Halloween cards on youtube :)

Hello Friends,
I have been mulling around what kind of Halloween project to start. I always do something special for the kids. I think I will try to make a video to share with you. The lighting should be better with the new setup everything being more spread out and all.
The kids are home early again today due to the 100 degree temperatures and hotter with the heat index. I was supposed to be kid free today but Sierra called me early wanting to visit before they go up north to see Melissa’s family for the weekend. We will be staying home this weekend since all the kids are feeling under the weather . We may go over to Champaign to hang out with Jereme our oldest son and his girl Alice. We can still hit the YMCA to do some swimming if they feel better tomorrow afternoon. There is still the Sweet corn festival if the heat drops down some, don’t think we want to stand in line for hot corn in 105-1110 heat , but who knows we can still have a nice adventure. Thanks for all the encouragement I feel better about the video thing. I watched Jann’s distress stains video the other day and had her send me a copy of her I am an artist poem, Man that is so me I am always so critical of my work I guess it’s because in my head it is always different then it turns out so I get discouraged because I think it needs to be “just right”. So I felt better knowing that I am not the only one who has this same thinking. I went through my vast mass of hoarded cards ( you know the ones I keep as a sample) and found that some of the cards I thought were unacceptable were actually quite nice. Maybe its looking at them in a different light but there were some that I did in the early stages of card making that were well ….you know …. From someone who was new to card making . So back to the poem I am going to retype it and print it out on some cardstock and decorate it to hang in my corner. The file Jann sent is very pretty so I feel like I am marring her pretty work. Light bulb over head moment” as I type this. I can use her file as a background on my laptop Hmmm. Yup that’s what I’ll do J OK enough rambling we are on our way to do some errands I will post this when I get home.
Take care and hope you are all enjoying your day.
Hugs and much Love,

P.S. I did it 🙂 I got my video posted for halloween cards. here is the url http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bXbSLiFBLt8 I checked the url and it is right 🙂
Update on the inkpen disaster (it’s all in the video) wasent as bad as I expected and the nail polish remover made quick work of the cleanup on Will. I’m off to bed as soon as I get this posted put both posts together from today. Love you all


4 thoughts on “Halloween cards on youtube :)

  1. I’m doing the “Happy Dance” and Joe thinks I’ve lost my mind 🙂 Well, he thinks that on a daily basis so I’m not too worried about it 🙂

    Just watched your video and I love your cards. The colors are so bright and cheery and your stamped images are so cute! I had to laugh at seeing the back side of the Stampin’ Up! image of the skeleton with something biting its leg. You Go Girl!!! Showing your oopsy on the back and you just keep on going 🙂

    Shelly, I’m so very happy to hear that you have taken another look at your stash of cards and have found you like what you see. Most of us are over critical of our work. Comparing ourselves to others and always being the “people pleasers” sometimes takes the joy out of crafting. When YOU can see your work with a different eye and mind set then you can appreciate it so much more.

    Another topic, the ink stained clothing of Will’s. I don’t know if you are aware of this tip or not. Hairspray removes ink from clothing. Spray it over the spot well and let it dry then toss it in the wash. I’m not sure what it is in hairspray that dissolves the ink but it does do a good job. You can use it on skin also to get ink off and it is less drying than nail polish remover is. Spray can or pump, doesn’t matter which you use.

    I hope you guys all get to enjoy this weekend on your family outing. Swimming at the Y sounds like fun. I’m with you. Standing in line in 100+ degree weather waiting for a super hot ear of corn to hold in your hand doesn’t sound like a way to cool off. Maybe this weekend the temperatures will begin to fall and get back to the, somewhat, normal range.

    Isn’t Jann’s “Craft Pledge” the best?! Such an awesome way to start your crafting knowing that there are no mistakes that can’t be dealt with. No major catastrophe will happen if the paper gets torn or you have a wobble when stamping an image. I think her pledge is ingenious.

    Yes, do keep that pretty image as your screen saver on your laptop. While you are busy creating, too busy to look up at the pledge hanging on the wall, you will see it as it moves about on your screen.

    Have a great weekend with your family.

    Love you – Leslie

    • Thanks you for the encouragement on my cards and the great tip on the ink on Will’s clothes. Wow that was a nice mess especially when we figured out there was more in the cup holder 🙂 the pen must have expoded from the heat but its all cleaned now and so are the clothes. I just love Janns pledge Love the reminder that I dont have to be perfect in the crafting a very liberating thought from someone in the bondage of the card police lol 🙂 hope you are well I am way behind on my blogging both reading and such. Have a great evening and Say Hi to Joe from us 🙂
      Hugs and love,

  2. Hopefully my connection will be better tomorrow so I can watch your video, it is great that your confidence has leapt and you felt able to make another video – just love listening to your voice 🙂

    Hope you all manage to do something this weekend; swimming sounds like a good idea but I expect everyone else will be doing the same thing to cool off.

    Yes I have Jann’s pledge too and printed it off, we need to be reminded that we shouldn’t compare our work with anyone else’s and whatever we create is useable and artistic. The quick look through you showed of your cards on your other video looked lovely to me and we can all find items of when we first started crafting that we thought were marvellous at the time but now look pretty…awful 🙂

    Have a great time

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Hi Lynn I guess I wasent to only one with internet problems 😦 Thank you for the kind words on my cards and all. We had a great weekend and are back to school and work. I really love Janns pledge and love how she reminds us to just be ourselves with our crafting. Gonna get to work checking my blogs and such befor bedtime hope you are well.
      Hugs and love,

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