Creeping Crud update

HI Leslie and Lynn
Yes I do so love the poo and puke šŸ™‚ as of today the only one throwing up Sierra and Levi has the othr end Thank God for disposable diapers and wet wipes They make my life much easier. Brian is finally feeling better and Jasmine continues to heal up from the rash. Ariel has been having a tummy ache most of the day so I hope for the best there. we have all taken turns with the fever this weekend so I’m happy that we only have a three day school week ahead of us. My Friend Marsha who is my S.U. Demo is a R.N. in Urbana and has been sick the past few weeks and had to cancel our club the past couple of months said this fall has been terrible in their office with three cases of the rash like Jasmine so I feel a bit better that we arent the only family with all this sickness not that I want Marsha to be sick. Just get to feeling like there is something else I could be doing to help keep us from catching everything.
Leslie the Flylady updates dont get me upset I am very happy that you are making headway and loved your video on sticker uses Shhhh I have a few stickers in my stash Wink wink šŸ™‚
Lynn so happy that Katie seems to be feeling better I hope she continues to be on the mend I still miss my Sasha something fierce some days especially when I’ve had a rough day I miss her sweet little face looking up at me full of love. I finally got all the paper cut for the squash books found the amimal paper stack and Brian made a file of pet photos so the kids can pick their favorites to put in the books they make.
We are keepimg the small ones overnight and are still trying to get them to think about going to sleep. I hope you are all feeling well and having a good weekend. take care of yourselves.
Hugs and Love,

2 thoughts on “Creeping Crud update

  1. Shelly, I’m so sorry to learn that you have fallen to the creeping crud :-(. The start of winter has some rather strange ways to herald in the season. Puke, poo, and fevers :-(. Here’s hoping you all follow Brian and Jasmine in their path to wellness šŸ™‚

    I bet having warm and cuddly Sasha right now would make the yucky feeling so much better.

    Shelly!! You have the best idea I’ve ever heard. Squash books made by your kids using the treasured photos of your pets that have passed on. This is a brilliant idea to honor the furry ones that have brought love, laughter, warmth, and security to your kids. Totally awesome.

    You get well my friend.

    Love you – Leslie

  2. Hope that illness soon goes Shelly. Happy to hear that nearly everyone is feeling better and that the little ones soon get over their tummy bugs too. It is so wearing when having to deal with sick children.

    Katie is still not 100% but she seems to be well in herself. I shall have to phone the vet again and see if another course of antibiotics will hit this infection on the head for once and for all. There are sheep on the hill above us and when they see Katie they dash away but if I go out into the field on my own they come over to see if I have any food. Some of the sheep were bottle raised lambs so are quite used to taking food from humans. One especially, named Wendy by the farmer, loves being fed bread. Liam and Dylan like the sheep but not when they get too close!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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