Hellooooo…….out there in bloglanddddd……

Hi there  🙂

Sorry for the long pause in blogging the house has been busy , you know just the every day happenings with a family.  We are all on the mend from bronchitis and the creeping crud we had. We had a nice weekend trip and the kids swam til they were waterlogged and wrinkled like raisins. Jordan took a test to start a new job as a special load support driver and got all his things in order for that and has work waiting on him to get his insurance satarted today. very exciting things. Heather and her boyfriend rented a house and are getting moved in this week. I am happy for her to be in a safer environment but am worried about the expense involved with a house as opposed to am apartment with neither of them working many hours each week but they seem to think they can make it work so I can only wish them the best. While we were away I took the tote Leslie made full of scraps,a few stamps and the necessary tools of the paper crafter and got to put together a few cards while the kids swam . I finished my entry for Leslies coloring contest and will get it submitted this evening.  Checked out Leslies web site and Wow I am impressed and Love the photo of Joe on your under construction entries.   hope this finds you all happy and well. I am off tobed after this post ,Thanks for stoppin in to read my post  🙂   Here is the card and the coloring pages from the girls. Tweety bird is By Ariel who is 11 The princess is by Jasmine who is 10 and the Rose is my creation it is a retrired stampin up stamp called stipple rose. I had alot of fun coloring it I used stampin up markers,a white zig chalk marker.


Love to you all and big hugs too,


4 thoughts on “Hellooooo…….out there in bloglanddddd……

  1. AWESOME!!!

    Jasmine, your entry is FANTASTIC. I love the yellow dress with the pink ribbon around her waist. You did great matching the umbrella. Love this girl. Are you proud of yourself?! I AM PROUD OF YOU!

    Ariel, your entry is FANTASTIC. I love Tweety and you have really made him look the cutest I’ve ever seen! Your fruit looks YUMMY! Are you proud of yourself?! I AM PROUD OF YOU!

    Shelly, your entry has totally blown me away! The roses are BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the way you have made this look like the sun is right over the top of the roses and leaves. Beautiful job on the leaves as well. Even the rose bud is stunning!! Such detail, and all the shading.

    Holy Cow Shelly! Are you proud of yourself?! I AM TOTALLY PROUD OF YOU!!

    You and your girls have out done yourselves on this challenge. WAY TO GO GIRLS!!

    Thank you for submitting these. I LOVE THEM!

    Love you, too – Leslie

    • I had much fun with the coloring. I havent done much coloring in a great while so the challenge was great to go back to some of the first things I did with my stamping. I am very pleased with the way it turned out and think I will give this to my Mom for Mother’s day. I know she will appreciate my time and effort. Thank you for your complinent it means a gread deal to me.
      Have a great day.

  2. So glad to hear that the illnesses are finally leaving your family Shelly. It is slow to leave me and still have a bad cough and feel generally yuck!! So tired.
    Love the colouring, those roses are gorgeous and the girls pictures are beautiful too.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • Sorry to hear that the illness is taking so long to leave you 😦 Have you been seen by your Doctor ? Don’t wait long we want you feeling better 🙂 We are all on the mend here I won’t brag though or it may come back to get me. The girls and I appreciate your compliments on our work we had loads of fun coloring, so much that Will decided he should color something also. Take care of yourself.
      Much love and hugs Hoping you feel better soon.

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