Here we go again :)

Thanks Leslie and Lynn for the the warm words of kindness at the loss of Savannah. I am going to help the kids to make squash books with photos of our pets so they can save and journal their favorite memories of them. Jordan, Melissa, and the kids have streph throat and are on antibiotics. Sierra hasd been throwing up this morning yucky. Took Jasmine to see the Dr. alongwith Ariel who we had to pick up from school throwing up. Jazz’s rash has turned into some dermititus that follows cstreph or some viral infections so we have some cream to use twice a day for 2 weeks if not better then we will look for something else. since she is bi racial her skin pigment manifests in different ways them ours so now I know what to look for with her. Ariel ‘s illness may be taking her meds on an empty stomach as she didnr eat her breakfast at school she didnt like what they were serving. So we will watch to see if she developes a fever to see if itrs something else. So today looks to be a busy day for me :). Gonna run and fix some ginger ale for the ill ones and get levi away from the bed pan we have on stand by for sierra. Hiope you are all having a good day. I will try to post again this evening after I get everyone down for the night.

Love and hugs to you all,

One thought on “Here we go again :)

  1. Hell Shelly it is one bout of something and then onto the next thing. After last winter I was hoping you were going to have a better time of it. It seems that your kiddies immune systems seem to be at an all time low ebb.
    There is a tummy bug doing the rounds of the schools here so it seems that it may have hit your schools too. Kimmy is much better today but after a sickness bug the school insists the child has a full 24 hours at home to make sure all is well.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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