Took the day off yeaterday

HI there. I took the day off yesterday mostly kinda beat when I think it took 17 hours to do both rooms with the kids this weekend!! Could have been faster by myself but they need to be responsable for the horrible state of those 2 rooms. The rooms look amazingly better and I know having 3 kids plus 2 small ones on a regular basis lends to way too many toys and junk πŸ™‚ but we are done and every chanace I get I remind them how long we spent and say lets not do that again. What I did was put all of each girls lets say barbie stuff in a bag and tied it up with a bow now each one has their own bag and can easily get to the barbie stuff and when they are done each puts said stuff away in their box and gets out something wlse bagged the same way. Keeps them from tearing out entire box contents to find that ONE thing and way easier to clean. Same for the small ones. I had each one pick 20 things to keep the rest went into trash if broken or the other pile .Now Leslie I got this idea from you if the other one seen something they’d like to have they shopped from that pile and said thing became theirsbut still only the 20 things. so they got new toys and the room got cleaned. Besides with Christmas coming I’m sure there will be new additions but we will add them to the bag system. Still need to do the shed but way too tired to do that anytime soon:) Jordan has agreed to come help move furnitureso I can have my larger tree. Sweet boy knows his mamma loves her tree.
Gotta take Heather to the Dr. today if she remembers. I got a few pocket calls from her phone while Brian was out and I didnt have transportation and they were not nice at all. Her “man” threw her phone and broke hence the calls. of course she made excuses for him Makes me sick to my stomach as I seen more than I’d like to have with my parents Thank God my Brian isen’t like that. He asked to speak with her man and he wouldnt talk to him, Jordan says Mom want me to go take care of it give him a taste of his own medicine? I said no violence wont solve thi may make us feel better for a brief time but if she stays ther we cant do anything about it since she gets to make her own choices. so ther was my day.I did get some dusting ,laundry, sweeping and cat box cleaned yesterday. Dont know about today yet as I feel like being lazy tioday. Hope you are all well. I’m off to pick up the small ones Melissa has a flat tire.

Love and hugs to you both,


4 thoughts on “Took the day off yeaterday

  1. Holy COW!!! Girlfriend, you deserve to take the day off. Your accounting of the progress made me tired πŸ˜€

    What a great idea for your kids to go “shopping” through each others toys. I love the bag idea for the girls Barbie’s and the accessories. Brilliant!!

    You are right about your daughter and her boyfriend. Speaking from past experience….she will part ways with the guy when she’s finally had enough. Unfortunately, she will continue to be attracted to the “bad boys” and will give you fits. Someone, most likely a woman she looks up to, will come along and help her dig herself out of the hole of low self esteem. That is a process that is very long and arduous. When your daughter finally “gets it” she will see these guys for what they are and she will make better choices. Until then, her low self esteem and self value or self worth is the driving force in this and there is nothing you guys can do to the guy that will make this any better for her. Heather will resent you for beating up the boyfriend – although he probably needs it just for GP (General Principles).

    Take care my Friend and enjoy your down time.

    Love you – Leslie

  2. Hi Leslie,
    Thanks for hte advise with Heather. We took her to the Doctor today and they put her on lithiam?? Gotta look that one up if my memory searves me right I think that a major mediaction. She said Doctor did it because she is still having mood swings Duh!!! the violence and life style is enough to make you act different!!!! On the way there Brian was able to talk with the boyfriend and said that I’d heard the whole thing and there was no need to make excuses for the behavior. If he has that kind of anger issues to find another way to vent it not to break Heathers things if he needs to break something find something of hisown he respond well to the talk. Brian let him know that she was his little girl and he didnt take lightly or her brothers to any kind of abuse he said I am not threatening you I am just giving you a heads up that what is happening is not ok with us. (They ) his family have threatened to slit her throat, chop her up in little pieces and scatter her around so no one can find her or weiigh her down with cinder blocks and throw her into a lake or pond. What kind of people say things like that ??? Makes me scared for her but she still defends him.We took them to lunch and had the talk not a loud shouting thing just a calm talk. CRAZY I think.
    As for housework I did get some dusting in the living room done and it was terrible!!!!!!!!!! Really bad, this place is so dusty I can dust and a few hours later thereis a layer again. Now I do have top say its been about a month since the last go at it and I was way to embarrassed to take a pic to show you all. The fireplace mantle was furry no kidding, I only need to do the kitchen and a few pictures by Brians desk and the ceiling fan blades and light fixtures plus the mirrorabove the fan and hook up the game systems and I will be done in here except for the Christmas tree which Brian dug out today.Now the kitchen is another story alltogether it needs a good dusting and cabinet rearranging, sink scrubbing,and dishwasher cleaning. We have hardwater too and the only thing I’ve found that works is CLR which is a heavy duty build up remover . The stove and fridge are not too bad but need a good wipe down. I would like to shampoo the carpets and vacuum the ceilings ( I hate them they are a stucco stuff I wish we could scrape it off and paint a flat surface but Brian says that would be tons of work.) plus cabinet tops.Brian just last week pulled out the fridge and cleaned behind it and all around it so it looks nice.Furnace filter is due to be checked and changed so we will see how much get done tomorrow the kids get out of school early before lunch so maybe not that much. We have Friday off and are going to do something but now sure what yet. we volunteered to cook food for our Sunday school class this week so I need to be thinking what would be easy to fix and take ( there is usually about 25 of us ) we also are keeping the little ones so Melissa and Jordan can have a date with out litte people under foot.
    Took the kids to McDonalds for dinner and fell getting ot of the van boy was I embarrassed :0 I had twisted my ankle in the front yard and stepped on the curb part of the handifcapped of the parking lot and fell right down. I think it is from my shoes. When we got the kids shoes a few months ago they had buy one get one half price and sincewe have 3 toi get for it seemed silly not to get shoes for @ $7.00 so I got some o those new walking kind tha are sopposed to help tone your legs and butt. They feel funny when you wear the, plus I dont think the bifocals help with the depth perception. Any way I was going to take my lap top with me and am glad I didnt I would have been wailing like mad had I scratched or tore up my baby lol A woman without internet when she’s used to it could be dangerous lol πŸ™‚ Okay enough chattering away here I need to get my shower so I can get in bed I feel so much better with at least 6 hours of sleep.

    Lynn how are you getting along? keeping busy with the craft fair and things to make ? I need to make my Christmas cards I have such high hopes but cant get myself motivated. so much to do and so lazyat the same time.

    Love to you all, Tell Joe and Rod Hello fron us hope you are all doing good.
    Hugs and love,

    • OMG!!! I need a NAP! after reading this.

      I seriously hope that my posting of the daily work I’m doing in my house is not making you feel like I am putting pressure on you. Egad, that is the LAST thing I would ever want to do to you, or anyone else.

      Sweetie….take the pressure off yourself. Your family loves you and adores you, as I do. Their love for you is not contingent on a clean house. Neither, is your love for YOURSELF contingent on a clean house.

      You have so much going on in your life: Family, church, school, Heather, her boyfriend, and tons of other stuff that take up your entire day. Life has a way of filling up our lives in ways we don’t intend it to, like totally take over. That is why I have decided to take things in my life by bits and pieces.

      I don’t have children in my home…but I do have a husband that seems to think he needs constant companionship πŸ˜€

      Your poor Heather. To be taunted and threatened with being murdered in a violent manner is horrid. Poor girl, is caught in a cycle of abuse from without and from within. Within herself because she feels she actually deserves to be treated this way. Her self worth is all but non existent. I think her mood swings are because she knows she deserves better but does not know who to get out of the place where she is.

      Believe me, that is one heck of a long process. I not only had to go through it myself, but I’ve been several years with my own daughter, Heidi Jo, working to get her where she is today. She is better about the people she surrounds herself with and is headed in the right direction. Finally.

      Your Heather needs to learn this for herself. The people she is attracted to are the very people that outwardly show how she inwardly feels about herself. That is a dangerous place to be.

      Poor you!!! Twisting your ankle 😦 and falling down. My poor friend 😦 You ought to be glad I was not there. I’m terrible to be around when people fall down. The surprised look on their faces and the windmilling of their arms is what does me in and I can’t stop laughing. That bit makes my family think I am cruel and heap out unusual punishment on them. I hope your ankle isn’t twisted so badly that you have trouble getting around.

      Enjoy your time with your church family. I know you can come up with some kind of delicious food that will be easy to throw together and travel to the church.

      Seriously, girlfriend…I do need a nap right now πŸ™‚ You take care of yourself. No one else is going to do it.

      Love you my Friend – Leslie

  3. Second everything Leslie has said regarding Heather…it is not an easy place for you and Brian as her parents but the only one who can start to make the necessary changes is Heather herself. Until she comes to realise she is on a self destruct path she won’t listen to anyone even though she might realise that what is being said is true. Oh Shelly you need a big hug.

    Hope your ankle is fine and not badly hurt. Oh don’t you feel a fool when something like that happens? I always do a quick look around to see if anyone noticed πŸ™‚ I’m like Leslie, I struggle to stifle the laughs but I don’t mean to laugh and I’m not normally a cruel person. Honest!

    When you have children around you it is almost impossible to have a clean house! Most of the times there is only Rod and I at home but several times a week the grandchildren are here and then there are the biscuit crumbs, half eaten food, sticky finger marks on surfaces and toys here and there in odd corners. Thankfully the grandchildren are usually good about putting toys and books away but it is the toys that are hidden in corners that get missed! Bless ’em πŸ™‚

    Take care of yourself Shelly, we don’t want you going down with anything.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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