Sorry for the delay in my photo post but can’t let Levi outta my sight he is a climbing monkey and fearless I am amazed at the things he thinks of to do. 🙂 The photos are kinda jumbled since I still havent gotten the order thing mastered yet. There are photos of the ornimates I’ve made throughout out years together and a photo of the bug ornimate Brian got from work. The white decoupodged thing is a waste can I made for Will using video game images from game magazines.I made it out of an empty scoopable cat litter jug. The trees are from the kids rooms to the ones I decorate. The snowmen are made from dried gourds I painted a few years back. The long skinny snowmen are made with tongue depressors as you can see from the blemishes on them we made them a long time ago, The mice were ceramic ormimates given to me to paint in the early 90’s. the 4 snowmen with the kids names I made about 12 years ago and I have this year sent the older kids home for their trees. I need to make some for the girls I havent made any in years. the plane ones I made in the 80’s with a kit gifted to me from my sister Debbie. The clear glass bulb was using clear acetate sheets stamped and colored then fitted into the bulbs I made them for my stampers ten club when I was a demonstrator. the other animals ones are my hallmark collection on my small Bar tree I just love them. If you have any questions on anything just let me know I’d be happy to let you know how they were made. there is a photo of Sierra and Levi with their goggles on so they can see the t.v. better 🙂 and one with them on the fort they built with blankets and the kitchen table. there is a few with the state of the living room during the day they are a busy couple of toddlers during the day. Now I feel better getting something posted on here and guess what it didn’t really take that long to get it done????? Dont know why I thought it was going to be so hard. Hope you like it.
I was happy to hear from you Lynn and what a bummer that some one stole your phone wires That was terrible!! 😦 Leslie did Joe come out ok at the Dr.? Hope you are all well. gotta run timer went off and lunch is ready to come out of the oven.
Hugs and love to you,

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I’ve been on a house cleaning binge

HI there Hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. We had a very laid back day this year and it felt really nice to just enjoy the day. We opened gifts on Christmas eve so Jereme and Alice could come over from Urbana and Jordan, Melissa and the kiddos were able to join us have the next morning at their home with the kids and then head up north to Melissa’s parents. We had nice weather and that made all the travel safe. Heather didnt get to come over but we spent the evening with her the day before and she is coming over for New Years and Maybe Jared too.She has gotten a job at the Movie theatre and I think that will help get her into a better living arrangement. By this time next week Jereme will be in Boston Meeting Alice’s Father He is very serious about this realtionship and wants to make a good impression.
We did get a bit of snow a few days ago that only lasted into the afternoon before it was all melted away a real bummer for the kids 😦 I spent my days off taking down the trees and getting the house rearranged while no little people were underfoot. I used my new tiny craft sewing machine to make a card so I feel like I got something accomplished craft wise.I really need to get my self in gear and upload my photos to the blog but have been to lazy to mess with it. The kids were really excited to get back with us today and my kids enjoyed having them here to play with so I took advantage of the help keeping an eye on them and got my kitchen pretty much rearranged kinda needed a different look in here I feel a bit stir crazy looking at the same thing all the time.I still need Brian to pull out my stove so I can get it cleaned good from the milk spill May not be as icky as I think but after the mouse and ant problems of the past year I dont want to take any chances. We have made it through without any major sickness this holiday and for that I am thankful. I should keep my mouth shut because when I brag it always comes back to get me 🙂 LOL I should go get my shower and go to bed the kids will be here early in the morning and I will want to be rested up 🙂 Hope to hear about your holiday adventures soon. Good night friends

Hugs and love ,

A Holiday card for you :)

Here is the E-card Brian posted to facebook and I wanted to share it with you. On a side note Lynn I got an email about your posst but cant find it to relpy to. Sorry. Since I am posting you know I made it home safely not peppeer sprayed 🙂
Hope you are all getting your last minute details in order which I have alot of 🙂 but I wont worry over them what I get done is fine and those that dont noone knows except me 🙂
Without further adieu…….. heres the card 🙂 Hope you enjoy. Merry Christmas from my family

Much love and many well wishes for a Fantastic day
Hugs and Love,

Finishing up the Shopping

HI there after dinner which is in the oven we will finish up the shopping. Cant say I’m looking foward to fighting the mass of people. We are taking the kids with us to check on sizes. none of them believe in Santa but go along with it not to hurt our feelings 🙂 The way we see it this way we can get the clothes they want and save the trip to exchange anything.
They will get suprise gifts from others still. I havent decided on just what to feed the crew this year but it will be just he 5 of us so I am not going to go overboard, that way I can enjoy the day and we can just have a easy going day. I may even eat off of plastic plates and all less mess for me to clean up.
We have three day off and I am looking foward to sleeping in past 6 ish. Woo hoo for me 🙂 I will try to report in after the big outting.
By the way Lynn I recieved your Christmas card and it is lovely Thank you 🙂 Do you have snow yet? do you get it by Christmas normally? We are snow free only clouds and rain. talk to you all later.
love and hugs,

Tomorrow starts the Christmas vacation

Hey everyone,
How are you all faring? we are getting into the last stretch before Christmas and i’ve yet to do any shopping !!! Gotta get myself in gear if there are to be any gifts under the tree. Had the day off yesterday sorta. but did get many things around the house finished. Will have the little ones the next few days so they will be happy to have the kids out of school to play with. I have not forgotten the pictures I have to share but this laptop has been acting weird the past few days I think I need to run a scan to make sure all is well inside here. I needto get ready to pick up the kids but wantedto pop in and say Hi. Hope you are all well and enjoying the Christmas cheer around you.

Take care .
Love and hugs,

Christmas face lift to my blog

Hi everyone. I have today off and decided to search for a Christmas page til after the New Year. I made time yesterday to get my photo and video software downloaded so I can edit my pictures and videos. I did get some photos yesterday and will work on getting them posted today sometime. I am warring with myself about how to spend my kid-less hours. Part of me says you know that cleaning project you’ve been wanting to get done will be way easier if no one is under foot,then theres the Run girl run!!! get to the craft corner and get busy, also there’s the you are really tired lately just veg out and do something brainless like watch tv uninterrupted I dont get that often. Maybe I will opt out of the bookshelf and do the other two 🙂 yup just talked myself into that option. I will get a lunch date with Brian just a fastfood place but still just the 2 of us. In the photos from yesterday there is a few of the messy areas that need my attention ( inspired by you Leslie) I have a short day with the little ones tomorrow so I can always enlist the help of the kids. Ok I’m off now to watch some kind of tv while Brian takes a short nap then off to lunch. I will talk to you later 🙂

Love and Hugs,

Woo Hoo the Tree is finished

We finally got the Christmas tree finished and the rest of the extra stuff back to the shed. Didn’t spend much time with the decorating but they look good enough and the kids are enjoying them. The girls got theirs all finished and Mister Will had his done before all the rest of us. I ended up with all five again this year even though I had only planned on the 4 foot one on the bar. Got the stink eye from all the kids with pouting faces and grumbling about Why they didnt get the larger tree this year. So crumbling to the ever mounting pressure I threw it together. I have to admit I am happy I did get it put up It now looks festive in here. I kept all the rest of the stuff to a minimum with just a few other decorations here and there. I have plans to take it all down while Jordan Melissa and the kids are up north visiting Melissa’s family. Now for the rest of the house I am at a stand still because the little ones have been a wee bit like wild things 🙂 I still have’nt started even one Christmas card… At this rate I may not get any done this year. Oh well maybe I chould start in January for next year and get a jump start on them lol 🙂
Had to take Jasmine to Dr. today she has a urinary tract infection and we have to wait til tomorrow for the culture to get the right antibiotics so in the mean time we are pushing the Water and some cranberry juice. Jasmine lost a tooth over the weekend and the tooth fairy left her 50 cents so tonight Ariel was pulling on one of hers but it is one of her adult ones and now it’s hurting her alot …. Never a dull moment around this family circus.
Leslie I am loving your post it notes very lovely. Happy to hear that you are getting some quality time in your crafting room. Sorry to hear being out an the road without you is giving Joe so much stress. Very tough and physically demanding jobs you two do. Gotta be pretty hard on the both of you being apart after spending so much time together I know I’d miss Brian. I’m blessed that we have the situation we do allowing us to spend so much time together. Been thinking of you.

Now Lynn how have you been? Been thinking of you too ,Wondering how you are healing up and if you’ve got to do much crafty stuff lately. Leslie I will be planning on getting some crafty challenges with you and Lynn come the new year. I need to learn to budget my time more wisely just dont seem to be enough hours in the day. Went to my Dr. for a med check and my cholesterol was WAY HIGH so the gave me some meds and diet suggestions ( although I do eat pretty healthy ) and told me to get 30-60 minutes of exercise in 3-5 days a week……….Right …….I cant even make it to the craft corner!!!! and now add that to my already busy days……. Guess I just need to do it and quit fussing about it……Also what else stunk was that I’ve gained 15 pounds ……. AHHHHHH….. Ok Ok Ok stop whining in my beer …. Wait I dont even drink beer……. Ok stop crying in my…..Tea…yup that it 🙂

Hope you are all feeling well and enjoying the Christmas season.
much love and warm hugs,