popping in to say hi :)

Hello Ladies 🙂
How have you been? Lynn how is your rib healing? Is the pain managable? never had more than the broken arm and it felt better a few days after the cast was on. Hope you are feeling better. I have forgotten if you do your Christmas tree early or closer to Christmas. I have grnd plans to get that done tomorrow barring noone is sick ( fingers crossed )
How are your post it notes coming along Leslie? Loved the ones you’ve posted. Very nice indeed. Gonna have the weekend off from child care and have big plans to work on the house. I think if I can get the kids all on board and purge some of the excess in the bedrooms. Well thats the plan anyway. I have high hopes of getting some craft time in too but that depends on how well the inlisted workers take to the assignments. I think we can donate a ton of extra toys that rarely get played with. Hope this finds you all doing well,
I’m off to get some laundry folded and switched out.
Love and Hugs to you all,

2 thoughts on “popping in to say hi :)

  1. Well, this post means you are feeling better 😀 Good to know you have not succumbed to the dreaded bug. You have been victorious 😀

    Sounds like you have your weekend planned. I hope you don’t have a lot of crying and pouting while the children are purging their cherished toys. You know, the broken pieces of toys you no longer recognized are probably still treasures to the kids 🙂

    My Friend, I wish you all the best when you take this on. I remember the squalling, balling, and pouting that went on in our house when our kids were little like yours. Getting our kids to part with their broken toys was a major chore. You would have thought I was asking them to commit a criminal act or something 🙂 It was rough so I have sympathy for you 🙂

    I hope you continue to feel well and all the illness in your home has finally run its course and is gone. You take care of yourself my Friend.

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my Post-It-Note Holders 🙂

    Love you – Leslie

  2. Shelly I am getting your posts confused but please excuse my poor little brain cell it has been overloaded of late. My aching rib not withstanding I have been helping Ruth with her craft sales and my rib is not the only thing to ache; my feet do too after being on them all day! Still she did very well at the craft fairs she went to and we had nice conversations with nice people… all helps when getting people to part with their money 🙂

    My rib is aching less. I am just over the border for osteoporosis and have to take calcium tablets plus make sure my diet is rich in calcium foods….except milk which I’m not fond of at all.

    Oh I remember the sorting out of old toys and would do it when the children weren’t around 🙂 Ruth periodically does it with her children’s toys too…wait until they are out of the way then there are no tears, sulks, wails or tantrums!
    As soon as Christmas is over I need to do another purge here and start to pack things away in readiness for moving and then fingers crossed we sell 🙂

    Our Christmas tree goes up on Christmas Eve.

    Love and gentle hugs
    Lynn xx

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