A better day :)

Hi there friends,
Feeling better today. I am beginning to think the weather changes are the source of these recent headaches. Going to talk to Doctor when Brian goes next week. Not sure if I had posted this yet but Brians last throat strobe had great results the leision on his vocal cord is gone 🙂 Plus the Doctor was so happy because the angle at which he held the camera and Brian sitting just right let him see where the windpipe branches branches out to both lungs. Doctor said he’d been waiting to see this for 18 years. He’d only seen it in text books up til then. Now to Will he hurt his knee in the class dance off doing the worm 🙂 Crazy kid just loves being in the spotlight he dont have a shy bone in him lol 🙂 Homecoming week they have spirit days where the classes compete with each other to be the best. He was picked for the freshman class and was beat by a senior only because the other boy was a good break dancer. We all rode in the school bus during the parade to throw out candy to those standing along the street. a nice and fun day. The potty training is in full swing and I think Sierra has finally got it mastered Yipee for me and her both LOL . Levi is doing oretty good too maybe we will get a two for one with this training business. Got to go hang out with Brian for a few hours this afternoon he wanted to go to dinner for my birthday but I didnt feel up to eating so I will have to get another date for that 🙂 we are taking the kids to a revolutionary war reencatment tomorrow after church I think they will like it. I will try to get some good photos to post. ok … I need to get my self off here and get some sleep. Hope you are all doing well.

Love an Hugs,


2 thoughts on “A better day :)

  1. Woooo Hooooo!! On Brian’s throat results!! I’m totally thrilled to hear the nodule is gone. Also had to smile at the doctor being able to Brian’s windpipe branching off to his lungs :-).

    Hooray for Sierra getting the potty training down!! And likewise for Levi giving it a good try. A little less work for you, really a LOT less considering the diaper changes. You just get interrupted more frequently until the both of them can fully dobit on their own. Whoopy!!

    Sorry to hear about Will’s knee getting hurt during his break dancing competition. Awesome news that he took second place in the competition. He probably doesn’t feel that way by being beaten out of first by a senior but I think it is totally awesome and shows he has a talent for dance :-).

    Sorry to hear you are still battling the migraines and missed out on a Birthday dinner. Happy Birthday (a little late) Shelly!!! So sweet of Brian to offer a special date with you 🙂

    I hope you enjoyed yourself in the Homecoming parade riding in the school bus and tossing candy out :-). That sounds like fun!

    Great question to ask your doctor about your migraines being tied to the weather changes. You have had a lot of severe weather changes over these past few weeks from searing heat to really cold. Hope you do find the source of your migraines my friend.

    Hope you get to feeling well soon. Love you – Leslie

  2. Shelly that is very good news on Brian’s throat, so happy for you both that you no longer have that worry hanging over you.
    Happy, too, to hear that your headaches are not so bad, it is possible that the frequent atmospheric pressure changes could be affecting your head. Hope the weather settles down and gives you some relief 🙂

    Poor Will is in the wars what with his infected toe and now his knee but congrats to him on doing so well in the dance competition.
    Oh the potty training lark is a pain isn’t it? Jill is about to start that bit with Dylan who will not sit on the darn thing. As Leslie said it is then constant interruptions until they get the hang of it and little ones will wait until the most inconvenient time …usually at the checkout in the supermarket ..to announce they want a wee 🙂 Been there as you have! With young grandchildren I’m still there:)

    Belated birthday wishes too and hope you soon feel well enough to go out on a date with Brian.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xxx

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