Get to get my laptop today

I thought I would be lost wwithout it but got the crud and slept t yesterday in between cartoons wiht little ones.Dont feel so great but the best buy says a
thanksgiving sale starts tomorow and it could take abit if time to do that. Still feeling under the weather but Jordan and Melissa have volunteered to cook. I must confess I feel a bit down that I didnt get my table setting done but there are stickers I can use 🙂 Jereme and Alice come Friday and that will be the first time she is at our house. a bubbly little thing I like her alot. Gotta run Brian will be back soon and I need to be ready to go. Next time I log in it will be on my baby 🙂
Love you all,


One thought on “Get to get my laptop today

  1. Woohoo so your laptop won’t be away for as long as you thought. That is good news.
    So sorry to hear that you still feel under the weather – this illness is an absolute PITB; just as you were getting back into crafting along comes the various illnesses to put a stop to all that.
    I’m sure the world won’t come to a grinding halt because you had neither the time nor 100% health to do the table decorations. Just get better so you can enjoy it all 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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