Finishing up the Shopping

HI there after dinner which is in the oven we will finish up the shopping. Cant say I’m looking foward to fighting the mass of people. We are taking the kids with us to check on sizes. none of them believe in Santa but go along with it not to hurt our feelings 🙂 The way we see it this way we can get the clothes they want and save the trip to exchange anything.
They will get suprise gifts from others still. I havent decided on just what to feed the crew this year but it will be just he 5 of us so I am not going to go overboard, that way I can enjoy the day and we can just have a easy going day. I may even eat off of plastic plates and all less mess for me to clean up.
We have three day off and I am looking foward to sleeping in past 6 ish. Woo hoo for me 🙂 I will try to report in after the big outting.
By the way Lynn I recieved your Christmas card and it is lovely Thank you 🙂 Do you have snow yet? do you get it by Christmas normally? We are snow free only clouds and rain. talk to you all later.
love and hugs,

3 thoughts on “Finishing up the Shopping

  1. Sleeping in….a divine bit of decadence 😀

    I’m guessing your kids secretly like the idea of going shopping for Christmas clothes. They are all still of the age when they are growing in spurts and leaps. New clothes that fit better are probably very welcome to them 🙂

    Enjoy your Christmas dinner with your small-ish family. Unfortunately, the day will come when your little ones will be off like your older kids and you will be in the tug of war with other families over Christmas traditions.

    I can’t believe that Christmas is only three days away (counting today). Enjoy your shopping expedition. Merry Christmas to you and your family my Friend.

    Love you – Leslie

    • Yesssss sleeping in 🙂
      well the kids all know there is no…. well…. you know…the big S…. 🙂 so they got to pick out their clothes for
      Christmas saves us on them getting what they want… the gorls dont like to wear anything thats the same ….. and Will ummmm has the high schooler mentality as to what is Cool…. so this saves us all and they really did need clothes since everyone has grown like weeds since school started. I will enjoy the day and take it easy a day to kinda relax. All of the kids will be here except Heather but she will come for New Years. too long of story to go into now. Yes this haolday season just came way too fast for me ) going to post on next entry a funny Christmas card Brian stayed up late for last night. not that it wasent late when we got home…. midnight!!!!!! everyone is tired this morning so maybe aan early bedtime tonight ???? Has Joe made it back home yet ? Do you think ther may be an opera this holiday tee hee 🙂 Love to bith Joe cand you 🙂

      Love and Hugs,

  2. I am at last back online and madly trying to catch up with everyone! Nine days without a landline and internet 😦 Some rotten person pinched our phone wire, sadly it is happening more and more often now as scrap metal prices are so high. Anything made from metal has to be guarded – telephone lines, memorial plaques, statues, railway cables, manhole covers, etc are all being pinched and sold to scrap metal merchants.

    Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and so glad you received my card in time. Thank you for the lovely card you sent Shelly and the lovely sentiment you wrote. We had a great time – just the two of us at home as we like it. We are invited to join in with one daughter or other but prefer to stay at home and let the girls and their families start their own traditions in their own homes.
    The girls, spouses and grandchildren came to us on the day after Boxing Day where Rod kept them all entertained whilst he got to grips with the remote control helicopter Santa brought for him 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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