Tomorrow starts the Christmas vacation

Hey everyone,
How are you all faring? we are getting into the last stretch before Christmas and i’ve yet to do any shopping !!! Gotta get myself in gear if there are to be any gifts under the tree. Had the day off yesterday sorta. but did get many things around the house finished. Will have the little ones the next few days so they will be happy to have the kids out of school to play with. I have not forgotten the pictures I have to share but this laptop has been acting weird the past few days I think I need to run a scan to make sure all is well inside here. I needto get ready to pick up the kids but wantedto pop in and say Hi. Hope you are all well and enjoying the Christmas cheer around you.

Take care .
Love and hugs,


One thought on “Tomorrow starts the Christmas vacation

  1. Your little ones are enjoying having the older kids home. And, likewise, I bet the older kids are delighted to have the little ones around so they can dote on them. The girls, Jasmine and Ariel, are getting their fill of carrying around the babies πŸ˜€

    Here’s hoping your shopping trip is a good experience and you don’t get pepper sprayed by any Grinches πŸ™‚

    Love you – Leslie

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