I’m back

Been without internet service since Saturday and gotta say I was missing my daily dose of blogs and Youtube. I will share my happenings in this long post. I am kidlwss for the day tomorrow ,Mine will be in school and the others home with their parents.I have high hopes of playing in the craft corner 🙂 A quick side note ..Our weather is weird but I am loving it we only had highs in the upper 60’s yesterday and today as opposed to last weeks heat index of 105-110 What?!?? Anyway here are the other posts I got ready. Love to you all 🙂

Saturday 9-3

Hi Everyone
WE went to the sweet corn festival and didn’t even get any corn J It was 96 degrees when went and way too hot for me to stand in that long line. I did however get a few photos of the process of how they do the corn. We are having some rain tonight as a cold front pushes through and the temps have dropped into the mid 70’s Woo Hoo !!! We may go up North to visit with Melissa’s folks for a family get together. They have a pool so the kids can swim and the guys can have guy time and I can have girl time. I really enjoyed getting my cards filmed and looking at other videos I can see that others have had to work sideways and some even upside down. My lighting could be tweaked but that will have to wait til I find the right kind of light to fit into my space. Our internet is down tonight so I am typing this to post as soon as I get connected. I am toughly beat from all the walking and the high heat. We were there for about 6 hours or so, Even with the high temps we still had a nice time and Brian was able to pick a few things for eBay.
While we were there the kids got to witness some divorced parents fighting over their children and got to see how that effected the other kids, Made for a nice teaching moment for ours to be grateful that they have parents who love each other and them and parents who handle conflict in a different manner. Made me sad for the kids and even the adults I’m sure they are not happy either. We also got to see a man Brian does buying from and was able to introduce them to Ken. His wife is very Ill with cancer and after them asking about Sharon his wife they were all concerned for her so he asked them to pray for her and they promised they would and in fact have several times. It’s nice to watch them interact with other adults and have such compassion for others makes me feel like we are doing something right. Sure wonder sometimes the way they act up here at home J lol I will close now to try the connection then I need a shower and off to bed for me.

Until next time
Hugs and love,

Sunday 9-4

Hi everybody,
As I type we are on our way for another adventure which we are keeping secret from the kids. I think they will have a fun time. The weather is light showers and only around 68 degrees what a change form yesterday. As we drive on the changing color of the corn and soybean fields are Signs that fall in on it’s way. This summer has passed so quickly for us, seems to just have started and Winter will be upon us before we know it.
Our internet is still down we are thinking it may be the server. Poor Brian had to go to McDonalds to check on his ending auctions from last night and said he felt quite strange sitting there with my laptop covered with butterflies J lol I told him I could take them off and he said no keep them. He is such a sweet man I love him so. Next month it will be 30 years ago that I met him, my wild and crazy guy. We met 23 days after I turned 15 and have been inseparable since. Most of my life (years) have been spent with him just amazes me when I sit and think about it. Enough of my mind wanderings We skipped church this morning feels nice to jus get in the van and drive no big rush to get where we are going. The kids brought along books a few small dolls cd and mp3 players all with good headphones. Will has his ds game system and me I get my trusty laptop to jot down my musings to share with you. I am toying in my mind with what else I could share paper craft wise with you all. I have so many ideas in my head I think I will make a What I want to share list. Leslie you may have created a monster I had forgotten how much I liked this part of being a demonstrator.

We are now on our way home from our visit with Don and Khralia Melissa’s family the kids had a lot of fun and all except Ariel are quiet and still. We passed many wind farms earlier today and I took a few photos but it looks really neat at night with all the blinking red lights. I am missing my online connections, I haven’t my daily dose of my blogs or you tube. I will jot more later if I get a chance.

Hello everyone J It is Tuesday Morning and we are still without internet service and My poor Brian has gonr through everything the automated repair has instructed him and nothing has worked. He spoke with a neighbor in passing and her connection is down also. I used my time wisely and got all the laundry done up and my house cleaned. Today I have the small ones and wont have to try to do it with them underfoot. I have been looking through the files on my computer and have found a large list of techniques and some you just don’t hear about anymore and may be fun to post. Something like oldies but goodies kind of stuff J I have to take Heather to the Doctor this morning and run a few errands maybe the service will be up when I get done. Hope you are all well and for those of us in the United States you’ve had a good holiday .

Take care all ,
Much love and Hugs,

4 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. It looks as though you guys had a good family weekend. Even through the heat of one day, plummeting temperatures the next, and rain another day.

    I’m sure your children had plenty to think about upon seeing the public fracus of a feuding couple over their children. Probably scared them and they had some fears lurking about when you and Brian would do the same. I can only imagine how unsettling that was for them. Good thing you two were open to them and talked honestly to your kids about the way you two handle conflict.

    Your young ones will have many memories of this fun weekend. All of them good 🙂

    Shelly, I am thrilled to know the wheels are turning in your head and you are considering doing more videos. You have a lot to share and there are new crafters (young and old in age) coming into this and need guidance.

    I had to smile when I read you felt like a Demonstrator again and thoroughly enjoyed yourself.

    You will mess about with the camera positioning until you have it right for you. I’m still trying to find the right spot in my room. As to the lighting issue, a thrift store floor lamp or a desk lamp can be found. Use a fluorescent light that indicates “Daylight” and you will have good results. It is more of a white light than the standard yellowish. I use them.

  2. Shelly, sorry for the quick bail I did on you. My phone was messing up while I tried to leave the comment then Joe said we had to hurry up and leave and I did 🙂

    Truly, I’m so happy for you having found your way through the YouTube mess and are thinking of doing more videos. For a while that is all you are going to think about and your family is going to think you have gone bonkers. You can tell them it is all my fault and I have “lead you to the Dark Side” 🙂

    For me, it has been sort of like my own kind of “Crop Night” with the girls. I watch the videos they do and try to emulate what they have done. The videos stand in as the teacher, or in your case “Demonstrator”. You already know this because you watch the YouTube things. I’m tired and my brain is getting addled.

    I’m very excited about you showing us your skills 🙂 and the techniques you know. Woo Hoo!!

    Your children are very special indeed, and you are fortunate to have them and they you 🙂 It warmed my heart when I read they are praying for the wife of the man Brian buys things from for his eBay business. Your kids are awesome 🙂

    I’ve got to get to bed, I’m forgetting what my original intent was here. Anyway, you are dong great, fantastic even. You Go Girl 🙂

    Love you – Leslie

  3. I didnt think anything of it Leslie. I am well known around this house for just stopping mid sentence and going on to something else. I do that alot lol 🙂 Always thinking of too much stuff at one time to stay on track.
    I do have a fine bunch of kids, they drive me crazy sometimes but they are really a nice bunch. I hope things are getting back into a rhythem for you and joe back out on the road together. Not to rush off here but I’m going to get a couple photos of some cards I worked on today posted. Thanks again for supporting me to go out of my rut. Praying for safe journeys and the quick passing of time so you can get back to your crafting nest 🙂
    Love and hugs,

  4. Loved your long and newsy blog Shelly full of all sorts of family information. Bless your children for having such compassionate thoughts about another person – shows such maturity. What a shame they had to see a duelling couple fighting in public but that is life I suppose but very inconsiderate of those adults and upsetting for their children to be used as pawns in their parents “game”. So sad. Rod and I rarely quarrel, my sister thinks I lie when I say this, but if we had a diference of opinion it was never done in front of the children but one day I was getting very heated about someone else and was enthusiastically ranting to Rod about this other peson when I suddenly noticed two little faces peering around the door with tears streaming down their faces. We asked them what was wrong and they both said “you are arguing and we don’t like it” it took quite a while to calm them down and explain that mum and dad weren’t having a row at all but that I was very cross about someone else. It made us realise how careful we had to be..

    So glad you all had a great time over the weekend and that you also had time to socialize, isn’t it lovely to have adult conversation a times? LOL

    I thought how professional you come over in your videos, no stuttering and stammering that I do! Some of those oldie but goodie techniques are great to revisit and I look forward to seeing more.

    Leslie beat me to it but I was going to suggest a desk lamp and daylight bulb! Great minds think alike 🙂 I use a small desk lamp with a daylight bulb for crafting by all the time and we have a daylight bulb in our overhead light in the kitchen where Rod does his drawing or writing and where we both read….we have a large kitchen area and tend to live in that room mainly.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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