a lillte something I’d like to share

Go this is an email today form stampin up demo named Gwen. She posts things other than stamping like gardening, canning, quilting, ect. I aspire to do many of those things one day. Any I’m still having the headache and Levi has MRSA from a bug bite on his little leg What!?!!??!!?? Doctor said once you’ve had it you can get it again easier. YUCK!!! So here is the real reason I made this post. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7wmPWTnDbE
Dont know how to get the go here thing done but this is a great video and I love you ladies and thought I’d share this with you .
Hope you get a laugh out of it but maybe you will learn something you didnt know.. I did.
Love and hugs to you all,


6 thoughts on “a lillte something I’d like to share

  1. Hi,

    Mum (Lynn Claridge) has asked if I could leave a comment for you as she is having problems with her Internet and has been unable to get online since last Thursday and it will be at least another 5 days before she will be able to get online. She is hoping that a new router will solve the problem although it could be the phone line.

    Hope your well

    Kind Regards

  2. I’m here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t my daughter a darling for letting you know?? I have missed you all.
    Oh poor Levi. That MRSA is a damnable thing, I remember my poor sister-in-law being infected with it when she was in hospital having treatment for cancer. In fact after hospital she came home with 3 nasty bugs she picked up from hospital. How did your family become infected with it?

    Hope he soon gets over it and you don’t have that to contend with all winter again.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Fantastic to see you again Lynn πŸ™‚ Yes Jill is very sweet to let us know how you were doing. The MRSA came home with Heather when she came to stay with us, She had it 3 times the first one she thought were spider bites since her birth brother had them too. about a month later she had the leisions again so I took her to the Doctor and they said that it was MRSA it cleared up and came back again by that time Sierra, Levi and Ariel had caught it. Once it was tested we found out she neededanothe antibiotic to clear it up so we got the same kind for all of them and I bleached out everything they came into contact with and kept all sores covered. This time Levi had a bug bite on his leg and within a day it was a very nasty place, we called to Doctor and thats how he is on meds now and it is looking great now but they said once you have it you are more likely to catch it again. I am hoping for a different winter too having sickness all last year was terrible.
      Happy to see your posts again. So was your problem your router?
      Take care I’m off tomorrow so I have big plans but will try not to get too excited til I actually get to set here and craft.
      Many hugs and much love,

  3. How are you doing, Shelly? Are you still being bombarded with the migraines? If not the migraines it looks like your family is keeping you busy with their ills and discomforts 😦

    Just checking in on you to see how you are doing.

    Love you – Leslie

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