What I’ve been up to.

Hello Everyone from steamy hot Illinois 🙂 WE are under a heat advisory tomorrow, Yucky for anyone having to work outdoors or have no air conditioning. So we will be indoors for the day with the kiddos Thank goodness for movies and video games. The MRSA at our house is finally on the way out it everyone is responding very well to the antibiotics and the lesions are healing up nicely. So other than that we are all doing very well barring no other bug or injury sneak up on us 🙂 lol
I had the weekend off and was able to get some work on my organizing in the craft area…I know more arranging but, I cleaned up some really messy areas cram packed with too much stuff. I got rid of most of the things I think I need to keep to alter or use in some crafty project and that made a big dent in the clutter. I grouped like things together for easier access. I took some pictures of the process to post with this blog entry. I also think I have come up with a way to category my stamp sets after a lot of web searching ( I couldn’t find the one you spoke of Leslie but I got some really good Ideas ). So heres what I decided to do…. I bought some 4×6 index cards that are blank on one side and lined on the other. I stamped all my stampin up clear mount stamps tonight on the blank side and hand wrote the information on the other side ie: stamp manufacturer,name of set,number of stamps ,if it was a hostess set or sellabration and if it was a two-step set that had coordinating punch or punches. I am going to make category dividers color coded with my tab punch and put colored dots on the index card to show where it belongs and that way I can list if it fits more than one grouping. I now have a note-book but they are just randomly stamped and I have to look through all them just to find what I’m looking for . Way too time consuming when my time is limited. any hoo that’s what I’ve been up to this weekend and it feels good to get to do something I enjoy. There is a couple of pix of Ariels leg and one of Levi on the kitchen table the little rascal thinks he’s a monkey and he’s fast too. There is also a couple of photos of some pipe cleaner art on my bed done by Sierra She found them in  the craft cleaning and had fun playing with them, Oh the to be a kid again and get so much enjoyment from something so simple. The last one is of mister Levi after his peanut butter and jelly sandwich , He had as much on his face as in his tummy I think. the watercolored looking photo is my canvas I stamped and sprayed with my homemade glimmer spray and I also put in our VBS crafts the colored sand cross necklaces, Wooden tops. Cross wind chimes any hoo thats what I’ve been able to do these past few weeks. Lotsa fun with the kiddies.
Enough rambling for me I am off to get this posted and my photos up loaded and then watch some movies with the kids then to bed at a reasonable time. Thais the plan anyway 🙂 Hope you are all staying cool and safe with whatever is keeping you busy where you’re at.
Much love and hugs,

4 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to.

  1. Lovely to see your post, the kiddos and the art work and know that you have found a system that will work for you regarding your stamp catergories.
    Thank heavens the MRSA is responding to treatment and hope that you and your family soon have strong immune systems again and can repel all further invasions of bugs 🙂

    Love the canvas artwork and the shimmery flower.

    Sometimes WordPress does dreadful things with the order of my photos and makes me so angry that I swear!!!!! Dreadful words pour forth 🙂 I hadn’t realised how many swear words I knew!
    A tip given to me by a fellow blogger and friend was to upload all the photos you want to use in your blog – but dont put them in yet. Work out what order you want to put the photos into your post then type your text and when you want to put a photo in press enter (large arrow!) and type “pic of …..” add name where dots are. Complete your blog then go back to the first place where you typed “pic of …” and delete that text and actually put your photo in.
    Wordpress puts all the photos in a gallery so when you click on the icon and the box appears click on the gallery tab. Work through your blog adding the pics where you indicated and it should behave properly!!! Hope that is clearer than mud. Give a shout if not. Most of the time it works for me!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Thanks for the kind words on my crafting endevours Lynn. I an on a mission to get this mess under control Brian says I spend too much time organizing compaired to using my stuff. I know it will take awhile but the benifits will be worth it in the end.
      I will take your advise and try my hand at the photos and blog the next time I get to post a blog entry. I have some other things I hope to work on tonight after Levi goes home as the other kids are old enough to entertain themselves for a bit. I have in mind to make some scratch and sniff embossing powder with the unsweetened drink mix and clear embossing powder for my tart and tangy stamp set Maybe I’ll get that done and posted this evening.
      Hope you are keeping cool in your part of the world and are able to have some crafty fun,
      Take care.
      Love and hugs,

  2. Love the stamping and creating you have done!!!! Your canvas art is quite lovely. Shelly, you sure do know how to put a card together….I’m jealous 😉

    I’ve spent the last couple of hours searching through Split Coast Stampers for the sheet list I mentioned to you. Good grief!!! If it is there then I have no idea how to pull it out of that jumbled mess. Sorry I sent you on such a hunt 😦 Your idea of using index cards and stamping on the back with the information on the lined front is a great idea.

    Reading through some of the forum posts while searching I got a headache thinking about what trouble it surely is to catalog every stamp a person has. There were so many ideas and opinions on what to do.

    Your grandson is just the cutest ever with his face all messy from the PB&J 🙂 He’ll be 20 years old one day and you will trot that delightful photo out and embarrass the fool out of him 🙂 Well, I would do that…..

    Nevertheless, I’m thrilled you got to have some time to play around in your room, get it organized and start on getting reacquainted with what you have. I’m so sorry to hear about the hot, hot, hot temperatures you are experiencing. UGH!!! Sweltering and down right uncomfortable. Good that you have a backup plan 🙂

    So good to see you are still hanging in there.
    Love you – Leslie

    • Thank you too Leslie for the praises on my crafting. I am always very critical on my work you know I could do this or that better if I had…..fill in the blank and Brian being toe wise and supportive hubby he is always says ……Who is going come get you the card police…
      I didn’t mind searching splitcoast thats how I formulated my plan on the index cards. Everyone had neat ideas with how they did theirs Many good ideas shared there.
      I have to agree with you Levi is a cute little guy 🙂 he is very personable too and quite a ham 🙂 and the photos will definately have some leverage when he gets older lol 🙂
      We are still having the hot temperatures along with high humidity levels so it seems hotter than it is so lots of movies and games for us plenty of cold drinks and I am enjoying being able to spend some time on my computer during the daytime. Keep safe and cool on your travels.
      Love and hugs,

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