Snow is on it’s way!!!!!!!

ugh!!!! Gonna get some snow today…….I guess we couldn’t dodge snow for the whole winter. We are forecasted to get 2-4 inches depending on what news channel you watch but the whole lot of them say definitely some snow.Today is the last full day of school with the kids getting out at 11:30 tomorrow and having Monday off  for Martin Luther King day. So we get a 4 day weekend. Sierra and Levi are to be gone from Saturday thru Tuesday. Sure to be an exciting weekend for us all.  Oh and I got to thinking about the dominos and remembered I have some sharpie and bic markers and thought I could use them to color with. Gotta search you tube for some tutorials I guess. I have some utee too would that work? My brain is racing with thoughts on what to do…:)  Brian is getting ready to start the tax preparation next week so we had to get his files out and while we were in the box I found a ton of photos so I dug them out to look through with the kids over the weekend. Sad thing is we don’t have any baby pictures of the girls just from age 2 with Jasmine and age 3 with Ariel. I’m sure we will have a nice time, I even found photos of the pets past and present so they will like them.  Well the small ones are here now and sure they are starving for breakfast hee hee Quite persistent little tykes  🙂

Love and hugs to you,



One thought on “Snow is on it’s way!!!!!!!

  1. Please don’t send the snow this way Shelly, hope it isn’t too bad for you and doesn’t stay around long. Enjoy your long weekend too.
    Marvellous that the ideas are buzzing around craftwise. Yes you can use UTEE. I’m hoping to make up a few dominoes and photograph the different stages give you all more ideas and, fingers crossed, some of the things I am going to try work out 🙂

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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