Ok…. I lied , Crafting corner still in the works

Hi BLogging friends,

I had said before that I would have photos up today and that’s just not gonna happen so I guess I’m a liar  😦  Seriously , I did get a lot accomplished but Brian has suggested a rearranging of the space so I will wait til we get that finished. Of course I’m hoping that tomorrow will be the day but I’m at the mercy of my generous hubby si we will have to wait and see. I did get some cheap curtain rods and some hook thingies and got most of my ribbon pinned so it wont unravel and its all hung nice and neat, I need one more than that will be done, I took the shorter spools of ribbon and wound them around card board and they fit in the photo bos with the other small ribbons. I had all the paper punches out so Brian could get an idea of what I wanted with the towel rods and bless his heart he said I don’t know if anyone has done this or not but have you thought about those over the door shoe holders….. I told him many other crafters use them but I didn’t think It would work for me and he has figured a way to do it so that’s what I got today for the punches. Yipee soon I’ll be all organized !!!! The way he wants ro arrange things should give me more space to move around in and with things where I can see them. I am determined to use up my scraps of card stock and other items I have hoarded over the last few years. I still need to get the stamps sorted and all but there is always tomorrow and I have short days baby sitting the first part of the week. Plus a three-day weekend next week so I’m gonna get this thing whipped into shape before school starts up.  I’m also gonna post some of my other crafty storage problems so any feed back on them will be appreciated   🙂

Hope you are all keeping cool, enjoying friends and family ,and whatever else that summer holds for you 🙂

Take care and happy crafting  🙂

Hugs and Love,



3 thoughts on “Ok…. I lied , Crafting corner still in the works

  1. No that doesn’t make you a liar it is just a postponement 🙂 What a kind and generous man you have ready to put his mind and hands to work so your crafting area is just right for you. How is Brian’s throat now?
    45 feet of ribbon????? I hardly use what I have now but to have spools of 45 feet, love the colours of ribbon but I can never get it to look good on cards. I am ribbon challenged 🙂
    I was helping our daughter at a craft fayre yesterday and we were sharing our space with a lovely lady who creates wonderful knitted items, fabric items and things from clay. She had some gorgeous buttons for sale so I just had to buy some! When she rolls her clay out she does it on lace fabric so the pattern transfers to the clay – absolutely gorgeous. Now can I bring myself to use them?????

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. HI Lynn sorry for the delay in responding.
    We have been holding off the moving of furniture since its been so hot. I have been sorting through things and taking some photos so I can post the process. Brian has seen improvement with his throat and has a recheck in about a month although he still has some pain when he sings.
    Stampin up has large spools of ribbon and if I’m gonna spend my money I always look for the ones with the most yardage. I hoard it like the patterned paper I see it and think I just cant cut it up. But with the new arrangement I am determined to use my supplies and scraps. I can relate with the buttons I have several stashes of them and always look at the yard sales for more, Brian always says you have more than enough buttons but I grab them up. I cant pass up a good deal 🙂 Well I’m off to work a bit more with all the kids sleeping and its cooling off more in here I can get some of my projects finished uninterrupted.

    Take care . Love and hugs,

  3. Fabulous for you that Brian has enlisted his help in getting your room set up. What fun!!

    Enjoy the process and don’t stress about it or your blog. Remember this: It will never be perfect. Just when you think your room is just the way it should be you will find a spot that just doesn’t work no matter what. As long as 98% of the room is functional and you are happy with it then the remaining 2% can just wait until you can figure out what to do with it.

    Ribbons on shower rods, fantastic idea!! I’m with Lynn on the ribbon challenge. I have a lot of ribbon but seemingly in the wrong colors. Just when I think I can use some of it I find it is the wrong color 😦 boo hoo. Oh well, that is the challenge. Work with what you’ve got and make it work for you 🙂

    Love you – Leslie

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