It’s raining again :)

Videoed the z fold card three times now and still wont have one ready till I try another one. The 10 minute time limit is good I can get a card shared as long as I can keep the phone from ringing, the cat from standing on my desk and the project materials J or just keep what I’m doing in frame J it wont help anyone much if you cant see what I’m doing. Will my son also made a card during one of the videos and I will post a photo of that too he was very proud of how it turned out.
Yesterday Will was home from school with his toe more infected. He had it lanced and some of the nail cut away 2 weeks ago. What was wrong was it still had some small pieces embedded deep down by his cuticle. Gross to watch and see what she did. So we continue to soak the foot twice a day and keep it wrapped with and clean.

We also had a adoption connection parent meeting last night to see what kind of training or services we needed for our children And families. It is a very helpful program where we can meet and share with other families just like ours. Between all of us there is a wealth of information to share with each other . Last night we had a lady named Ann who is a educator of parents for the school rights of our children of whom most have various special needs and learning disabilities. We learned more effective ways to get the help with Will and his educational plan and how to get one started for Ariel. Jordan and Melissa kept our girls for a few hours and Will visited with Brian’s Sister Barb.
A very nice evening except that I got another horrible headache. I will wait a bit longer then call my Doctor to get his opinion of what could be starting these up so bad again. I will get this posted as soon as I get a free bit of time . Ariel will have only a small bit of homework as they are in outdoor conservation class this week and the work is just a few questions over what they learned today although she still struggles with comprehending what she reads but that’s the only work for her. Jasmine usually only has practice math worksheet which I go over at home and grade her on and help with what she is missing. Will Should have a fair bit unless he was able to get things completed during his study hall or study skills periods. Melissa gets off work at 3 this afternoon and will make a quick stop at the market then come and get her little ones. I plan on feeding the family leftovers from the past couple days and that should make for an easy night in the kitchen. Who knows I may even use paper plates that would be even easier J So those are the plans I have as long as nothing sidetracks me. I am waiting on Brian to come back to the van from looking at some items he is thinking on bidding on through a local online auction. He won me a very neat stapler …. I know how many do I need??? I don’t have like this one. It is a long handled one so you can staple booklets ect. I have some good ideas for using this too. My brain has been running nonstop it seems like with all the ideas I can share with you kind of overload sometimes. I have been keeping a notebook with note after note. Thanks for the nice comments on my plaque and well wishes on my headaches. Lynn I hope your daughter finds relief from her headaches the antidepressants was what I just went off of for other issues but they did seem to be lessening the attacks and severity in which I had the headaches
Brian is back in here and I will say goodbye for now and chat with you all later.
Hugs and love,

One thought on “It’s raining again :)

  1. Good to hear you have a support group to share information. All kids deserve a good education so it is heartening to know your kids are supported in that arena.

    It will be fun to see Will’s card that he made. How fun for you to have a crafting companion :-). I’ve seen previous cards made by your kids and they are good. Course, they have an excellent teacher too.

    Yikes! Poor Will and his toe :-(. He gets my sympathy, poor little guy. Shoes, walking, barefoot, no matter what. A sore and aching toe is about as bad as a tooth ache 😦

    Shelly, so sorry you are having headaches once again :-(. You are in my prayers girlfriend. When you feel better, can stop the phone from ringing, and the cat will find a sunny spot to laze about in your surprise card video will get shared.

    Love you – Leslie

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