Tree in the house but still in the box :)

Hi there Ladies,
Brian has everything in the house but I have only got a few things out. Fiber optic tree out of the box ,shaped and plugged in. Kiddos like it and it’s wasy to get together.
Small tree is on the…. NOW cleaned off bar ( no room before this ) and branches shaped but thats as far as I got with it. Will put his tree together and has it all decorated it looks nice in his room.No tree for the girls yet. They have been sent to bed early the past few nights. Terrible shouting and pushing matches so Brian says this is a no talking zone get ready for bed and maybe when you wake in the morning you will have a better out look. We can always hope that today is that day 🙂 Jordan gave us a game hook up thingy where we can have 2 video games hooked up and still have the dvd/video player hooked up too. We have been just changing them out but I thought too much messing with the hookup jacks may mess them up. We just got our tv 3 years ags when we got the laptop. We have never had a new tv before that so we want to take good care of it. Now Leslie you posted on your blog awhile back someone, your son-in law maybe playing guitar hero and I love that game just dont want all the hooking and unhooking to play it so Jordan has solved that for me. Yay for me 🙂
Now Leslie the house cleaning is not becaues of your flylady posts just stuff that needs to be done. I have a hard time keepin on a schedule since I cant gat Levi to take a nap regularly and Bless him I cant leave him unsupervised even to go to Pee because who knows what he will find to do in that short time?? He follows me to the bathroom and sets on a low shelf to wait on me to pee how crazy is that 🙂 I told Brian I feel like a real Queen sitting on my throne with my royal subject in attendance. Can’t wait til he gets bigger and I can have a few minutes of privacy. When Will was little he sat outside the door and begged to come in but not Levi, I did that once and he was standing on the bathroom counter top. Learned not to do that again. Ok enough chatter from me, I need to work on my -to- do- list and although Its not going as fast as I’d like it is getting done. Just need to dust the kitchen and I think bleach out sinks will be easier (hate my white sinks wish they were stainless steel they clean so much easier ) then vacuum up again and maybe some laundry and thats it . Tree up maybe ??? I’ll have to let you know. Oh and Leslie you know how you were embarrassed about you vacuum cleaner being full well this weekend I had to empty mine 4 times yup 4 cant believe how much crud there was. I think I’m a fairly decent house cleaner but YUK it was not good. So enough whining and boo-hooing I need to get this show on the road. Friday Brian will be going to the indoor flea market and I am having him take Will along as for the girls I will keep them home with me they can play some games if they are getting along or if not some silent reading would work. I aspire to make a select few Christmas cards and then just send out boxed cards to everyone else. Gotta get busy or there wont be any. Leslie love the video 🙂 Have really enjoyed the posts of your post it notes. Each one so different from the other Love your creativity.
Lynn happy to hear your rib is getting healed I hope it continues to get better and that nothing like this happens again anytime soon to you. Hope your cards are coming along too. Take care my friends.
I love you and send big hugs to you both

2 thoughts on “Tree in the house but still in the box :)

  1. Oh Shelly I had to laugh over your story about Levi accompanying you to the toilet! I had to do that with one of our grandchildren as I was scared he would touch the rayburn and suffer nasty burns. One grandson sings when he goes to the loo and our grand daughter likes to have shouted conversations through the bathroom door 🙂 She always decides that some serious discussion needs to take place as soon as her bum hits the toilet seat or at bedtime 🙂 Funny little things!

    There is no panic about getting that tree up you know Shelly, no date set in stone! Ours goes up on Christmas Eve. I’ve just about finished the small amount of hand made cards for Christmas and everyone else gets store bought cards as they don’t appreciate hand made. We are our own worst enemies aren’t we? We put so much pressure on ourselves and then dash around trying to do 6 things at one time when we really don’t need to! Slow down Shelly and take each day as it comes 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Oh my goodness, you brought back memories of when Carissa was little like your Levi and she followed me around like a shadow 🙂

    It sounds like your Jordan has some killer skills 😀 in getting your devices to multi task for your family. Way cool!!

    You have been busy, Girlfriend. I’m in agreement with Lynn. Pace yourself, Sister 🙂 Yes, I know, easier said than done 😀

    Thank you Shelly for your sweet comment on my video and the Holders. I’m having fun with them, can you tell 🙂

    Say, are you going to try and be part of a challenge with Lynn and I after Christmas is over? Plotting and planning I am to get you some crafting time 😀

    Love you – Leslie

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