Saying Hello…………….

Hi out there in blogland¬† ūüôā

Well spring break is officially over tomorrow and I must say part of me is happy to get back to the regular routine and the other will miss the fun we had.¬† I have taken soooo many pictures it will take me a bit to get the ones I want to post all down sized and uploaded. Lynn Congratulations on your big win from Saras blog , looks like you will have many new toys to play with. I was very happy to see all your project posts.¬† This must mean you are feeling much better. I will have to check out your link soon I have been busy trying to get my house back in order. How is it that so much gets ¬†displaced when we aren’t even home ????¬†¬† I have the kids working on their rooms nd I will tackle mine after the little ones go home today we only have them for a few hours today. I was excited to see them yesterday and they were happy to see us too¬† ūüôā¬† We have been able to meet up with Jereme our oldest son and have dinner a few days ago and met up with Heather¬† last night for dinner. Jordan and Melissa took care of PJ while we were away so I got to spend time with all my kiddos this week.

I texted and called Leslie and havent made contact with her. I hope all is well with her and Joe. I am really concerned about her.¬† I think I’m going to fold up laundry and do the dishes I can do that while the kiddos run around me¬† ūüôā

Take care

much love and many hugs,



Almost spring break !! Yipee

HI Friends¬† ūüôā

Sorry for the long periods of silence but things have been busy around¬†here. Tomorrow is the last day of school til April 2 and I am very ready for the break. March is a busy month Birthday month around our neck of the woods. Ariel had her finger checked and¬†finished her antibiotics today¬†but I can’t¬†get her to stop biting her nails and fingers. I was told to put hot sauce on them to detour her from putting them in her mouth?? not sure if we will try that. WE have parent teacher conferences tomorrow night for all 3 kids to get their grade cards. Oh yeah I had my hair cut off today¬† ūüôā lost about 6 inches and gonna put some coloring on it tomorrow I will feel like a new woman¬† ūüôā¬† ( having quite a¬†few grey ones showing up lately )¬†The weather has been quite warm not that I’m complaining but we have started to see the ants already in the house not sure what to do but keep everything all sealed nice and tight. My Mom is feeling better and has to use her oxygen on 3 litres when she is resting and 4 when she is moving around. She has a follow-up¬†in a few days I’m hoping for a good report.¬† Lynn I was happy to hear that nice weather has finally come for you. Lovely to see all the beautiful flowers springing up but a bummer that the mower decided to go on the fritz. Hope your handy man gets it up and running in a jiffy. Is Rod on the mend from the bug ?WE havent mowed yet but it is needing it. I think its time to get the summer clothes out of storage and all washed up and put the winter ones away. Good thing about summer stuff it makes laundry time easiesr on me¬† ūüôā Leslie hope things are going well with you and Joe?¬† Although I have been absent on here¬† you are all in my thoughts.


lotsa love to you both


Mom’s home from the hospital :)

Hi everyone sorry for not answering comments¬† lately. Mom came home from the hospital after 10 p.m. last night ??? I have never heard of someone being released so late. Anyway she’s home and I was able to get her prescriptions¬†filled and to her since my sister is working all day long and neither of my brothers can drive.¬† It is very hot and the two small ones were cranky being cooped¬†up in their car seats and Grandma’s house has so many new things to explore and it made Mom very nervous having them puttering around and I am worn out keeping them all under wraps. The kiddies will be home in a bit so the little ones will have someone to play with before Melissa gets here around 4:30. Jordan is on his way to Missouri escorting some kind of hydro something or another I remember it has something to do with a dam and will over night with it and be home sometime tomorrow evening if everything goes well¬† without any unforseen problems. The kiddies are excited and counting down the days til our trip¬† ūüôā¬† I have yet to come up with a menu or more importantly my crafty stash¬† ūüôā¬† lol¬† I am a planning freak so to keep myself happy I had better get my rump in gear.¬† Better rush off here I hear the kids now.¬† have a great day everyone¬† ūüôā


Love to you all with many hugs,


Loving this warm weather

Hello out there in blogland¬† ūüôā

How are you all faring? We are getting along well at our house, the kids seem to be over the flu and yuckies. Ariels finger is healing nicely. Now to keep her from biting her nails to avoid this happening again. I have tried keeping them poslished uit that did not detour her.¬† The weather around our area has been amazing almost 80 yesterday !!¬† The kids have been outdoors playing so bed time has been a breeze. They are out almost as soon as their heads hit the pillow.¬† The¬† kids are getting really excited about our trip I think next weekend I will start getting things ready. We will be staying in a villa and have a full kitchen so I can cook our meals, now to think of what we will eat¬† ūüôā¬† Plus I want to get a small crafty stash so I can play in the down time. I will try to post a link to where we are going and you can check it out if you’d like . We have been there once before¬† with our adoption group , They had a special grant to take the first 50 families who responded and we just stayed overnight. This time we will be there for 3 days. This is our ¬†first vacation in several years. The weekend in Champaign a few weeks ago¬† was what the kids wanted for Christmas this year so we just saved for it and only did stockings at Christmas time.¬†¬†Summers are usually harder for us since Brian is off from driving the school bus and we rely only on what Brian earns on his Ebay sales. so we figure we should get it in over spring break. The small ones will¬† be with the other grand parents while we are gone so they get a vacation too.¬† Well the smallish ones are needing some attention so I had better let you go.¬†¬† Take care and hopefully you are all getting some nice spring weather.

Love and hugs to you,



Here is the link to where we are going.

Had the windows open all day :)

Hi there Friends¬† ūüôā

Wow we have had awesome weather today in the 70’s , It was so nice to have the windows open for the fresh air.¬† We had a busy weekend with Melissa and Sierras birthday celebrations and this weekend was the flea market so the kids and I tagged along. I was able to find gifts for both Sierra and Melissa in the process. We also had 2 trips to the Doctor with Ariel. She is a nail biter and had been picking at her nail. on friday it looked irritated like your nail would if the hangnail was pulled off but by saturday evening it was so swollen she couldn’t¬†bend her finger ,so off to the hospital we went they gave her antibiotics and explained¬†how to soak it ect . Sunday morning it looked about the same so I loosely¬†wrapped it just in case she hit it or if it started to drain….. Well by the afternoon her finger¬†tip was purple and greenish looking ,so off to the hospital we go again and this time the numbed her finger and lanced a channel and squeezed the nastiest stuff from it and again said keep soaking it . This morning it looked much better but after school it was nasty again so brian pricked it with a needle and it drained a bunch more. Yuck eeeeee¬†stuff.¬† They are treating it like MRSA¬†since she had it last summer and most likely she can be a carrier???? All I know is I hope it gets better soon. On a bright note I think the flu bugs are leaving our house¬† YIPEE¬†¬† ūüôā¬†¬† Lynn are you getting the warm weather still ? I have seen the daffodils blooming around here. Do you have things sprouting in your garden already ?¬†I think I am going to try my hand at some container gardening¬†this year I will have to keep you posted on my progress. I text messaged Leslie today I havent seen any posts from her in a while and want to make sure she and Joe are ok. I will let you know what I hear.¬†¬† OK I am off now as it’s getting¬†late and¬† I am supposed to be getting ready for bed but wanted to check on you and Leslie.¬† Take care and I hope you are all feeling well.

Love and hugs,


Extra, Extra Read all ablut it :)

Hi everyone

Finally getting a chance to make a post. We are still battling the Yuckies around here and All the kids back in school this morning. Levi came this morning with the high fever and Jasmine made it til about lunch time before we got the call to come pick her up. Apparently we are in one of the six states with wide-spread outbreak of the flu as reported on the weather channel this afternoon.  Yippy for us, at least it explains why the kids keep having different symptoms all weekend.  So please keep us in your thoughts that we are getting it now and it runs its course quickly.

We have had bizarre¬†weather this past week.On sunday we had a dusting of snow and today it is around 70 and another day of high gusting winds ???? We have had to chase our trash can around the neighbor hood¬† ūüôā Brian has it secured under the porch now.

Jordan is on the mend with his front teeth becoming infected and on his way to Baltimore Maryland escorting a large dump truck. His front teeth have been busted off three times and I think he will have to have some major work on them before long.

Brian is healing quickly from his tooth extraction and feels so much better. That makes me happy because I hate it¬†when it hurts him so much he can’t sleep at night.

I got to do a bit of random stamping this morning while Sierra and Levi colored. I made some nice background papers and think that if everyone fares well this evening I will try to put something together.   Brian is going to purge his stash of eBay stuff to make room for me to get to my crafty area again. He is so sweet and got me a small video camera so I can make and post my videos easier Am I spoiled or what ?? Oh he is so good to me.

Lynn how is Rod doing with his bout of illness? are you feeling any better? I hope you are both doing well.

Leslie how is your tech working going? I wanted to troll your site but got sidetracked with the kiddos the other day and havent gotten to yet. How is Joe getting along in his travels ? Missing you I’m sure.

Ok enough chatter for now the kids will be here soon and I need to make sure they get in safe with out the door blowing off.

Big hugs and much love,


Uggghhh :(

Seems we didn’t¬†skirt the yuckies¬†ūüė¶¬† Jasmine came home with a very high fever yesterday 104.7 really freaked me out. Called our pediatrician¬†and they were out¬† and we were told to head to the emergency room. She is resting today better today and the fever is under control with Tylenol. we have neb¬†her every 4 hours to help with her breathing. I have been cleaning like a crazy woman while Brian is at an antique show because I think I may be catching what she has. I’m starting to run a low-grade¬†fever and feel icky. I know I should not be doing this but the house looks like a bomb went off and I can’t¬†stand it any longer. I will vacuum¬†the floors and get the dusting out-of-the-way¬†and finish up the laundry and call it quits. I have to go get the mattress’ today since they only have 2 in stock or we have to wait at least¬†3 weeks for the next shipment to get there. We had to get rid of Ariel’s¬†mattress due to her bed wetting so I will get a wetness proof covering for this one and have her to keep using the pull ups at night.¬† So there is my day so far. Not complaining just sharing what I’ve been up to. I think I will be staying home with Jasmine tomorrow and maybe we will feel up to some crafting and coloring.¬† So I will talk to you all later I’m off the finish my chores.¬† Lynn How are you faring ? the nasty cough getting any better? You have been in my thought lately. Gonna try some gardening this year so I will share with you after you start feeling up to the chatting.¬† ūüôā¬† Leslie how is your techie stuff working ? I havent had a chance to go over to you site the past couple of days will try to later.¬† Take care of yourselves Ladies.

Much love to both of you