I interrupt your day with my technical difficulties

Hi everyone,

I did get half of my craft corner filmed and ren out of space on my memory card . I got it downloaded on my laptop ,ready to get the second half-finished.  I tried to watch it but for some reason it got to about two and a half minutes and it became choppy and froze on a single frame but the sound kept going???? I don’t know what I did. I will give it a shot again later tonight or tomorrow when I am kid free for a bit.  Brian cant figure out what went wrong either.    We had a huge storm on Saturday ,The same storm front that caused the concert stage collapse at the Indiana state fair . We had downed limbs around here but nothing as terrible as there.  On a goon note it did cool things off a lot and we were able to get out some more with the kids.  Hope you are enjoying  your day.  I will try to post again later.


Many hugs and much Love,



2 thoughts on “I interrupt your day with my technical difficulties

  1. Technical glitches are a nightmare but perhaps you will have better luck next tme.
    Phew that must have been some storm to cause so much damage however it seems to have cleared that muggy weather away for a while. Hope you all stay cooler and can get out and about more.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Gremlins. Maybe Levi had it and filmed himself “planking” then erased the evidence 🙂 Ya, that’s right! Blame it on someone else. Check the compartment where the disk thing goes in. I know from my own experience, a small bit of dust will cause those glitches. Also if the disk isn’t fully clicked in things like this will happen also.

    You did have a huge storm blow through!! Glad to hear all are safe and the weather has cooled because of it. Nothing like letting the kids run free and work out their cabin fever and pent up energy 🙂 School will be starting soon and you will have the two babies. Alone time with Brian also. Bet you are looking forward to THAT 🙂

    Love you – Leslie

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