Fast post :)

 Hi friends 🙂

I havent forgotten you I’ve been busy working on my space and chasing Levi around. He sure is a fast little guy. I’d love to have just a bit of his energy lol.  Today was a bit more work with him  since he ate his and Sierras  prunes, enough said there You all know what that means. We are still sweltering around here better temperatures are forecasted for the weekend I sure hope so.  This summer has gone by so fast , we only have three more weeks before school starts up again.  I register Will for high school this week,  Wow where has the time gone? Just yesterday he was a baby on my hip and he has shot up taller than me this summer!! I am however looking forward to a bit of free time on the days the kids have school and Melissa is off work…. that means I will be kidless with Brian Yahoo!!  Not to mention some prime crafting time for me.   Just wanted to check in I need to get back to work while I have time to do it. Take care and hope you are all faring well.


Hugs and love,



2 thoughts on “Fast post :)

  1. I bet you had a right stinky mess with Levi 🙂 Poor little guy. The prunes taste pretty good but they can sure make you feel pretty bad when too many are consumed.

    You sound happy and well. School will be starting soon and you will have a quiet house. Time for you and Brian once again. Maybe even get in some crafting. Those most definitely are things to look forward to, especially spending time with your Man 🙂

    Your oldest boy is growing up, it sounds. Soon he will be a man. Comes too soon, and yet not soon enough 🙂 Won’t be long before you will be hearing “Mom, can I borrow the car keys?” You think you worry about them now……you don’t know the half of it yet. And I can tell you from personal experience….you never stop worrying about them even after they have grown and gone and are starting families of their own.

    Love you – Leslie

  2. Oh yuk!!! Shelly I don’t envy you one little bit in the rear end dramas of small children 🙂 Have that still from time to time when our littlest grandchild comes to stay and am so glad I don’thave it full time any more.

    Oh yes totally agree with Leslie on the teens and young adults stage – worry, worry but great fun, laughter and tears too.

    I am so happy to hear you more upbeat than you have sounded for a while and that there seems to be some improvement with Brian’s throat. It will be marvellous for you to be kid free for a spell; time to spend with Brian and time for yourself. Our school age grandchildren start back to school at the beginning of September with Liam going from nursery to Infant classes and Joe in nursery school 5 mornings per week. Time is flying past and they are all growing up.

    Love and hugs
    Lnn xx

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