Covered bridge time

Hi there everyone I have had a busy weekend so far with the festival in full swing. We went to one town yesterday with just our kiddies and to another town today with all five…. and Levi has given me a great run for my money!! Whew if I only had the energy he has. Bt the end of the afternoon he was having a really loud and vocal tantrum. We were really turning heads all because he couldnt be free to get into the glass ware !!!! I mean what kind of Nanna am I any way not letting him get at all that shiny glass lol. We had a nice day anyway and will be going back to somewhere else tomorrow and I shold be able to get some photos of the kids at the bridges I always look foward to that since we go every year we can look at each yeat and watch how the kids have grown. Yesterday I hit a great sale of vintage ribbon and lace and even scored some really cool buttons. Not that I need any of it but I only spent 5 dollars and got 2 sacks full of goodies. Tons of ideas flitting through my head with these. My cardmaking has been at a stand still but I am cutting myself some slack and not stressing abkout it, If I get them done ok and if not thats ok too. I have been reading the posts from both of You ,Leslie and Lynn just not enough time to make myself sit and post with trying to get outing stuff ready. It is so expensive for food and drink I try to pack us a cooler and snacks and when we have the small ones I need to prepare for them too. We have been having some cooler and windy weather the past few days but were having the high 80’s so 65 feels pretty cool to the kids. especially with the winds. I have high expectations to get the photos uploaded but not tonight I’m beat from all the walking and wrestling 🙂 Take care all of you and have a nice weekend I hope you are all well. I will talk to you later.

Loveand hugs’

2 thoughts on “Covered bridge time

  1. So glad you all had a good time but poor Levi, fancy Nanna stopping his games with the glassware 🙂 You cruel wicked person LOL
    I’ve just spent a couple of days with our daughter and her little sons as babysitting duties were required, wish I could bottle some of that energy..I reckon I could make a fortune!

    The great bargain hunting one strikes again! That is my old nickname 🙂 Looking forward to seeing some pics of your haul. Hope you have managed to get some more bargains and had a great time.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Hi Lynn sorry for the delay in getting back with you. Covered bridge time ,sick people and school conferences have had me running here and there. All is goo anyway. I had a day out with Brian yesterdday and had a very pleasant day. School reports for all the kids were good and I think we got a few things ironed out at the same time. We are going to meet up with our adoption group and go to a hot dog roast and the haunted woods. The kids will have a grand time and we will make some fun family memories. I have been lucky with my crafty finds and will have to get them photographed That is if mr Levi will sit or nap long enough to work on something 🙂 He has been a little devil wiwthout that pacifier and I have a few times I must admit wished that already I threw them all a way :). Hope you are having a great day 🙂

      Love and hugs,

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