Hellooooo out there :)

Hi there everyone long time no posts. Have had a family packed weekend/ early part of the week. I took lots of photos of the weekends activities and did get them off the camera card but havent been able to make myself do anything more with them. This weekend is the covered bridge festival running from the 14th through the 23rd so I know we will be busy making a few trips over there weather permitting. I had a lovely day with Brian on Tuesday treking through the parks and a nice lunch date followed by a kicked back t.v. evening with the kids. WE are getting some rain tonight and maybe tomorrow hopefully it will be clear this weekend. I hope you are all well. I am off to surf the web before bed so I can be rested up for Mr. Levi he has been quite cranky since his break from his trusty pacifier.

Much love to you all,

2 thoughts on “Hellooooo out there :)

  1. Poor Levi, I bet he is missing his dummy (as we call pacifiers). He is quite young still isn’t he? Hope he doesn’t start sucking his thumb or fingers instead.
    It sounds as though you and Bian had a great day out and about and hope you all have a good weekend and get some bargains

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Time once again for you and Brian to stroll through nature once again, just the two of you. So glad to hear that :-). Hope you enjoyed your hike and lunch date.

    The Covered Bridges Tour sounds like a day well spent with the children. Outside where they can run their butts off 🙂 and tell you all they find and see. Building memories is what Joe and I call it. A great foundation for the kids as they grow older.

    Enjoy yourself, come back and tell us all about it.

    Poor Levi and his longing for his pacifier :-(.

    Love you – Leslie

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