My day off….Cardmaking….UMMM…..we did our nails :)

HI all,
Today was my day off but the kids didnt have school…. so Brian took Will with him to an auction and I kept the girls. I had in mind to do some card making but they wanted to do their nails and polish them by themselves so we did that instead. it took about 2 hours 🙂 Poor Ariel has chewed her nails so bad that she only has tiny pieces of nail and she wanted RED RED polish. We finally talked her into a softer color and a darker one on her toenails. Jasmine has nice long nail beds and wanted lots of glitter. I settled on an orange one called Hot Tamale for both. I dug out the nail art stickers and all the nail polish and did a good manicure on the three of us.As I finish all the laundry I’ve been putting off they are watching a movie with popcorn. Sierra has the MRSA and seems to be responding well to the antibiotic since we caught it right away. We have been 2 weeks dry both day and night with her so I think it’s offocial that she
s potty trained. Levi is using the potty to Pee if we put him on but hasent told us he needs so I think he will still be awhile. We have finally settled on getting the pacifier away form him and he has been 2 days off it. Little guy wont talk with that thing plugging his mouth all the time and he can talk if he wants to. Don’t know what the deal is with me but I’ve been kinda lazy this past couple weeks seems like the days just run together. The kids are out of school Monday for Columbus day so we may take a hike to get some photos of the changing leaves around here. I have Tuesday off so if the card making falls short tis weekend I always have then to work on them. I have videoed the several times and cant get it right I may put the one up on the blog link only so you can see it. I will try to get things sorted and post tomorrow.
I am off to hang with the girls and then an early bedtime I hope I will have the whole crew tomorrow the whole day. Nail photos to come when I get them off the camera card.

much love and hugs,


3 thoughts on “My day off….Cardmaking….UMMM…..we did our nails :)

  1. A “Girl’s Day”!!! THAT is way more important than a card making day any old time. The girls have to compete with the little ones and the boy(s) all the time. Having one on one time with Mom doing something as intimate as beautifying the hands and feet is a bonding time. You made the right choice!! In my humble opinion anyway 🙂

    Woo Hoo!! One on the potty and the other off the pacifier. I’d say progress is in full steam. Also, glad to hear Siera is having good results with the antibiotics for her MRSA.

    Shelly, we all have some impediment in our crafting lives that keep us from doing as we planned. Don’t get yourself all in knots because you have not been able to get your cards done.

    Think of it in this way. The things you have done this year and last…..writing in a blog and fussing around with the photos for your blog have been a trial sometimes. BUT you have done it!! A few years ago you were sad you did not have a space of your own to call a “craft room” and now you actually have one.

    Girlfriend, we will all wait until you send us a message the video is up and running 🙂

    Love you – Leslie

  2. You lazy???? Aw come on Shelly, how on earth can you be lazy with all those children and a husband to care for? Sorry that just doesn’t work 🙂 So you didn’t craft, if you call yourself lazy because you didn’t craft then you are missing the point. Crafting is fun and is done when you have spare time not a chore or duty 🙂
    Leslie hit it on the head when she said that you spending time with your girls is important, that is what they will remember – mummy spending time with them polishing their nails 🙂
    So glad Sierra is responding to the antibiotics and congratulations on the potty training and getting Levi off the pacifier – hate it when little ones try to talk around one of those. Dylan stil has his but only when he goes to bed and he will soon be weaned off it.

    Look forward to seeing your video but if it doesn’t happen don’t beat yourself up about it 🙂
    Enjoy your hike with the family on Monday.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  3. Hi there Lynn and Leslie 🙂 You are both so right I need to change the way I think about this crafting time. I did have fun with the girls and they are excited to wear sandals to church to show off their toes 🙂 We got their hair done tonight and even have our clothes layed out for tomorrow morning Yay for us. Kinda got into a bit of a pity party since I didnt accomplish everything I had on the days list. The potty training is a great success but Levi and the pacifier was a bit rough still today. Much better than Friday though. Had a very pleasant day at a indoor flea market and forun 2 jumbo stampin up wheels for .50 each . well its getting late and I need to go to bed be ready for tomorrow.
    Thinking of you,
    much love and hugs,

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