Leslie’s card challenge upload

Hi everyone ūüôā
I got my card finished for the card challenge and ready to post. I am also adding paper clay button, the beginning of my Mom’s birthday card and the charms I made for my phone. Hope you like them. The card is a standard A2¬†size. the card base is a premade¬†off white cardstock. The green¬†layer is Stampin¬†up sage shadow embossed¬†with a cuttle¬†bug folder with candles( I don’t¬†remember the name sorry) I adhered it with my atg¬†tape runner. I used the cuttle¬†bug cutting plate to cut the melon mambo candle. The flame is summer sun cs with crystal effects over the flame. the 3 cupcakes are from a Martha Stewart¬†hand-held¬†punch. I adhered the bottom cup portion with tape runner and popped the tops up on a dimensional¬†and used my 2 way glue¬†pen and sprinkled holographic glitter over the tops. I used a iridescent ribbon to accent the glitter sprinkles. The happy birthday is from an acrylic¬†sticker pack. I an going¬†to give this card to Sierra for her Birthday in March.We have had a lot happening around here so getting any crafting or posting done has been a real challenge for me. I think things are going to settle down a bit.
so here’s the photos.

Take care Friends
Hugs and Love,


Bizzare weather in my neck of the woods

Well as I type this we are hearing the rumble of thunder waiting on the fast approaching storm to hit. What is crazy is Friday night we had Ice freezing rain and about 2 inches of snow. I wish I had my camera with me because the snowflakes were so big and fluffy.probably about a inch wide very pretty to watch them falling and swirling around the air. It’s 47 degrees out tonight at 10:30 and it was only 19 when we left for Church this morning. Tomorrow 1-23 is Levi’s 2nd Birthday so I will have to make some cupcakes for tomorrow evening to have with dinner.
Now to my crafting I made a button with my paper clay last night and I really like it. I just need to figure out what kind of project to attach it to.
Hope you are all doing well.
Love and hugs,

flying under the radar …..

Hi there.
Kinda been laying low this past week. Things seem kinda Blaaaa. I had the day off yesterday and went with Brian to an estate sale and found a few items I can use in my crafty projects. We then had lunch together and I went to Michaels to get some paper clay Had some neat ideas and thought a shpooing purchase would do me good. We had some very pretty snowflakes last night as we got another round of snow. I didnt get any photos ,I left the camera at home ūüė¶ My Dad got great news from the Doctors yesterday, The spots on his lungs are scarring from being exposed to various things in his line of work (home improvement business) and his heart is very enlarged but the Doctor said that happens when you get older and more in people who have worked very hard. He told my Dad his heart is like a 1939 model T and if one of thows were still working hard after almost 73 years it too would show signs of wear and tear. So that has made me very happy as long as he takes care of himself he can still do his work jus take breaks when he feels tired.
My Mom on t he other hand has seen many struggles this winter and as of now she will be on prednisone daily for who knows how long It;s the only thing that helps clear her lungs so she can breathe with out needing her oxygen all the time. I am having a hard time getting my crafty mojo workin
ūüė¶ I have everything out and ready to work on just cant seem to make myself go and do it. I have tomorrow off and then Melissa works Monday -Friday then we have a weekend free. I am keeping a journal of my ideas so I dont forget what I want to do. Oh yes before I forget the game I played is called Bejeweled 3 I can kinda just zone out when I turn it on. Take care my friends I have been thinking of you. Sending hugs and love your way.

Big hugs,

Still working on the dominos…..in my head :)

HI there,
Well the weekend has come and gone and I sure didn’t get very far on my domino ideas. I worked Saturday night and like the first layer but then I just fizzled out. We went to church yesterday morning then off to lunch with Brian’s parents and Barb his sister and her husband. Barb has a cell phone like mine and wanted to get her photos off and onto their laptop so she came over to have me show her. She needs a the space for when she and Brian’s mom Carol go to Louisianna in about a week for the birth of Barbs new Granddaughters Yup Twins ūüôā
Ok now here is what got me sidetracked……..a computer game I started playing and before I knew it ……it was 11 pm What!!!! I had been playing that crazy thing for hours, now I cant really fuss at the kids when they say they lost track of time. Fastfoward to today My sweetie let me sleep in and then the day just flew past with household chores. We took the kids to get a milkshake this evening back home for laundry duty and I just can’t get into the groove but theres many ideas just cramming my noggin ūüôā I think I shall write them down to get them out and try again in the morning. My little people caome home tomorrow and will be here at noon.I have missed them.
Brian is working on the tases and hopes to be finished by the end of the week. Phew so theres what has been happening in my neck of the woods….Oh before I forget the snow has almost melted away and it was 51 degrees today with high temps close to 60 by the end of the week !?!?! Crazy weather.
Hope you are all well.
Love and Hugs,

Update on the snow around here

Hi there¬† ūüôā

well we did get the snow but I don’t think as much as they thought¬† Thank Goodness. We do have very cold temperatures and had some really strong winds. Other than that we are all faring well. We have the two little ones over night since we won’t see them for a few days and everyone is finally asleep except Brian and I and we are heading that way here shortly.¬†¬†¬† We got sad news today that Little Thao¬†passed away. We are so saddened for his family. ¬†( Jeff his father is our Jereme’s¬†age they graduated¬†the same year and left for college at the same time, They are a young family with 2 other small children. )¬† For Brian and I it brings back the night we lost Dameon¬†our 15 month old son.¬† So as we read the post on Facebook¬†( they are quite a way from home with him)¬† we remembered telling our little one good-bye and the days that followed. We will be praying for peace for them for the decisions to come together for his final resting place.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† I did see the domino instruction¬† Lynn and just saw your experiments Leslie and will have to give this a shot in the next day or so. I need to get my stuff gathered together then I can work on it¬† ūüôā¬†¬† I also want to make a special card for Thao’s¬†family.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ¬†So as I check on all the kids here tonight ¬†I am thankful for each one¬†them.¬†I am off now to get some sleep so I will have my batteries charged up to chase Levi around in the morning. (¬†To get Levi to take a nap I have began telling him he is charging his batteries so he will be ready to play when the kids get home from school, So far it has been working like a charm)

Leslie happy to hear Joe is feeling better.

Take care friends,Many hugs and much love,


Snow is on it’s way!!!!!!!

ugh!!!! Gonna get some snow today…….I guess we couldn’t¬†dodge snow¬†for the whole winter. We are forecasted¬†to get 2-4 inches depending on what news channel you watch but the whole lot of them say definitely¬†some snow.Today is the last full day of school with the kids getting out at 11:30 tomorrow and¬†having Monday¬†off¬† for Martin¬†Luther King day. So we get a 4 day weekend. Sierra and Levi are to be gone from Saturday thru Tuesday. Sure to be an exciting weekend for us all.¬† Oh and I got to thinking about the dominos and remembered I have some sharpie and bic¬†markers and thought I could use them to color with. Gotta search you tube¬†for some tutorials I guess. I have some utee¬†too would that work? My brain is racing with thoughts on what to do…:)¬† Brian is getting ready to start the tax preparation¬†next week so we had to get his files out and while we were in the box I found a ton of photos so I dug them out to look through with the kids over the weekend. Sad thing is we don’t¬†have any baby pictures of the girls just from age 2 with Jasmine and age¬†3 with Ariel. I’m sure we will have a nice time, I even found photos of the pets past and present¬†so they will like them.¬† Well the small ones are here now and sure they are starving for breakfast hee hee¬†Quite persistent¬†little tykes¬† ūüôā

Love and hugs to you,


The card I made for Leslie’s ribbon use challenge



It is very sunny and warm here again today but it is forecasted¬†to turn colder and maybe a snow shower later this week. Guess we have to have winter some time this winter ūüôā¬† things are slowing down some around here today so I have a bit of time to catch my breath.¬† I have a few minutes free before the kids get home from school so I thought I’d try to get a post in. I hope you are¬†all enjoying your days and even getting some crafting in. I have three cards to post today they have been in the works for several days now. I had one finished when I seen Leslie’s post of the ribbon challenge and will post it because it has ribbon on it but not a lot.
Here it is I used the fifth avenue floral stamp set from Stampin Up ,black ink  and cardstock and pink passion ink and cardstock pixie pink ink  antique brass brads and a piece of self adhesive ribbon with the I love you on it. I put a bit of dazzling details Stampin Up new glitter glue on the hearts of the ribbon.

The next card is for the challenge but the only gold ribbon I have is 1/8 inch orgundy¬†and was way to big for the hearts so I substituted¬† gold cord instead.¬† I used black, real red and white¬†cardstock brushed¬† red and white cardstock with encore gold pigment ink. I used my big shot machine¬†and cut the big heart with the stampin¬†up embosslet¬†(forgot the name) and used my Martha Stewart¬† heart punch for the smaller two I then brushed gold ink on the hearts edges and across the embossed dots on the big heart. I hung the hearts with the gold cord. I added the Amour¬† from ¬†Artful Etchings stamp¬†set ¬†by stampin¬†up. I’m not entirely thrilled with the way this came out but I do feel good about getting the craft time in and that’s what matters.

The Giraffe card is the one  I made for the little boy who is sick from our church.

The last one I put to use Lynn’s Grid technique ( I think that’s¬†what it’s called¬†) Any way I¬†used low tack painters tape to¬†mask off the card into strips and used different shades of aqua colored ink to make¬†patterned paper and used a roller wheel to put some light images on the lightest colored strip. I sprayed it with my homemade shimmery¬†mist. The base card is a premade¬†Martha Stewart card that has adhesive around the middle which I sprinkled with fine glitter. I had been toying with a small ¬†matchbook¬† card and attached it to a piece of pink patterned paper that was on my desk. I then cut out some already glittered flowers and attached them to the matchbook front some with dimension and put it all on the card base. I like the way it turned out Its like 2 cards in one. I havent put sentiments on yet but I will have one ready when I think of one. Ok so here it is.

Ok the last photo is not that good but I’m running out of time and this has taken me longer than I thought. ūüôā¬†¬† Take care and I will watch to see what else gets posted.


Love to you all,