Hi there from the land of falling leaves

Hey there everyone. Been running like crazy with the festival and school conferences and a few sick people around here but all is good today. Leslie what a great new Refridgerator Love it 🙂 And I hadent given any thought that you only have a short bit then you will be home I dont know where I’ve been ??? This summer has just flew right past me in a whirl. Covered bridge ends on Sunday and we will have to wait another year to travel around there again. We have an old sealer thing for bags that is hand held but you still have the air in them. a few years ago my Mom got me a hand held gladlock I think you buy special gbags and fill them up zip the bag then put the nozzle on the hole area and vacum the air out, yours Looks like a neat thing to check into, I always buy meat and things in bulk so it could be a nice gadget to add to our kitchen. I dont have long on here I have some shopping to bo, laundry to finish lunch and dishes before I go to the haunted woods hot dog roast with Brain and the kids. Hope everyone has been well .
Love and hugs to you all



4 thoughts on “Hi there from the land of falling leaves

  1. With all this rushing around that you have been doing of late Shelly you will meet yourself coming back 🙂
    Happy news that the school reports are good..you must be doing something right then 🙂 Also good that you could get some things ironed out during the school conferences.
    Enjoy your hot dog roast and haunted woods time.

    Our son-in-law is back from Dubai tomorrow (Sunday) after three weeks working out there hot weather testing vehicles in the sand dunes where temperatures have been hot hot!! He has been sorely missed by his two little sons and our daughter so there will be huge smiles and lots of hugs tomorrow 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • We had a great time and good family fun last night. A bit chilly but that gave us some snuggle time around a big bonfire with the kids. We are working with the school to get some text books at home for Ariel (she’s only 42 pounds and her books weigh in at 25 pounds) they are a heavy load for her to carry. We were able to let her use a bag with wheels which are not allowed in the school but now the bus driver is threatening to write her up if she has it on the bus so we really need to get something worked out. All in all they are having very good grades. Wow three weeks ,I bet he is very missed and missing them all too. Thanks for checking in with me. Sorry I’ve been a bit slow on the responses lately cant seem to budget my time too well 🙂 Have a great night.
      Hugs and love,

  2. With this post I have a picture in my mind of your hand being held by a child who is pulling you in a quick pace and you are trotting as you are talking over your shoulder with a smile on your face 🙂

    If you were our daughter, Loreli, you would be talking real fast almost like the guy that used to do the Hot Wheels commercials 🙂

    Your world is cram packed with this to do, places to go, and people to see! I’m glad you are enjoying this time in your life. It seems that everyone is well and your spirits are up by being outdoors enjoying your festivals and the changing leaves. The hot dog roast and haunted woods sounds like much family fun. Good to know you are doing well 🙂

    I had one of those GladLock things also. I used it for produce and cheese. It worked really good with the cheeses, they didn’t get moldy while we were gone for weeks at a time…..when our refrigerator was still working. You will find the FoodSaver to be very helpful in your kitchen and on your budget.

    Continue to enjoy your family and your weekend 🙂 Again, it is good to “hear” you having fun.

    Love you – Leslie

    • We have indeed been rushing all around lately Kinda fun to be kept so busy and store up some new memories with the kids. I am very pleased with the way school is progressing with all the kids and think this may be the best year yet. We have some amazing Teachers to work with and that really makes a difference. Levi is coming to grips to life without his trusty pacifier and today was a good day for him. I am well pleased with myself getting my video uploaded to share and just now as I type this remember that I did not link it in my post……I should pop on over to it and get that done. When we get taxes this year I will have to look into the food saver machine. Keep safe and tell Joe Hi from us. Can’t wait to see new projects from you 🙂

      Hugs and love,

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