Woo Hoo I finally figured it out !!!!

Hi Friends ūüôā
After some youtube searching I finally found my problem…..the wrong video format. Who would have knew?? Not me :}
I found a help video on youtube and it linked a free video converter and I thought… Why not give it a try and it only took 10 minutes to upload verses the 180 minutes before. So I will link it here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL6UHVRXZ_E hope you like it any suggestions will be appreciated and if you have any ideas on my space to improve it do share it. I do have to admit i felt a bit foolish talking with nobody around ūüôā lol

Gotta get off here Levi the monkey is using me as his climbing gym so it makes the typing a bit hard ūüôā

Happy crafting friends
Much love and hugs,


Giving the upload another try.

WEll as I type this I am trying to get my video uploaded on youtube. After watching several upload videos I have been doing it right So we will just have to wait and see how things go.
If I cannot get it to work then I will just have to do regular photos. How are you all doing? We have a few colds around here Too early to get this stuff if you ask me but we have it none the less. The kids are getting excited about the holiday weekend and the prospect of going to family camp. We usually attend the Labor day camp at a near by Christian camp. We bunk in the dorms Boys and girls seperate Or there is the option of tent camping or Rv’s and motor homes. I like the dorms because there is heat and air conditioning depending what you need. I dont care much for the bunkbeds but the kids love going so I make due.They have an indoor rock climbing wall,swimming,family games and movies plus a zip line and rapelling for the brave a heart, fishing and trails to hike. In years past we had to make daily trips home to check on Sasha but now that she’s gone the cats could be ok for a couple days with plenty of food and water left for them. There is also a local sweet corn festival if we dont go to camp where they steam corn by an old steam engine and cook the corn in galvanized trash cans made into large collendars with holes drilled to drain the corn. You can stand in line with something to carry the corn off to eat it just bring your own plates and salt and pepper the corn is already buttered for you. they have it set up with carnival rides and flea market venders.
The only downfall is no internet for a few days….gasp….but I think I can muddle through if I have to. lol ūüôā Hope this finds you all getting along well. If my video works I will make a second post if not I need to edit photos.

Take care and happy crafting to you all.
Hugs and love,

getting into the swing of school


 we are finally getting into the swing of this new routine and the kids seem to be happy with the teachers they got this year.

The little ones miss the kids tons during the day and are very excited when they finally come home for the day. Brian is adjusting to his bus route changing this year with the Junior highers.

I have been working on a card sketch notebook with the splitcoast stampers sketches and some mojo mondays sketches along with some I have jotted down in my various note books since I have them all scattered around. I already have a color combo booklet. This is more of my getting motivated with the mounds of cardstock scraps.

I have tried to upload the videos I made and  cant get them uploaded to youtube. I will try again later after I read up on youtube to see what to  do. I do have to admit that it seems funny to be talking with noone around, I feel ackward  but sure I can get over it.

I am loving the new room arrangement and Happy that Brian helped me get it all set up.

Hope yopu are all well. many hugs and much love,

I interrupt your day with my technical difficulties

Hi everyone,

I did get half of my craft corner filmed and ren out of space on my memory card . I got it downloaded on my laptop ,ready to¬†get the second half-finished.¬† I tried to watch it but for some reason it got to about two and a half minutes and it became choppy and froze on a single frame but the sound kept going???? I don’t¬†know what I did. I will give it a shot again later tonight or tomorrow when I am kid free for a bit.¬† Brian cant figure out what went wrong either.¬†¬†¬† We had a huge storm on Saturday ,The same storm¬†front that caused the¬†concert stage collapse at the Indiana state fair¬†. We¬†had downed limbs around¬†here but nothing as terrible as there.¬† On a goon¬†note it did cool things off a lot and we were able to get out some more¬†with the kids.¬†¬†Hope you are enjoying¬† your day.¬† I will try to post again later.


Many hugs and much Love,



Popping in to say HI :)

¬†I havent forgotten you¬† my blogging pals. We have had some cooler weather and that has given us some opportunities¬†to hang out with the kids outside. Tonight I was able to go to a flea market with Brian alone while Melissa took on all the kiddos. We had a really nice time and Brian found some really neat photo¬† that¬† will keep him busy researching for a while¬†and keep our living expenses¬†paid til his bus checks start back again.¬† I met a really nice lady and chatted with her for over an hour about her puppies and monkeys they have. Very interesting evening over all. Melissa really likes to work with Jasmines hair and since she works at a beauty supply store she has had a chance to meet many women who know about Biracial hair care and what products work the best for keeping her hair manageable. To this I am grateful as she is a very tender headed kid and her hair is so curly that ¬†keeping it combed out and braided up is a very time-consuming¬†endeavour.¬†¬† Any ways enough for tonight I mean morning ,,,, I need to get some sleep we get the kids at 7:30 A.M. a little over 6 hours from now¬† ūüôā¬†¬† I aspire to make a video of the craft corner makeover. I may have kids in the background and Brian will be around for my technical difficulties.

Much love and hugs to you,



Almost finished :) Yipee !!!

HI there in blogland¬† ūüôā

I have been working for the last few weeks on getting my space rearranged and it is almost done. Just have to find a place for my glitter and have my ribbon rods hung up and a bulletin¬†board and that’s¬†it…….for now anyway. I really think I’m going to like it a lot.¬† It will¬†make getting to my supplies so much easier.¬†¬† Gotta run it’s 12:30 and I need to get my hiney to bed. Will try to get photos up tomorrow.¬†¬† I need to check blogs tomorrow too been to wrapped up with finishing this project because I know if I stop it will be so hard to get my rear back to working on it.¬†

Take care friends¬† ūüôā

Love and hugs,


Fast post :)

¬†Hi friends ūüôā

I havent forgotten you I’ve been busy working on my space and chasing Levi around. He sure is a fast little guy. I’d love to have just a bit of his energy lol.¬† Today was a bit more work with him¬†¬†since he ate his and Sierras¬† prunes, enough said there You all know what that means.¬†We are still sweltering around here better temperatures are forecasted for the weekend I sure hope so.¬† This summer has gone by so fast , we only have three more weeks before school starts up again.¬† I register Will for high school this week,¬† Wow where has the time gone? Just yesterday he was a baby on my hip and he has shot up taller than¬†me this summer!! I am however looking forward¬†to a bit of free time on the days the kids have school and Melissa is off work…. that means I will be kidless with Brian Yahoo!!¬† Not to mention some prime crafting time for me.¬†¬† Just wanted to check in I need to get back to work while I have time to do it. Take care and hope you are all faring well.


Hugs and love,