Hello out there in Blog land………………………..

Hello my blog friends  🙂

Haven’t had much time with all the kids and crazy heat and or down pours. The natives are really restless being cooped up in such a small space,There is always a… she is looking at me or that’s my spot or did you just see what he done??? Did you hear that….

We have less than a month and back to school they go . I don’t know if I’m ready for that  🙂 

I have been working on my stamp set index ( been working on it when the little ones are home and mine are occupied )and finally got them all stamped and sorted and my divider tabs finished tonight. Now all I have to do is number them and do the same to my shelves. I am searching all over the web for a ribbon storage that I could do and something for my ribbon, Since wall space here is at a minimum . I have seen many clever ideas but none I can put to use here.

I have been following your blogs but if I have the laptop out while Levi is here he thinks he needs to use it   :O      Gotta go foe now the kids will be back here in the morning and mine will be up early too.  


Love and hugs to you my friends,



8 thoughts on “Hello out there in Blog land………………………..

  1. Hello there fellow blogger :-). I started to call you day before yesterday to see how you were doing and that went out the window at 60 plus miles an hour :-(. I’m glad to see you are still alive and kicking.

    Woo Hoo for you!!! Getting your stamps categorized and noted. Well done Shelly, well done!!!

    What do you have in mind for ribbon storage. Or better yet where do you plan on storing your ribbon? How much ribbon do you have? Are they all on spools? Do you have a closet door in your room for a hanging shoe rack that has pockets?

    Do you have a coat tree – the pole with pegs sticking out from it – and shower curtain rings? Hang the ribbon on the pegs using the shower rings. Might have to unspool the ribbon though.

    I bet your rivers and streams are running full and fast with the rains you’ve had. Puddles for the kids to play in outside in your yard :-). Summer is going quickly since you say one more month before the kids go back to school.

    Have you finally seen the last of the MRSA mania? Are you going to do a post showing us your genius in stamp categories? I, for one, would love to see what you have come up with :-).

    Take care of yourself. Love you my friend – Leslie

    • HI Leslie 🙂
      On the MRSA I think we have finally seen the last of it (fingers crossed ). Heather moved out a few weeks ago and after 3 doses of different antibiotics she says she that hers is gone. I am happy to not have to scrub everything down several times a day just seems like we got over all the flu bugs and all that extra cleaning.

      I am taking pictures of my process in the craft corner. I cleaned out the wardrobe my desk drawers and have stamped all the stampin up sets and have them filed by catagory color coded and just need to number them and do the shelves and get them all in order. As for the desk I have to say it was full of junk!! Why do I feel the need to keep every thing I get?? Pack rat I guess lol 🙂 I found loads of paper clips every size ,shape and color Why?? and there is several stapelers in various sizes too. I had forgotten about this little timy one brian found at a sale itty bitty stapels really cute. but atleast I’m almost done just a small dresser thing to go through and them I will be done.
      Now to address the ribbon…….. lets just say I have way more than I need lol most is on spools some I have unspooled and put on cardboard like embroidery floss. I dont have much space and there lies the problem. . I will take a picture of it too. The other problem is my paper punches. I am trying to get them hung on my wardrobe door with small curtain rods and peg board well thats the idea I have any way. I have too many of them too. Brian says just get rid of alot of it and your problem will be solved. NO WAY!!!!!!! thats my answer to that. 🙂 It dows feel good to ink up my stamps and I got re- aquainted with some stamps I had forgotten I had.
      So thats what I’ve been doing when the kids are finally gone or asleep. The kids are stir crazy with having to be kept in so much this summer and our window air conditioner has been running pretty much none stop and has kept it bearable in here but in the back rooms its still pretty hot so we are all in the mail living area and the kids tempers have flaired so I think they are looking foward to getting back to school.

      Take care and keep safe. Tell Joe Hello from us.

      Love and hugs ,

  2. I’m so glad to hear the MRSA is finally gone from your home and kids. Good grief, as if you don’t already have a lot on your plate 😦

    I’m so excited for you and your craft room!!! Woo Hoo!! All that work you’ve been doing clearing away and finding long lost objects and some you didn’t remember you had 🙂 What fun to be surprised and delighted by unearthing stamps you forgot you had 😮 Awesome, awesome, you have them all color coded, stamped on index cards, categorized, and listed so you can get reacquainted with them all over again.

    I’ve found a few ribbon storage ideas I’m sending you. If you can’t use them because of your limited space issues maybe they will spark your imagination and you will find the perfect solution.

    Here is one that is made from boxes purchased from IKEA but I think you can do the same with office file folder storage boxes. Here is the link – at least I’m going to try to post the link for you..
    http://jmday.com/?p=40 Guess it is not going to work as a link, thank goodness it is a short link you can copy and paste into your browser in a different tab.

    This link has several ideas http://stamping.thefuntimesguide.com/2008/12/ribbon_organizers.php

    This one is a find from a thrift store that has been cleaned and painted. http://craftystorage.blogspot.com/2010/12/ambers-homemade-ribbon-rack.html

    I know you said your wall space is at a premium, just some ideas for you to think about and maybe enlist Brian’s handyman skills to come up with a solution for you.

    I look forward to seeing photos of your craft space and the process you had gone through. Girl, you deserve a treat for all that hard work 🙂

    Here’s hoping your week is a great one….no rain, cooler temperatures, kids able to play and romp outside and get rid of the cabin fever as well as all the pent up energy just bursting to get out.

    Love to you and your family – Leslie

    • Thanks for the links 🙂 some really awesome ideas I will have to rhink on them and ponder the space needed.. I have taken some pictures and will try to post tomorrow since we are taking the kids swimming today I fore see us all being pooped out later in the evening. ( I’m hoping any way ) I got my labels made last night for the shelves and got the sub deviders in the index cards for the sets needing them like the holidays, and got them all numbered now I need to put them on the shelves in order, which I think I will do this weekend since I have the weekend off from baby sitting. Thanks again for the help. I need to get this show on the road The natives are getting restless lol.

      Hugs and love,

  3. Well hello Shelly, so good to see you blogging and how on earth did you get all that clearing, organising and indexing done with kids around?????? You deserve a medal 🙂

    So happy for you all that you have got rid of the hated MRSA and I hope you have managed to banish all other bugs too.

    Oh children with cabin fever is awful and then there is the dreaded call of ‘I’m bored’, I know our little grandchildren who are all outdoors children drive their Mums insane if they have to be kept indoors until finally Mum dresses them up in waterproofs to go out and splash about!

    I didn’t know what to do with my ribbon either until I bought some small plastic deep boxes that are see through, I took all my ribbons off the spools and wound it around strips of thick card stock – cereal boxes cut up are good. The strips are all the same size and the ribbon ends are pinned down so they don’t come unwound and stacked in rows in the boxes. Now my ribbon is tidy and can be kept clean and dust proof and the boxes, at the moment, are stacked on shelves.
    Hope you find something that suits you.
    Can’t wait to see the photos:)
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • HI Lynn 🙂
      I don’t want to boast too soon but I do yhink all the bugs are gone …that is unti; we get into the school stuff again 🙂 It has been so hot lately and we dont have any tree coverage so the kids get cooked like lobsters real quick. The nights have been just as hot with temps in the upper 70’s and low 80’s just plain crazy.
      I have been cleaning after the small ones go home and mine are in bed. I have some ribbon on cards like the embroidery floss is but some og my ribbons are 45 feet long and that would be alot of wnwiwnding and rewinding. Brian is going to help me today to work out a rod type system I am taking photos of my progress. I miss just being able to set and do my crafting without having to hunt everything down I kinda lose the umph to finish what I’ve started sometimes. I did by the way try out the scented embossing powder but the results wasent what I’d hoped for I think I had too much drink mix and not enough clear embossing powder so I will need to work on that again sometime. I hhad better get my rear in gear so I can sit on this computer all day.

      Take care
      Love and hugs,

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