Hi it’s a rainy snow flurry mixed night around here.

Wow Lynn I hope you get to feeling better soon. So sorry to hear about your Rib.Scary stuff to have something like that happen to you. Have you had things like this happen before? I know that since my hysterectomy in 2000 I’ve had to have a bone dinsety scan one after I broke my arm a few Easters ago and another time. I guess the estrogene we ladies have helps to keep our bones strong and even though I am on hormone thearapy it is a risk we have. All I know is if I dont have the hormones I feel like a crazy woman, horrible mood swings and awful hot flashes. They aslo suggested extra calcium to help keep the bones stronger. Wow I feel like a crybaby with all my whining about being sick and all the while poor you in i’m sure terrible pain just moving about. I am happy to hear from you I had been wondering about how you were. Hope this post finds you feeling as well as you can be.
Leslie I havent even thought much about the tree this year other than where it can be put. This past summer we a living room set of furniture at a garage sale and it takes up most of the room and I am thinking we may have to go with the small tree on the bar between the livingroom and kitchen.Not sure yet. I loved your posts on your Tree and hand painted ormimates and houses. Our trees are always hodge podge with the decorations each one with a different memory. I will try and post some when we bring things in from the shed. Here is my stamped cast 🙂 I know a little craft obsessed http://www.splitcoaststampers.com/gallery/photo/529425?&cat=4036

hope the url worked.
Love to you both,


The day after

Well today is black friday which means nothing to me because I have never been one to fight the insane(well seems most people lose their sanity anyway) masses. I was able to help cook and actually eat yeaterday so I am very grateful for that. Today Jereme our oldest son and his Girly Alice will be spending the day with us. It’s the first time she has been here so she gets to see the mayham first hand 🙂 I am going to opt to actually dress today to impress her been in my jammies for quite a while here. WE will have left overs, break out the old photos and play some games. ( I think Alice is the Miss Right for Jereme and she is such a sweet young woman) I hope you all had great days yesterday both here in the United States and
abroad. I read your post this morning through weepy eyes Leslie my sweet friend and am extremely honored to be called your friend 🙂 The same of you also Lynn this world wide web has surley allowed us to all become a part of each others life and I am very grateful for that 🙂 IJ will try to get a bit of time this evening to play on here that is if I can stay awake long enough….sleeping alot seems to be a common theme this week. My poor baby here thinks shes been abandoned not getting her keys all pushed and poked no late night web surfing youtube videos Whew I have a lot to make up for 🙂 All silliness aside Melissa gets off work this afternoon and tomorrow and dont work on Sunday so I will get some time to sit and play.

I guess I need to change out of my comfy jammies and look halfway presentable.
Hey Leslie did Joe do the phantom of the opera this year? I thought of him as I put the ham in the oven. You may need to do a kitchen opera for us sometime 🙂 I hope you all have a safe day and are keeping yourselves hidden from the crud bugs blowing around I think they may be leaving our house!!!!!!!

Love and hugs to you,

Lap top is home :)

HI there
Laptop os back operating sysyem is reinstalled antivirus is on and updated windows updates are updated music photos videos and the such are on Whew that took most of the day ( when I wasent sleepimg in the rocking chair ) did too much yesterday and payed for it last night with the ickies again. going back to bed this morning til little people come. Kids get out of school early and have a 4day weekend . Jordan and Melissa are cooking and shopping for tomorrows dinner and I’m fine with that. I will try to check all the blogs abd email later when I get outta bed. Hope you are all feeling well and having a great week. Thanks iin advance for trhe kind words cause I know you both always have something sweet to say.
Love ya both 🙂

Get to get my laptop today

I thought I would be lost wwithout it but got the crud and slept t yesterday in between cartoons wiht little ones.Dont feel so great but the best buy says a
thanksgiving sale starts tomorow and it could take abit if time to do that. Still feeling under the weather but Jordan and Melissa have volunteered to cook. I must confess I feel a bit down that I didnt get my table setting done but there are stickers I can use 🙂 Jereme and Alice come Friday and that will be the first time she is at our house. a bubbly little thing I like her alot. Gotta run Brian will be back soon and I need to be ready to go. Next time I log in it will be on my baby 🙂
Love you all,

Creeping Crud update

HI Leslie and Lynn
Yes I do so love the poo and puke 🙂 as of today the only one throwing up Sierra and Levi has the othr end Thank God for disposable diapers and wet wipes They make my life much easier. Brian is finally feeling better and Jasmine continues to heal up from the rash. Ariel has been having a tummy ache most of the day so I hope for the best there. we have all taken turns with the fever this weekend so I’m happy that we only have a three day school week ahead of us. My Friend Marsha who is my S.U. Demo is a R.N. in Urbana and has been sick the past few weeks and had to cancel our club the past couple of months said this fall has been terrible in their office with three cases of the rash like Jasmine so I feel a bit better that we arent the only family with all this sickness not that I want Marsha to be sick. Just get to feeling like there is something else I could be doing to help keep us from catching everything.
Leslie the Flylady updates dont get me upset I am very happy that you are making headway and loved your video on sticker uses Shhhh I have a few stickers in my stash Wink wink 🙂
Lynn so happy that Katie seems to be feeling better I hope she continues to be on the mend I still miss my Sasha something fierce some days especially when I’ve had a rough day I miss her sweet little face looking up at me full of love. I finally got all the paper cut for the squash books found the amimal paper stack and Brian made a file of pet photos so the kids can pick their favorites to put in the books they make.
We are keepimg the small ones overnight and are still trying to get them to think about going to sleep. I hope you are all feeling well and having a good weekend. take care of yourselves.
Hugs and Love,

Hello Amigos :)

HI there ,
I am thankful that today is Friday I get to sleep in tomorrow til 7 A.M. Yipee !!!! Went to Doctor yesterday and got antibiotics for sinus and ear infection since my throat was pretty red she game me one that would defeat the Streph if I get it with my weakend immune system. Gotta say I am not suprised that I’d get it since I get all the nurse work. Jordan Melissa and the Sierra seem to be feeling much better .Levi is throwing upo and has the diarreah (spelling ?) So far today I’ve been pooed and puked on several times. Lucky me 🙂 Once in the van which was a real treat so several loads of laundry and a good van scrubbing the afternoon has been much better.
While in town today I found some kitty and doggie stickers for the squash books I think the kids will really like them.I also found a glitter paper stack and some cute cupcake stickers all at Big Lots for pretty cheap. Oh before I forget Jasmine’s rash is clearing up quickly and she feels much better. Poor Brian on the other hand is having a rough time getting over it. I keep telling him he needs to rest more than he does.
Leslie Your bathroom is looking fantastic I have some of the samr problems as you do with the hardwater and bumpy shower floor. Our sinks are a plasticy stuff and a real pain in the rear to keep clean. The kitchen and laundry are passable but thats about it this week. I’m gonna get the kids to work on the books this wvening and will have some photos in the next few days. Hpe you all have a geat weekend. I miss my laptop 😦

Kids are here gotta fet home work finished to have a free weekend.
Love and hugs to you

What i’ve been up to

Hi there in blogland 🙂

we have another case of strep…..My poor Brian ,No wonder though since he is with 70ish kids several times a day locked in that school bus,petrie dish 🙂 Off to the Dr this morning he goes. Wish me a better day today I was weighed down in the rocking chair most of the day with the 2 small ones wailing if I moved. Poor wee ones but it left me pretty worn out. I have high hopes that day 2of the antibiotic will bring a more pleasant day. To top off the day Brian’s bus was hit by a pickup truck yeaterday afternoon so he had to get statements from each kid on the bus about the accident and it took several hours to get all the kids to where they needed to be after school. Never a dull moment around here. I asked the Dr. yesterday why the kids keep getting all this crud and the answer was it looks to be another rough year by the number od patients they’ve seen already this fall. Hip Hip horray I say 😦 Just the breaks having a house full of kiddos. All whining aside we are all faring as well as can be expected. Looks like having the flu shot hasent helped so much though. Leslie the Santa key is beautiful did you use the hotel key for the tag part? I found a breakfast tray on the web made with these Very pretty the way they turned out I will try to find a link for you but may take a bit since the sight was marked on the laptop. Lynn I hope you Katie is doing better and that Kimmie is feeling well after the stomach bug. Gotta run the small ones just arrived and seem to be in better spirits but need some breakfast.
Much love and warm hugs,