Flower card for Leslie’s challenge

HI Leslie here is my submission for the challenge. It felt great to get into the craft area and make something. I did get to make a card the other day for our Post Master because she is retiring. we had a very eventful New Years eve but everything turned out very well. Its almost 12 a.m. and I really need to get to bed I will write of my mishaps tomorrow and there were a quite a few 😦 ok so here is my card usuing flowers and even some ribbon for the challenge I can’t wait to see what else is posted. You all do amazing work 🙂 Have a great evening 🙂
Hugs and Love,

Vase of flfofwers

Up close

my first stick pin

some bling bling

4 thoughts on “Flower card for Leslie’s challenge

  1. AWESOME!!!!! Shelly I love your ribbon flowers. And you made a STICK PIN also. It is beautiful. You went way beyond on this first challenge with the “bling bling” :D, ribbon, stick pin, and all. Love this card!

    Thank you Shelly for getting in on this.

    Love you – Leslie

    • Thank you 🙂 for the kind words on my challenge card.I had a very nice time, used a bunch to techniques and items I’ve seen on youtube.
      Everything worked out just right last night ,kids went home kinda early Brian was reading the Bible with our kids and the house was clean….What else can I ask for?? I needed some much needed down time and the challenge was just what I the Dr. ordered.( me being the Dr lol)
      WE have all kiddos today and Brian has a very big packaging day for ebay plus he needs to make a run to the antique store so I will have the kids to myself most of the afternoon, Maybe a movie or game willl be order this afternoon. The kids return to school in the morning and we have the day off I have high hopes to get some things done crafting being one of them barring no major catastrophies 🙂
      Thanks for the challenge will be waiting on the ones to follow.

      Love to you,

  2. I’m way behind already – didn’t realise Leslie had set a challenge so must go and see!
    Love this card Shelly with the beautiful ribbon flowers and the stick pin is lovely too. I have a collection of stick pins but never seem to use them!

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • I just happened to be on at the right time Lynn. Thanks for the kind words I really had fun making tis card. I have decided to try new things in my crafting. I have watched so many videos showing this techniquw and that one but never get any farther than saying “someday I’ll have to give that a try” That being said I am resolved to try new things and use the stuff I have just had to have for this or that after watching said videos. I have what seems like a bazillion beads that just sit all organized in small baby food jars, Tons of ribbon and buttons as you’ve seen in my space tour and they don’t do me any good just to set there so I must get busy and use them. It was also a real stress buster to just enjoy being creative while Brian tended the kids. I will be waiting to see what you get created you are an awesome crafter. Have a wonderful day 🙂

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