The day after

Well today is black friday which means nothing to me because I have never been one to fight the insane(well seems most people lose their sanity anyway) masses. I was able to help cook and actually eat yeaterday so I am very grateful for that. Today Jereme our oldest son and his Girly Alice will be spending the day with us. It’s the first time she has been here so she gets to see the mayham first hand 🙂 I am going to opt to actually dress today to impress her been in my jammies for quite a while here. WE will have left overs, break out the old photos and play some games. ( I think Alice is the Miss Right for Jereme and she is such a sweet young woman) I hope you all had great days yesterday both here in the United States and
abroad. I read your post this morning through weepy eyes Leslie my sweet friend and am extremely honored to be called your friend 🙂 The same of you also Lynn this world wide web has surley allowed us to all become a part of each others life and I am very grateful for that 🙂 IJ will try to get a bit of time this evening to play on here that is if I can stay awake long enough….sleeping alot seems to be a common theme this week. My poor baby here thinks shes been abandoned not getting her keys all pushed and poked no late night web surfing youtube videos Whew I have a lot to make up for 🙂 All silliness aside Melissa gets off work this afternoon and tomorrow and dont work on Sunday so I will get some time to sit and play.

I guess I need to change out of my comfy jammies and look halfway presentable.
Hey Leslie did Joe do the phantom of the opera this year? I thought of him as I put the ham in the oven. You may need to do a kitchen opera for us sometime 🙂 I hope you all have a safe day and are keeping yourselves hidden from the crud bugs blowing around I think they may be leaving our house!!!!!!!

Love and hugs to you,


2 thoughts on “The day after

  1. Shelly, I am very glad to hear that you are rounding the corner on this nasty bug. I sounds as though your body has taken over and is making you sleep. Very good thing indeed.

    I’m glad you had a great Thanksgiving with your family and enjoyed your time with Alice. She had her “Baptism by fire” with your little ones and survived it well 🙂 Sounds as though she was surrounded by love in your home, even if it was a bit boisterous 🙂

    Shelly, I am truly thankful for your friendship. You and I have grown together in this internet thing and it is truly awesome 🙂 We influence each other and in a GOOD way 🙂 How special is THAT?!

    I totally forgot about the Phantom of the Opera. I’ll have to make sure it gets put on at Christmas for Joe to cook by 🙂 Thanks for reminding me of that 🙂

    You get well my Friend. Your “Baby” is patiently waiting for your return to follow all the YouTube videos and finding inspiration when you are well and able to get back to it.

    Thank you for being my Friend 🙂

  2. So glad to hear that the nasty bugs may be leaving your home and that you were able to join in with the festivities yesterday.
    I too am very grateful for this internet and allowing us to meet up and become part of each other’s lives, such friendships are wonderful to have and I am very happy to be part of our special ‘group’ 🙂

    I am suffering at the moment but not from some dreaded bug…I have a broken rib!! Would you believe it I must have done it in my sleep turning over; I didn’t stay asleep long I can tell you! The agony of it soon woke me up. This was early hours of Saturday morning and I promised to help Ruth with her craft stall that day so spent all day stood up. I was glad to get home that evening! Then we had arranged for Rod’s cousin and wife to come to lunch today so not had any time to feel sorry for myself 🙂

    Love and hugs (gentle ones please)
    Lynn xx

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