Something old and something new

Both together

New card

Original card

Hi there friends 🙂
Today I was kidlwss and got a bit of cfarting in along with a nice lunch with my honey and a nice hike in the park and took some nice nature photos too. It was a really nice day in the low 70’s sunny and breezy a great day to be outside.
I was going through some of my older cards and was inspired to remake it with a different stamp set and a tweak on hte colors. I am very pleased with the the card and thought I’d share it with you all. Also been really loving Janns encouraging videos and worked tonight on a background paper and some watercolors when it is all dry tomorrow I’ll show you what I have planned for it. So here we go I wanted to use the scraps I had and bust out my dusty encore metallic pigment inks. Hope you are all doing well I am heading to bed here soon gotta get these kiddies up and around early.
Hugs and much love,

3 thoughts on “Something old and something new

  1. These cards are gorgeous, the metallic leaves make a good strong focal point. Also like the stamped ribbon and the red background paper. The sort of cards you could send out for Thanksgiving or good masculine cards – I am hopeless at coming up with good masculine cards as I haven’t got any stamps of fishing, sports (none of our men fish or play sports anyway) and I don’t have vehicle stamps either as those type of stamps are so limiting – well I find them so. So I’m never sure what to put on a masculine card!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Thank you:) I thought they would be good for Man cards too. I struggle with masculine cards and I have a few sets of manly stamps. Brian likes to watch football but thats about it, he loathes fishing and hunting would not be high on his list of fun things. He tends to be more intellectual and how do you do a card for that?? lol I am happy you liked the way the cards turned out.I am working hard on using the things I just had to have and well… they’ve just been collecting dust. Maybe we can work on those challenging things sometime. Take care.
    I’m off to bed in a bit
    Love and hugs,

  3. I finally have a chance to look at this post and view your cards. Spectacular they are!! I love the gold leaves 🙂 The paper colors are awesome, so festive. I agree with Lynn, these would make for stunning Thanksgiving cards.

    Cool treatment of that thick ribbon….stamp on it 🙂 I do like the torn edges on the papers. I usually don’t go for that kind of thing because, frankly, some people can make it look pretty trashy but the way you have done it really adds to the falling leaves effect you have made. Super duper 🙂

    Girlfriend, now that you have a full spot of your own to play in and all of your supplies close to hand your creative side is busting loose 🙂 I love it, I do.

    Hope you have a great weekend with your little ones home from school and the weather cooperates with nice cool and dry days to play around outside.

    Love you – Leslie

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