Spider bites!!!!!

Hi all 🙂
Just popping in to say HI and let you all know I’m still alive. We have three confirmed brown recluse bite victoms in our masses. I took Jasmine to the Doctor today for what I thought might be a strange looking case of MRSA only to find out it is that nasty a spider bite. It has to be from Jordan and Melissas house as Jordan and Sierra both have a place just like Jasmines so off to the Doctor for them in the morning. We are doing some searching for the best and safest way to kill the little pests.
We had our Halloween festivities last night and the kiddos got a fair haul of candy. I got my cards finished and am now thinking about Thanksgiving and what kind of Christmas card we will have this year.
Saturday Brian and I had a date and Melissa kept my kids so we went to eat at Olive Garden ane I got my yummy eggplant parmisian. WE then went to The super walmart in Urbana and they have a nice selection of crafting supplies. I got 5 small clear studio G halloween stamps and some studio G glitter glue like stickles and each one was only 97 cents each 🙂 Woo Hoo !! I told Brian now I know where to get some stocking stuffers for my crafty girls. I hope you are all having a nice week I need to run so I can get homework done with the kids and think about what to feed my crew for dinner.
I hope to craft some tonight 🙂

Hugs and Love,


Halloween wiper card upload WooHoo

Hi there
I finally found a program I can understand and the video uploaded on youtube I will post a link in this post. We are having warm days and cool nights I guess fall is indeed in full swing aroung here. We had a nice time at the haunted woods with the kids and friends from our adoption group last night. We have the little ones all week then have the weekend off. I hope to get some other work posted. I have spent the afternoon looking at step card videos and made myself a template of the 3 versions so I can make them easier. I’ve been looking at the swing fold cards and cant get it through my thick skull so I’ve wasted a fair amount of paper 🙂 I will keep trying til I get it right. Take care I’m off to play a bit more.

here is the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSWK0SFjv1Q
Big ((((hugs)))) and lotsa love,

Hi there from the land of falling leaves

Hey there everyone. Been running like crazy with the festival and school conferences and a few sick people around here but all is good today. Leslie what a great new Refridgerator Love it 🙂 And I hadent given any thought that you only have a short bit then you will be home I dont know where I’ve been ??? This summer has just flew right past me in a whirl. Covered bridge ends on Sunday and we will have to wait another year to travel around there again. We have an old sealer thing for bags that is hand held but you still have the air in them. a few years ago my Mom got me a hand held gladlock I think you buy special gbags and fill them up zip the bag then put the nozzle on the hole area and vacum the air out, yours Looks like a neat thing to check into, I always buy meat and things in bulk so it could be a nice gadget to add to our kitchen. I dont have long on here I have some shopping to bo, laundry to finish lunch and dishes before I go to the haunted woods hot dog roast with Brain and the kids. Hope everyone has been well .
Love and hugs to you all


Covered bridge time

Hi there everyone I have had a busy weekend so far with the festival in full swing. We went to one town yesterday with just our kiddies and to another town today with all five…. and Levi has given me a great run for my money!! Whew if I only had the energy he has. Bt the end of the afternoon he was having a really loud and vocal tantrum. We were really turning heads all because he couldnt be free to get into the glass ware !!!! I mean what kind of Nanna am I any way not letting him get at all that shiny glass lol. We had a nice day anyway and will be going back to somewhere else tomorrow and I shold be able to get some photos of the kids at the bridges I always look foward to that since we go every year we can look at each yeat and watch how the kids have grown. Yesterday I hit a great sale of vintage ribbon and lace and even scored some really cool buttons. Not that I need any of it but I only spent 5 dollars and got 2 sacks full of goodies. Tons of ideas flitting through my head with these. My cardmaking has been at a stand still but I am cutting myself some slack and not stressing abkout it, If I get them done ok and if not thats ok too. I have been reading the posts from both of You ,Leslie and Lynn just not enough time to make myself sit and post with trying to get outing stuff ready. It is so expensive for food and drink I try to pack us a cooler and snacks and when we have the small ones I need to prepare for them too. We have been having some cooler and windy weather the past few days but were having the high 80’s so 65 feels pretty cool to the kids. especially with the winds. I have high expectations to get the photos uploaded but not tonight I’m beat from all the walking and wrestling 🙂 Take care all of you and have a nice weekend I hope you are all well. I will talk to you later.

Loveand hugs’

Hellooooo out there :)

Hi there everyone long time no posts. Have had a family packed weekend/ early part of the week. I took lots of photos of the weekends activities and did get them off the camera card but havent been able to make myself do anything more with them. This weekend is the covered bridge festival running from the 14th through the 23rd so I know we will be busy making a few trips over there weather permitting. I had a lovely day with Brian on Tuesday treking through the parks and a nice lunch date followed by a kicked back t.v. evening with the kids. WE are getting some rain tonight and maybe tomorrow hopefully it will be clear this weekend. I hope you are all well. I am off to surf the web before bed so I can be rested up for Mr. Levi he has been quite cranky since his break from his trusty pacifier.

Much love to you all,

My day off….Cardmaking….UMMM…..we did our nails :)

HI all,
Today was my day off but the kids didnt have school…. so Brian took Will with him to an auction and I kept the girls. I had in mind to do some card making but they wanted to do their nails and polish them by themselves so we did that instead. it took about 2 hours 🙂 Poor Ariel has chewed her nails so bad that she only has tiny pieces of nail and she wanted RED RED polish. We finally talked her into a softer color and a darker one on her toenails. Jasmine has nice long nail beds and wanted lots of glitter. I settled on an orange one called Hot Tamale for both. I dug out the nail art stickers and all the nail polish and did a good manicure on the three of us.As I finish all the laundry I’ve been putting off they are watching a movie with popcorn. Sierra has the MRSA and seems to be responding well to the antibiotic since we caught it right away. We have been 2 weeks dry both day and night with her so I think it’s offocial that she
s potty trained. Levi is using the potty to Pee if we put him on but hasent told us he needs so I think he will still be awhile. We have finally settled on getting the pacifier away form him and he has been 2 days off it. Little guy wont talk with that thing plugging his mouth all the time and he can talk if he wants to. Don’t know what the deal is with me but I’ve been kinda lazy this past couple weeks seems like the days just run together. The kids are out of school Monday for Columbus day so we may take a hike to get some photos of the changing leaves around here. I have Tuesday off so if the card making falls short tis weekend I always have then to work on them. I have videoed the several times and cant get it right I may put the one up on the blog link only so you can see it. I will try to get things sorted and post tomorrow.
I am off to hang with the girls and then an early bedtime I hope I will have the whole crew tomorrow the whole day. Nail photos to come when I get them off the camera card.

much love and hugs,

Short stop by to say Hi

Hi everyone 🙂
Been busy with the kiddos potty training doing great, another MRSA outbreak and lots of homework. So far no headaches since last Sunday WOO HOO !! I have made another video of the Wiper card but am having problems getting it all uploaded again. I had to look for a new converting program since the other was just a trial verson which I failed to notice. so I found a new program to try out. I have a few ideas in store if I cant get a video I may do a photo tutorial on them. Leslie most of the cards I’m working on now are for Halloween, I always make cards for the kids with some kind of treat Even for the big ones. I am off to get ready for the kids to be home from school and get our homework completed so we can have the weekend free. I will post again later tonight.
Lotsa hugs and love,