flying under the radar …..

Hi there.
Kinda been laying low this past week. Things seem kinda Blaaaa. I had the day off yesterday and went with Brian to an estate sale and found a few items I can use in my crafty projects. We then had lunch together and I went to Michaels to get some paper clay Had some neat ideas and thought a shpooing purchase would do me good. We had some very pretty snowflakes last night as we got another round of snow. I didnt get any photos ,I left the camera at home 😦 My Dad got great news from the Doctors yesterday, The spots on his lungs are scarring from being exposed to various things in his line of work (home improvement business) and his heart is very enlarged but the Doctor said that happens when you get older and more in people who have worked very hard. He told my Dad his heart is like a 1939 model T and if one of thows were still working hard after almost 73 years it too would show signs of wear and tear. So that has made me very happy as long as he takes care of himself he can still do his work jus take breaks when he feels tired.
My Mom on t he other hand has seen many struggles this winter and as of now she will be on prednisone daily for who knows how long It;s the only thing that helps clear her lungs so she can breathe with out needing her oxygen all the time. I am having a hard time getting my crafty mojo workin
😦 I have everything out and ready to work on just cant seem to make myself go and do it. I have tomorrow off and then Melissa works Monday -Friday then we have a weekend free. I am keeping a journal of my ideas so I dont forget what I want to do. Oh yes before I forget the game I played is called Bejeweled 3 I can kinda just zone out when I turn it on. Take care my friends I have been thinking of you. Sending hugs and love your way.

Big hugs,


2 thoughts on “flying under the radar …..

  1. Shelly, I’m glad to hear that your Dad found great results from his physical examination. Makes the both of you feel good 😀

    I’m sorry to hear about your Mom, though. Seems she was having trouble with her lungs last year also. Not so good news for you. Hopefully the new meds will continue to help her.

    I think it is the weather or the atmospheric conditions, or something. I’m having the same problem as you are. I just can’t get my butt in gear. Bejeweled 3 is an amazing game 😀 I find myself playing that game from time to time.

    Good to know that you and your family are doing well. Sorry you are having a bit of blah. It will pass in a little while.

    Love you – Leslie

  2. Good news about your Dad Shelly, that is marvellous. Sorry to hear that your mum is still having problems but hopefully the meds will sort it out.
    I think we all go through a time of our crafting mojo taking a hike epecially at times of worry, just take a break without feeling guilty until such time as you really want to do something or make something.

    Take care
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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