Woo Hoo :)

HI there πŸ™‚

I have been able to be crafty today and got several things made. First I finished my Moms Birthday card just need to get a gift card for it.

I made a valentine themed card and got 3 dominos altered. I still need practice on them but it was nice to just play around and use the things I have in my supplies. I colored one with my stazon blue and stamped a test in just black and stamped some greenery over those two,squished the stamped domino in versa mark and added utee and melted I did this 3 times.Β It still looked a bit plain soΒ  I rummaged around and found a purple flower dipped it into the versa mark and added utee and melted. then adhered it with crystal effects (glossy accents ) and have left it to cool off. the second one is a small one I used the versa mark pad and utee like I did the first one only I had a shell stamp inked in copper embossing ink which I stamped onto the warm utee them let it set a bit and hit it with the heat tool to melt it all together. The final one I used tissue paper stamped on with stazon black ink then colored it with colored pencils and modge podged it onto the domino ( found a video on you tube about this technique ). the colors bled a bit but not bad for my first altered dominos. Photos to be added later I need to let them cool off.Β  Now Leslie about the ransom note kind of challenge that sounds like fun I have an alphabet set calledΒ  collage alphabet which has many fonts as one set. There were lots of jokes when it came out saying it would make great ransom notes.Β Β Β  on my way over to look at Lynn’s card better.

Have a great night.

Hugs and Love,




4 thoughts on “Woo Hoo :)

  1. It is great to hear that you have been crafting with a vengeance:) Your mojo definiely came home. Can’t wait to see what you did to your dominoes but they sound terrific. Did you enjoy doing them?
    Looking forward to seeing all your photos of the cards as well as the doms.
    Your post sounded more like the old Shelly…upbeat πŸ™‚
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • I do feel better. There has been so much to worry over with my parents health and stuff with the kids, Ariel especially. We found out by accident that she had stolen Jasmines mp3 player and gave it away to one of her classmates and also Jasmines and Wills Cell phones ( they have old cell phones to play games on and listen to music) Ariel broke her mp3 player and phone over the summer then the others came up missing and we thought maybe Levi had thrown them away since he likes to tidy up πŸ™‚ We did get the phines back but poor Jasmine asks me to keep it in my room when she’s done with it as she can’t trust Ariel and was very hurt by the whole mess. I now have to check the book bag and coat and pants pockets before and after school I feel like a prison guard 😦 Then she(Ariel ) lied to me one morning and snuck her morning meds into her pocket and took them to school. It’s good that the school knows us and called me , seems she’s been lying to the teacher so she can roam the school halls and has been refusing to do her classwork. Very frustrating time for us. All that being said I had a great day off yesterday and was able to run some errends alone!! and had a nice lunch with Brian and got to play with my crafty toys πŸ™‚ I did enjoy the dominos but felt out of my comfort zone since they didnt turn out exactly as I’d seen them in my head. Again my loving Brian said “what now the domino police gonna come and arrest you??? ” Gotta love tha man of mine. I just need to try some more to get the hang of what I’m doing. Ok enough chatter I need to get every one ready for bed and then some time to play a bit more πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      Love and hugs,

      • Love your dominoes, they are super with the UTEE and flower, also the script stamp. If you have never done anything like this before then it is always a daunting process but you jumped in there and had a go. No domino police πŸ™‚ Well said Brian. The card you made for your mum is super, love the idea with a front pocket to put a gift card in and the Valentine’s card is fab too.

        So sorry you are having problems with Ariel, these children really do test us at times and hope this is just a phase she is going through. Not nice for her brother and sister though. It sounds as though Ariel is trying to impress her peer group in some way, girls can be so horrible to each other and the pressures some of them put on a group member can be awful and if Ariel is the type of girl who wants to be one of that group and doesn’t like being different in some way it can cause problems at home.

        Love and hugs
        Lynn xx

  2. Love your Dominoes! So shiny and sparkly. Cool stamp you used on the tissue paper. Love that retro girl image πŸ˜€ Your text image on the one with the flower is really great too. The flower adds dimension. You don’t have to worry about the “Domino Police” πŸ˜€ That Brian is AWESOME πŸ˜€

    Sorry to see that you are having trouble with one of your kids. I hope this is just a phase she is going through. You and Brian are really loving people. Hopefully Ariel will come to let you know what is bothering her and why she has felt it necessary to act out.

    Your cards are fantastic. Your Valentine one with the chipboard letters and your Mom’s card. You do such a great job making cards.

    Love you – Leslie

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