End of 2011 adventures from our New Years Eve Get together and day after.

Hello fellow bloggers with a amall amount of free time I thought I’d share the adventure or misadventure however you see it.

On New Years Eve I thought that keeping the Grandbabies overnight would allow their parents to spend some much needed time alone and besides Heather was coming to hangout with us and the kids all miss her so much. Jared worked til later then we would go and get him this being the first time he’s been to our house which made Heather very happy. He had a chance to go to a REAL party with adult drinks where as we had kid friendly things but still he came here anyway. We have not spent much time with either of them since there is so much chaos with them and the kids don’t need to be involved with all that.
Ok here is the menu of easy finger foods served: small smoked weiners wrapped in a 1/4 piece of bacon sprinkled with brown sugar and baked til bacon is crispy and sugar is carmalized once taken out of the oven tooth picks or cocktail picks whichever you call thm are inserted and arranged on a serving dish. Various frozen pizzas cut into squares ,a nice vegetable tray, along with some fresh fruit and pita chips and various potato chips. We made savory dips for the veggies and chips and caramel and lowfat cream cheese and marshmellow creme dip for the fruit. we had a pickle and olive tray and some frozen slushies I call them that any way made from frozen strawbwrry daquorie mix and juice and ice plus pina colada made with coconut creme and a can of crushed pineapple some rum extra0ct and some ice. Very nice icey drinks served in some Arby’s holiday glasses we got with purchases a few years back. We usually watch the mirror ball fall in time square in New York on the t.v. and ring in the new year and think of all the silly things we’ve not done since last year like we havent eaten since last year or the kids may say I havent used the restroom since last year they come up with some funny things to say and we all have a great laugh and make some great family memories. We sing.. which some of don’t do well, dance like crazy and just have a really fun time.

Now to our misadventures( everything turned out ok in the end but it was a different new year)
Like I said Heather came over and it was very nice to hang out with her. She was really wanting to be helpful and I think being home really contrasted to the way she is living. As she was going through the under cabinets looking for trays and bowls she found her lunch box ( we’ve had it since she was in preschool ) and a hot pad we’d made with her hand print using fabric paint (we made a bunch to give as Christmas gifts that ear) Very teary eyed she seemed suprised that I’d kept it after all these years. I told her there were many things I’d kept throughout the years because those things were very important to me and so was she and when she was all settled she could take some of them them to share with her children about her childhood. ( I gotta keep ….too many memories and I’m a sentimental sap ) lol …….a bit off track here sorry….. we got all the snacks and slushies all finished and Brian and Heather had picked Jared up from work. We all had a bite to eat and Heather showed Jared where the Restroom was…..Well after a very long time he came out and told Heather he needed a mop, when she went down there she just started laughing really hard as he stated that it just kept over flowing and would not stop…With that being said Brian jumped up and ran down the hall……what he found was water just pouring over the toilet bowl onto the floor (all clean water thankfully for us all) down the floor heater vent and standing about 2 inches deep over the whole bathroom. Poor Jared stood there with a terrified and embarrassed look on his face….. Brian immediately grabbed every towel in the bathroom along with the whole lot in our bathroom and dropped them in the floor while plunging the stool, Jared said he’d tried with no luck, Thankfully Brian after a few tries got it all to go down and stopped the water flow. Brian shoo’d us all out and set to work, Jared headed outside saying this was an omen and he had riuned the evening and poor Heather was crying. Out I went to let them know the evening was not ruined altered but not ruined. We were not mad it was an accident not that it was fun to get it all cleaned up ( we had to call Brian’s sister and he Husband Scott who live across the street to borrow their shop vac) but we were not mad. I think he was very suprised by the way things were handled because I have the feeling that around his home there would have been terrible death threats and some horrible things yelled at them and maybe even physical violence. Eventually he came back in and Brian got the mess cleaned up to his standard which is way high and I got the towels started in the wash.We had a nice evening anyway. It was around 2 A.M. when we got the last kiddo down and then Brian took them home. Because of the late night and the fact that I had Sierra sleep in my bed with Brian since she was already there and I just slept on the couch with Levi,It’s a really hard time all four of us sleeping in one bed anymore 🙂 we skipped church yesterday morning.
Brian had some plane magazines he’d won off ebay to pick up so we all rode along. We stopped to get a soda and while I was splitting the one for Sierra and Levi I spilled the whole thing in my lap!!!!! While brian was helping me clean up the mess ( we were worried because trhe seats are heated and we have not had them before and didnt want to mess them up) I stood outside the van in the very gusty and cold parking lot ( we had terrigle high gusting winds yesterday ) with my pants wet from my crotch to my knees front and back :0 freezing. As Brian handed me the sippy cups I dropped Sierras cup and poked a hole in the bottom which I didnt know yet Brian took it from me to set on the floormat I was saying its leaking its leaking while he scrubbed the seat only for him to say what are you talking about it is leaking where it was spilled?? NO I say I dropped it and I think the valve popped out, well I’m not that lucky there was a big hole from a rock in the bottom…..oops 😐 Anyway after much freezing and scrubbing I was back in the van sitting on the diaper changing pad thats waterproof whilst Sierra is crying and heart broken that her princess cup is in the trash can at the gas station. So off the K-mart to buy princess cups ,getting it washed and sharing some of our soda thats not caffein free 😦 them off to our humble home on wheels ( mobile home ). Melissa calls and says she’s sorry she missed us but she is home …. What???? we havent been anywhere near their house. a van she though was ours had been pulling away from their house and she thoughtr it was us. Brian told her he’d bring the kids home so I could get a shower and get the kitchen cleaned up…again at least dinner was finished 🙂 He was filling Melissa in on the night befores events and today so she would understand what the Sierra were telling her. As he went out the door he said I’m looking foward to a night of just vegging out. While he was gone I was unloading the dishwasher and getting everything put away. Heather in her quest searching for things the night before had moved the glasses around and when I got into the cabinet a glass came crashing out hitting the edge of the countertop shattering literally across the whole kitchen!!!!! UGGGGHHH!!!! Shortly after Brian came in the door and proceeded to help me with the cleanup. I am so blessed to have him. An hour later the kitchen was at last glass free…we have carpet in the kitchen a very stupid idea on my part. Finally cleaned up, me crying feeling like such a clutz Bian sent me to my room…Yup to play with my paper for the challenge just what I needed. I was very pleased with the way it turned out.Tried out some new things and felt so much better when I was all done.
So there you go not the way I’d hoped to start the New Year but that’s ok all is well around here. I have a house full of children to love, A wonderful ManWho I love so much I cant put it into words and he loves me , and great friends who always support me and love me. What more could a girl ask for?? I am really and truely Blessed.
I love you. Big hugs,


3 thoughts on “End of 2011 adventures from our New Years Eve Get together and day after.

  1. My goodness. Guess you can say you had a “Wet & Wild” New Year’s celebration 😀 Glad everything turned out well and no one got hurt. Maybe “Dazed and Confused” 😀 but not hurt.

    Guess I’d better explain myself. Heather’s boyfriend….expecting to get a tongue lashing over the toilet mishap was “Dazed” by your and Brian’s reaction over the mishap. Heather was “Confused” by finding hidden treasure in your home that contradict what she has thought you think about her. Memories from her childhood still lovingly cared for kept safe.

    Everyone goes through the “Ha ha ha, you wet your pants” thing at one time or another. You did it on New Year’s out in the cold 😦 with an ice cold Sprite no less 😀

    Your “Midnight Repast” sounds delicious! The kids, I bet, were so excited for this special treat. Getting to stay up late with the grown ups…that is until they crashed and burned from the being up late with the grown ups.

    In the end, as in your post, the very best way to begin a new year is to be fully aware of the love that surrounds you. Clustered at your feet daily and spread far and wide out into the big world 😀

    Love you my Friend

    • I gotta say Heather has repeatedly( is that a word and if so the spelling looks well not right ) posted on face book how pleased she was about he way everything turned out. I hope that Jared got to see what we meant when we told him she had not grown up with all the things that go on around his home and realized that even if she has said things to contradict this it was out of anger or rebellion when she was cross with us. Plus realized that Brian really wasent threatening him or his family the day we talked to him about all the threats against her that we love her very much and were just putting them on notice that if anything happens to her we will not let it pass without making sure the right thing is done to remedy the situation.
      I am happy withthe way things have turned out.
      Has Joe left to go back out on the road? Does he expect to be out a long time if so? Just thinking I’m sure you miss him.

      Now the kids are off at school the small ones are at home and I need to get my things done instead of just lazing around 🙂 feels good though 🙂

      Much Love right back atcha,

  2. Well that’s a different way of seeing in the New Year Shelly 🙂 Poor Jared expecting the jaws of hell to gape open and instead he met with kindness and practicality. Isn’t it sad when youngsters grow up with such violence in their families and think that is the norm? I hope very much he realises that the way you and Brian live is not unusual but the way every decent person lives. I also hope very much that it has opened Heather’s eyes and she gains in maturity.
    Besides all the calamities you all had great fun and lots of encircling love to see in the New Year.
    LOL Shelly ending up with a lap full of soda and freezing cold to boot – did you think you were about to turn into an icicle? You would have tasted good 🙂 Have been there and it isn’t very comfortable but if you don’t see the funny side you’d weep instead! And its amazing how sticky that stuff is even when it is supposedly sugar free.

    Good for Bian that he sent you off to your craft space to get it together again.
    A very Happy New Year to you all and it can only get better from now on 🙂
    ove and hugs
    Lynn xx

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