Giving the upload another try.

WEll as I type this I am trying to get my video uploaded on youtube. After watching several upload videos I have been doing it right So we will just have to wait and see how things go.
If I cannot get it to work then I will just have to do regular photos. How are you all doing? We have a few colds around here Too early to get this stuff if you ask me but we have it none the less. The kids are getting excited about the holiday weekend and the prospect of going to family camp. We usually attend the Labor day camp at a near by Christian camp. We bunk in the dorms Boys and girls seperate Or there is the option of tent camping or Rv’s and motor homes. I like the dorms because there is heat and air conditioning depending what you need. I dont care much for the bunkbeds but the kids love going so I make due.They have an indoor rock climbing wall,swimming,family games and movies plus a zip line and rapelling for the brave a heart, fishing and trails to hike. In years past we had to make daily trips home to check on Sasha but now that she’s gone the cats could be ok for a couple days with plenty of food and water left for them. There is also a local sweet corn festival if we dont go to camp where they steam corn by an old steam engine and cook the corn in galvanized trash cans made into large collendars with holes drilled to drain the corn. You can stand in line with something to carry the corn off to eat it just bring your own plates and salt and pepper the corn is already buttered for you. they have it set up with carnival rides and flea market venders.
The only downfall is no internet for a few days….gasp….but I think I can muddle through if I have to. lol 🙂 Hope this finds you all getting along well. If my video works I will make a second post if not I need to edit photos.

Take care and happy crafting to you all.
Hugs and love,

2 thoughts on “Giving the upload another try.

  1. What fun!!!! Family outing where everyone gets to play like a pack of kids 🙂 That camp you plan on going to sounds like total fun!!!! So does the sweet corn festival. I bet the kids are all clamoring for the camp days even though it means a bunk bed for you.

    This has to be good for the kids and their psyches. The guys all in one cabin with Dad and the girls in another with Mom. Make sure to tell us all about which ever adventure you guys go on. I, for one, would love to hear all about it 🙂

    I’m sorry you are having so much trouble in getting your video uploaded. Bummer!! 😦 I have faith in you getting it done. One way or another you will conquer this bug-a-boo and share your craft room with all of us. No pressure, just support in your time of need.

    Love you Shelly – Leslie

  2. I sure will share the holidays adventure when we settle the plans. I have had only small slots of time this week Mr. Levi has been in top form and has me chasing after him. The kittke dude has not even taking naps the past few days and I get tired quicker than him 🙂
    O had my Doctors appointment today and sure enough the scale confirmed what I already know I’ve gained about 10 pounds YUCK!!! I asked about the meds causing weight gain and that is a side effect along withthe very dry mouth. I am stopping it since it dont help with the head aches. I asked about the glycemic diet and what he said was that it is a good plan. I asked about the right amount of calories and he said around 1800 no less and no meal skipping. AHe also said to do the small meals and he dont like to have people calorie count just eat snall healthy meals and drink plenty of water. watch for empty calories and stay away from them. I need to get my self to bed I am beat. Hope you ae having fun fun fun.

    Hugs and Love

    P.S. please excuse typos and misspelled words 🙂

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