Popping in to say HI :)

 I havent forgotten you  my blogging pals. We have had some cooler weather and that has given us some opportunities to hang out with the kids outside. Tonight I was able to go to a flea market with Brian alone while Melissa took on all the kiddos. We had a really nice time and Brian found some really neat photo  that  will keep him busy researching for a while and keep our living expenses paid til his bus checks start back again.  I met a really nice lady and chatted with her for over an hour about her puppies and monkeys they have. Very interesting evening over all. Melissa really likes to work with Jasmines hair and since she works at a beauty supply store she has had a chance to meet many women who know about Biracial hair care and what products work the best for keeping her hair manageable. To this I am grateful as she is a very tender headed kid and her hair is so curly that  keeping it combed out and braided up is a very time-consuming endeavour.   Any ways enough for tonight I mean morning ,,,, I need to get some sleep we get the kids at 7:30 A.M. a little over 6 hours from now  🙂   I aspire to make a video of the craft corner makeover. I may have kids in the background and Brian will be around for my technical difficulties.

Much love and hugs to you,




2 thoughts on “Popping in to say HI :)

  1. Oh I can imagine what a nightmare it must be to keep Jasmine’s hair sorted and I don’t know if I would have the patience to braid it 🙂 So glad Melissa was able to get some advice there.
    Two of my best friends at school were descended from Jamaican families; I never thought to ask about their hair! They both had the typical jet black, tight curls. I do know that they complained because their hair never grew very fast 🙂

    My dad had hair like that although he wasn’t descended from any Afro-Caribbean people, but he had jet black hair that was tight curls and wiry, it didn’t so much grow long as bushed out 🙂

    Sounds as though you and Brian had a great time being out and about and socialising. You and Brian are like Rod and I – we don’t get much chance to socialise but when we do we are very reluctant to go home for a while 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

  2. Thats us to a Tee, we have always been a package deal He ,I and the kids.
    Today we are in for storms and high heat they say. So we are game playing and movies again 🙂 Gotta go and fold my piles of clean laundry and fix some lunch so I can clean the kitchen again. I will check back later.

    Talk to you later.
    Love and hugs,

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