Toy boxes!!!! ACK!!!!!

As I type this we are still working on the mass of stuff in the kids rooms for 5 hours now!!!! I am getting a bit crazed with all the “What did you say? ” ” She is looking at the stuff I’m getting rid of!!” “Hey Mom Even the stuff under the bed needs to be gone through?” “What about the top and behind the dressers?” “What did you say again?” “Can you look at this and tell me if I am putting this in the trash can right?” What!!! How many times and how many ways do I have to say the same thing???So finally I said we are going to do this with the rules of baseball Three strikes and you are outta there and I’m coming in and I get to decide what stays and what goes. Well that worked for about a minute LOL I even tried to bribe them with candy to get them hoppin and its still been this long but I do see an end in sight. I havent gotten to work on the living room for being back and forth so much but, bedding is clean and waiting for fresh beds. I am making them dust and vacuum their rooms and making their own beds. Sad thing though they still have several toy boxes in the shed to go through!!!! we are limiting the number they can keep from in here and then pick the same from shed and the rest will get donated to the local Womens shelter. It has a thrift store worked by the women to earm a paycheck and monies from sales made go right back into the shelter for food and upkeep and things to help the families. Very worthy charity.
Lynn my posts have been ramblings since I have been sick and chrunched for time. so instead of posting on eeach post I read I do it all at once on mine, Sorry for the confusion 🙂 Nice to hear you are feeling a bit better from the rib, Brian’s Grandma had osteoporosis very terrible she broke ribs just picking him up as an infant. Happy to hear the craft fairs were a success especially after all the time and effort put forth.
Leslie I loved the post on shopping our own stash and looked through my stuff and got all excited about what I had 🙂 Now back to cracking he whip ( Slave driver that I am ) Can’t do what I want til they are finished Better get them busy. 🙂

Hope to post again later this evening
Hugs to you and lotsa love,


2 thoughts on “Toy boxes!!!! ACK!!!!!

  1. Oh my goodness, sounds like I remember it 🙂 You have just turned the knob on the “Way Back Machine” for me. 😀

    The women’s shelter will be glad for your donations of toys. It is good they have a system of making money to keep the place going. You have a wonderful heart. Your children, right now, today, don’t see that they are doing this for their own peace of mind but they will know the difference when they can get in their rooms and have space to play in. Besides, they will need to have space for the new arrival of toys coming from Santa 🙂

    Do your children know that their, once loved toys, will be going to children that don’t have any and would be so happy to just have toys to play with? Maybe the toys in the shed will be easier to go through for your kids if they know that other children would love to be able to play with toys. But then I guess you probably already covered that one.

    Woo Hoo on going “shopping” through your stash and getting excited about what you have 🙂 I hope you get to have some creative time to replenish your spirit 🙂

    Love you my Friend – Leslie

  2. Shelly don’t worry about answering our comments, I guess you are more than a little busy keeping the whip cracked over those little tykes of yours 🙂 Oh I remember those days well! The funny thng is that our daughters are saying the same thing to their own children LOL I asked the girls if they like the echoes!!

    It is a brilliant idea to donate those toys to a worthwhile cause and hope those toys make some other child very happy.

    Yes my rib is almost healed but still a bit painful if I forget and try to carry something heavy. Do we ever learn to slow down? I think not!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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