What ???? It is 70 degrees and we are under a tornado watch!!!

Yup Friends Mid November and we are having wacky weather yet again. Big fluffy snow flakes on Friday and massive downpours and thunder and lightening today. I mean I dont mind the warmer temps but tornado warnings and watches I can do without. I had the day off since Melissa didnt work butcant say I did anything more than veg out. WE are having having some rough boutsof tears over the kitty. I am trying to help the kids I got calls from both Will and Jasmine today wanting to come home from school I encouraged them to stay and we can work through this when they get here. I have work to do but think it will all wait til tomorrow. Melissa had a Doctors appointment for the kids since they both had high fevers this weekend I will have to wait to see what the Dr. says. Poor Jasmine still has the rash and we have another appointment for it in the morning Wish us well 🙂 I will keep you updates on the saga which is my life 🙂

Love and hugs to you all


2 thoughts on “What ???? It is 70 degrees and we are under a tornado watch!!!

  1. Kiddies do take it badly, remember with our last dog the floods and floods of tears and Rod vowed never to have another dog but luckily that feeling soon passed. It seems a harsh way for children to learn the facts of life but it is a good thing.

    That is some extreme weather conditions you are suffering!

    Hope the children’s fevers are soon gone and that Jasmine’s rash is soon dealt with. Kimmy is suffering from a sickness bug today and, sadly, didn’t quite make it to the toilet in time so the bathroom was redecorated!!! Ruth said it took some while to clean up and poor Kimmy was there sobbing her little heart out saying ‘I’m sorry mummy’, as if the poor little mite could help it!

    The vet has given us some antibiotics for Katie as she has a severely infected uterus and bleeding heavily! Not pleasant and the smell is appalling, luckily where she sleeps has a concrete floor and can soon be swabbed down but she now needs new bedding. If its not poorly humans it is poorly animals.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Shelly, I have a new one for you. You may have to take your Jasmine to a Dermatologist about her rash. When I was 10 I had a rash all over my body that itched and looked like a bad case of heat rash except it was not all red. Get this! The Dermatologist determined I had the “6th Disease”, whatever the heck that is I don’t think I’ll ever know. According to the doctor it is not a common disease. I don’t remember what I had to go through medicine wise in the treatment. The name of it sticks in my head. 6th Disease.

    Sorry your little ones are having a miserable time with Savannah’s passing. Do you think they could write a bit of something on Savannah and how she made them happy? Or would that prolong the grief? Have a celebration of her life and the love she gave.

    Our kids all had something to say about our Wendy when they learned of her loss. She was a black cat with lots of hair. She looked like a big fat cat but it was all hair. The kids would carry her around on an arm. Wendy’s head and front legs would be draped over the arm of a kid while the rest of Wendy dangled as she was transported from one place in the house to another. Her purr was loud and the kids knew which room she was in.

    The kids had taken Scotch Tape one time, rolled it into a loop and put a piece on each of her feet just to watch Wendy walk. Two feet, one front and one back, flailing the air trying to get the stuff off then work on the other set of feet. The kids nearly peed themselves laughing at the site.

    Wendy would come to each child in the night and snuggle up with them, usually in an arm pit. Her warmth and softness would comfort the kids and her low purring would help the kids get to sleep. Wendy had a loud purr and a soft purr and she used both of them in her own way.

    Lynn, I’m sorry to hear of your dogs illness. Poor thing with a uterine infection. She must have been miserable. The bleeding must have freaked you out.

    And poor Kimmy with her bad tummy 😦 I hope she is feeling better, both physically and mentally after having “redecorated” the bathroom. Poor sweetie.

    Shelly, I hope the tornadoes have passed your home. Those are not fun to hear about nor to see. As if you need any further mayhem in your life.

    Love you – Leslie

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