having a safe trip and that things are going smoothly with your truck moves. I need to get off since Levi has taken about a shelf full of movies and dumped them out of their cases Yikes this guy is like a tornado 🙂


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