getting into the swing of school


 we are finally getting into the swing of this new routine and the kids seem to be happy with the teachers they got this year.

The little ones miss the kids tons during the day and are very excited when they finally come home for the day. Brian is adjusting to his bus route changing this year with the Junior highers.

I have been working on a card sketch notebook with the splitcoast stampers sketches and some mojo mondays sketches along with some I have jotted down in my various note books since I have them all scattered around. I already have a color combo booklet. This is more of my getting motivated with the mounds of cardstock scraps.

I have tried to upload the videos I made and  cant get them uploaded to youtube. I will try again later after I read up on youtube to see what to  do. I do have to admit that it seems funny to be talking with noone around, I feel ackward  but sure I can get over it.

I am loving the new room arrangement and Happy that Brian helped me get it all set up.

Hope yopu are all well. many hugs and much love,

3 thoughts on “getting into the swing of school

  1. You have been busy, busy, busy. I’m so excited for you!!! Your craft room is the way you love it and it has sparked your imagination. Splitcoaststampers has a great “library” of card sketches. I did the same as you several years back. I printed pages of their sketches and have them in sheet protectors in a notebook.

    Glad to hear your children like their teachers and class schedules. You made me chuckle reading about the excitement your wee ones have upon seeing the older kids come home from school. They have not been banished forever πŸ™‚ I wonder what goes through the minds of babies?

    Brian has to get up early, before the “Crap of Dawn” (that is something I say because “crap” it’s dawn already 😦 ), to check his bus out and make sure it runs well then get on the roads with crazy people lost in their own worlds and not paying attention to the precious cargo he has on board.

    What a summer you have had!! Bet you are glad for the baking heat to finally be subsiding and your house, for a few hours a day, is quieting down. You and Brian must be loving this time you get to spend together πŸ™‚

    I’m so excited for you and simply will wait to see the craft room Brian has built for you when you get your bugs worked out with the video thing or photos posted on your blog here.

    Sorry I have not answered your comment on my blog. I have no good excuse for not doing so. Please know that I check on you daily and it is good to see a new post from you.

    Love you – Leslie

  2. OH it has been a crazy summer πŸ™‚ I am happy that the kids are able to all go different ways in the morning but I Hate the home work issues. Will seems for the time being anyway ready to work as soon as he gets home from school, Jasmine on the other hand has been doing hers when she has free time in class so she can play when she comes in,Ariel on the other hand is struggling already 😦 her book bag is almost as heavy as her ( she is only 43 pounds ) and she has had at least 2-3 subjects each night. She gets frustrated and just shuts down and sits there and cries. Therefore lots of time wasted crying saying she cant do it. Once we get her on track it usually dont take that long. I hope to speak with the Teacher tomorrow morning. I will only allow them to sit for 2 hours max since they are up at 6 catching the bus a bit after 7 and home around 330 around 530 we have dinner then there is bath time and bedtime at 8 so I want them to have some free time for themselves not the just school from waking to bedtime.
    I tried to upload again a few times with no luck so I think it will have to be photos on the blog. I hope you are all faring well we are having high heat again today and heavy rain this evening. The weather is just weird around these parts this summer. Anyway its 11:15 and I need to get some sleep so I can wrangle the kiddies around here πŸ™‚

    Hugs πŸ™‚

  3. Of course poor Ariel is struggling, she has had two months off school and now back trying to find her feet and get into a new routine and then heaps of homework piled on top. I just have to wonder what planet these teachers are on, why not give the poor kiddies time to re-adjust and I totally agree with you they need a break from school work. I detest the whole idea of homework and think it should be abolished.

    Our little grand daughter, Kimmy, has been given homework from day 1 of her induction classes. For Pete’s sake she will only just be 6 years old on Saturday. She goes back to school in approximately 9 days time after the summer break. It is bad enough the amount of homework the seniors get but I do think it is appaling that little ones get any homework except reading.

    Your children have such a long day too, luckily Kimmy’s school is only a ten minute walk away from her home.

    Looking forward to seeing your photos Shelly and hope you can soon sort out uploading your videos although at the moment I am having problems with a very slow broadband connection so can’t view any videos at the moment – I think there are too many youngsters spending far too much time on the computers so I shall be gla when they are all back at school or university πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your quiet time now that the kiddos are back at school, gives you chance to recharge your batteries.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

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