Update on the snow around here

Hi there  🙂

well we did get the snow but I don’t think as much as they thought  Thank Goodness. We do have very cold temperatures and had some really strong winds. Other than that we are all faring well. We have the two little ones over night since we won’t see them for a few days and everyone is finally asleep except Brian and I and we are heading that way here shortly.    We got sad news today that Little Thao passed away. We are so saddened for his family.  ( Jeff his father is our Jereme’s age they graduated the same year and left for college at the same time, They are a young family with 2 other small children. )  For Brian and I it brings back the night we lost Dameon our 15 month old son.  So as we read the post on Facebook ( they are quite a way from home with him)  we remembered telling our little one good-bye and the days that followed. We will be praying for peace for them for the decisions to come together for his final resting place.          I did see the domino instruction  Lynn and just saw your experiments Leslie and will have to give this a shot in the next day or so. I need to get my stuff gathered together then I can work on it  🙂   I also want to make a special card for Thao’s family.        So as I check on all the kids here tonight  I am thankful for each one them. I am off now to get some sleep so I will have my batteries charged up to chase Levi around in the morning. ( To get Levi to take a nap I have began telling him he is charging his batteries so he will be ready to play when the kids get home from school, So far it has been working like a charm)

Leslie happy to hear Joe is feeling better.

Take care friends,Many hugs and much love,


4 thoughts on “Update on the snow around here

  1. Shelly, my heart aches for you and your friends. I can’t say I know what you all are going through. Losing a baby that has been held close to your heart has got to be the worst pain a person can go through. I nearly lost one of mine and was greatly offended when the doctor told me “You can have more so stop crying”.

    Your friends are truly lucky to have you and Brian in their lives. The love and kindness the two of you have to share will help steady them in these rough days to come. By your examples they will be able to see each day come and learn that holding on to one another is the way to get through it.

    Thank you for sharing this painful bit about your personal life with us.

    Snow…I guess it is that time of the year. So beautiful as it is falling and it stirs the heart to see the earth with a fresh blanket of white. The mud and yuck that follow is not so good to see.

    Good on you, Shelly! You unlocked the secret to getting Levi to take a nap. That is totally awesome! You Go Girl!!

    Love you – Leslie

    • I can’t imagine having someone ,let alone a Doctor say something so unfeeling to you Leslie I am sorry you had to be treated that way. No one has the right to treat someone that way.
      The loss of Dameon was a hard but we are better people today because of it. 🙂 I will have to write a longer post sometime about him. I have all the kids shushed currently and have taken some time to research some Ideas I had for the domino challenge.
      Ok that outta the way I am currently waiting on my first idea with my domino to dry. I have taken photos of what I did and will do them as I go along. I’ll let you know 🙂
      The snow is pretty but I would rather have the temperatures we were having but I can’t have everything I want.

      Love and hugs,

  2. Oh so sorry that Thao lost his struggle and my heart goes out to his family and yours. Always sad when a child goes before the parents and one so young too. How crass that doctor was Leslie – no matter how many children you have it never takes away the pain of loss.

    I’m happy that you didn’t get as much snow as was forecast. We are having a cold spell at the moment and the ground is rock hard with frost and has hardly thawed today but the sky was blue and we did have sunshine but the temperatures are dropping rapidly already.

    That is a brilliant way to encourage Levi to have a nap, wonder if it would work with Dylan who is going through the terrible twos stage at this moment. Won’t sleep during the day and isn’t keen to go to bed in the evening! The day before yesterday he had been awake for 18 hours! Poor Jill is tearing her hair out as Dylan is awakened by Daddy’s alarm clock at 5 am!

    Hope you get chance to have a go at the dominoes Shelly. I shall soon be putting part 2 up on my blog.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Lynn I really like you tutorials I got some great ideas Thank you 🙂
      Jill should give it a try 🙂 Levi thinks he’s getting rested to do some serious playing and hasent faught the naps this week Yipee !!!! I just tell him after lunch he can play a bit the he needs to get charged up and ready for the kids to come home and he even got his Blank(et) and climbed up onto my lap Friday. Hey what ever works. Wow 18 hours Yikes. Got my first domino in the works Will post them when I’m done Lotsa fun 🙂

      Hugs and love,’

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