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Hi there in blogland 🙂

we have another case of strep…..My poor Brian ,No wonder though since he is with 70ish kids several times a day locked in that school bus,petrie dish 🙂 Off to the Dr this morning he goes. Wish me a better day today I was weighed down in the rocking chair most of the day with the 2 small ones wailing if I moved. Poor wee ones but it left me pretty worn out. I have high hopes that day 2of the antibiotic will bring a more pleasant day. To top off the day Brian’s bus was hit by a pickup truck yeaterday afternoon so he had to get statements from each kid on the bus about the accident and it took several hours to get all the kids to where they needed to be after school. Never a dull moment around here. I asked the Dr. yesterday why the kids keep getting all this crud and the answer was it looks to be another rough year by the number od patients they’ve seen already this fall. Hip Hip horray I say 😦 Just the breaks having a house full of kiddos. All whining aside we are all faring as well as can be expected. Looks like having the flu shot hasent helped so much though. Leslie the Santa key is beautiful did you use the hotel key for the tag part? I found a breakfast tray on the web made with these Very pretty the way they turned out I will try to find a link for you but may take a bit since the sight was marked on the laptop. Lynn I hope you Katie is doing better and that Kimmie is feeling well after the stomach bug. Gotta run the small ones just arrived and seem to be in better spirits but need some breakfast.
Much love and warm hugs,


2 thoughts on “What i’ve been up to

  1. So sorry to hear that Brian has been hit by the bug, hope he responds quickly to treatment and that the kiddies do too. What a time you are having of it.
    Kimmy is in fine fettle again and just hoping her brother, Joe, doesn’t go down with it – he is a miserable little sod without being ill 🙂
    Katie seems to be responding to the antibiotics, so pleased about that. The vet would like her to have a hysterectomy but we feel she is too old at 15 and, to be honest, we just couldn’t afford that huge amount of money although if she was a younger dog we would probably find the money. The vet has already said that Katie has lived beyond the normal life span for a Border Collie so we feel it would be unfair to put her through an operation.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Sorry Shelly for the tardiness of my reply to your post.

    I’m so sorry to hear your household has been invaded by yucky bugs 😦 Poor Brian with Strep Throat. He must dread getting up and going on his morning and afternoon rounds with the school bus feeling poorly.

    Your two wee ones, it seems, have been hit worse by the nasty bugs. Good thing they have a warm and cuddly Gramma’s Lap to snuggle in. I know it makes your day go off kilter. Hopefully Sierra is old enough to later remember being held by Gramma when she was ill and loved.

    Yes, Shelly, you guessed correctly. The Santa Key fob is made using motel key cards. They are stiff and stronger than chipboard. Plus they are being put to good use 🙂

    Love you Girlfriend – hope your family is soon all well.


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