Christmas face lift to my blog

Hi everyone. I have today off and decided to search for a Christmas page til after the New Year. I made time yesterday to get my photo and video software downloaded so I can edit my pictures and videos. I did get some photos yesterday and will work on getting them posted today sometime. I am warring with myself about how to spend my kid-less hours. Part of me says you know that cleaning project you’ve been wanting to get done will be way easier if no one is under foot,then theres the Run girl run!!! get to the craft corner and get busy, also there’s the you are really tired lately just veg out and do something brainless like watch tv uninterrupted I dont get that often. Maybe I will opt out of the bookshelf and do the other two 🙂 yup just talked myself into that option. I will get a lunch date with Brian just a fastfood place but still just the 2 of us. In the photos from yesterday there is a few of the messy areas that need my attention ( inspired by you Leslie) I have a short day with the little ones tomorrow so I can always enlist the help of the kids. Ok I’m off now to watch some kind of tv while Brian takes a short nap then off to lunch. I will talk to you later 🙂

Love and Hugs,


2 thoughts on “Christmas face lift to my blog

  1. I actually like this theme Shelly, it is very traditional but nice and clean too 🙂

    I hope that whatever you decided to do you enjoyed every minute of it. It is a huge problem when you don’t often have time to yourself to then know exactly what to do with it but what a nice place to be 🙂

    You mentioned housework – we have very hard water here and I noticed yesterday that our bathroom taps and shower hose looked quite grey from scale so I soaked pieces of cotton wool in pure vinegar and wrapped them around the taps (faucets), shower hose and any other chrome I could cover and left it to soak for several hours. When I removed the cotton wool I gave all the chrome a good wash down and now we need sunglasses when we go into the bathroom LOL It has all come up gleaming.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Shelly, I very well understand the pull of many things to do. Have some free time available and all the nagging and guilt drown out an opportunity to just be still and relax.

    A lunch date with your husband sounds like a winner 😀 Hope you were able to enjoy that time with him. You two are such a great looking couple, and after all these years to still love each other as you do is really great.

    I like your update blog image. Looks so Christmas-y and festive. I can’t believe Christmas is just days away now.

    Taking pictures of the area you want to clean, the before and after of it all, is rewarding. For me anyway. I can see the actual mess and do some groaning then see the end result after it is done. For me….I can see the before as I look through my computer photos and see the mess which gives me a kick in the butt to keep up with the “picking up after myself”.

    Lynn, I’m going to try your trick of leaving vinegar soaked rags (I don’t have rolls of cotton to do what you have done) on our taps. I even have some poles in both bathrooms that hold soap and shampoo that need to have this treatment done to them.

    Shelly, did you get any crafting done? Oh, by the way – before I forget again. I’m so in love with the ribbons, buttons, and stickers you gave me when we met. I can’t wait to begin using them once I’m done with the Post-It-Note things.

    Love you – Leslie

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