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Hello ,

Just wanted to add Will’s ( age 14 ) entry which is the little mice sun bathing. He used water-color pencils and a aqua painter to color his image which is stamped on water-color paper with versa fine black ink.   The other two are what I made with scraps and previously stamped images  from my piles of bits and pieces which I took on our weekend trip. While the kids swam I set to crafting on one of the beds and the night stand near by.  Many passers-by our open patio door probably thought What is she doing in there as I had stuff all over the bed ,scissors, paper trimmer , ink stamps adhesive and loads of paper pieces. Brian says I could do a whole workshop for the hotel out of my scraps  🙂  The little bird and butterfly are on dimensional tape. They are from my business cards when I was a demonstrator which I lovingly stamped and colored loads of. I didn’t get into the usage of scraps as I had vowed for my new years resolution so thought I’d better get busy. The little bird on the flower-pot was a piece colored a few years back also.

Please keep Brian in your thoughts he had a tooth pulled today and is still having a fair bit of bleeding after about 6 hours. He has even conceded to taking the pain meds the Dr. ordered so I know he isn’t feeling well. ( he usually won’t take more than a small dose of ibuprofen )

He has two more that need to be removed after many years of fillings and trips to the dentist they can’t be saved anymore.

Jordan is excited about his new job. He will be escorting the large windmill blades and occasionally large Caterpillar machinery. As he excitedly told me about what he was going to be doing I thought of your posts this past summer  Leslie  of the wind turbine and large machine you posted. He will be  around highway 80 Illinois and Iowa Who knows maybe you will cross paths as you travel when you get back out driving again.     Lynn I hope you are still on the mend and feeling better and getting to craft or garden. It is getting that time of year again isnt it? We had temps in the mid 50’s today I hope it stays that way  🙂  Have a safe Trip Leslie and enjoy your time with Joe I’m sure you miss him bunches  while he’s away.

I’m off to tend to my honey .

Love and hugs,



3 thoughts on “Daily happenings

  1. Oh poor Brian, I know the misery of tooth extractions. Rinse with salt water (cooled boiled water) a couple of times a day to help fight infections – tastes awful but it does help.
    Love Will’s House Mouse colouring, I just love those images. In fact my colouring image is a House Mouse one!! Must get that put onto my blog.
    He has done a lovely job of the colouring.
    Love your cards Shelly especially the bird on the plant pots. Love the small card with butterfly and bird images too. That is always a problem when you craft away from home – finding suitable work surfaces!!!
    Congratulations on Jordan’s new job. Hope all goes well with him.

    I am improving day by day and no doctor! I have very little confidence in doctors. I have been crafting; I’ve just finished a domino book for a swap which I shall put on my blog once I’ve bought new batteries for the camera 🙂 I’ve done a little gardening as it is turning milder here but haven’t much energy.

    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

  2. Will, your entry is totally AWESOME!!

    I love the picture you have water colored. Those mice look to be enjoying themselves in the sun, roasting to get a tan. I had a good laugh seeing that one mouse with that huge tube of sun block squirting it on the other mouse.

    I really like the blue sky and the warm sand you have colored in. Makes me want to go outside right now 😀 I also love your colored umbrellas.

    Fantastic job you have done Will!!! Thank you for entering the contest.


  3. Shelly – looks like you managed quite well to be creative on a hotel bed and night stand 😀 Love your bird on the clay pots. Such a cheery image. I also really love your butterfly and the popped up bird on the other piece you did. Looks to me like you had a great time. Maybe a little crick in your back and neck from working at odd angles but these are Fantastic!

    I’m sorry to hear about Brian having trouble from his pulled tooth. I have a similar problem after having a tooth pulled. I’m so afraid of getting a “Dry Socket” so I replace the wad of gauze several times a day until the bleeding has fully stopped. Lynn’s advice is good. I don’t boil the water first but I do use pretty warm water with salt and rinse my mouth between gauze changes. GENTLE swishing with the salt water and no hard pulsing with my mouth to make the stuff get worked up as one would with mouthwash.

    Hope he gets to feeling better and the bleeding stops. Poor guy.

    Good for Jordan getting his new job. We do see the convoys of windmill blades and sections of the upright in our travels. We’ve talked to several of the movers of these massive things. The Pilot Car directly behind the blade truck is responsible for the turning and tracking of the rear axles of the trailer hauling the blade around corners and getting on and off at exits.

    We’ve seen one with the back end of the trailer in a ditch because the Pilot Car operator miscalculated the turn. We’ve been told that can delay the process by hours and require a wrecker to come and get the axle out of the ditch.

    Jordan should do well in this. He’ll get to see the country and get to know a lot of pretty good people. Hope he finds he likes the job.

    Love you – Leslie

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