Uggghhh :(

Seems we didn’t skirt the yuckies 😦  Jasmine came home with a very high fever yesterday 104.7 really freaked me out. Called our pediatrician and they were out  and we were told to head to the emergency room. She is resting today better today and the fever is under control with Tylenol. we have neb her every 4 hours to help with her breathing. I have been cleaning like a crazy woman while Brian is at an antique show because I think I may be catching what she has. I’m starting to run a low-grade fever and feel icky. I know I should not be doing this but the house looks like a bomb went off and I can’t stand it any longer. I will vacuum the floors and get the dusting out-of-the-way and finish up the laundry and call it quits. I have to go get the mattress’ today since they only have 2 in stock or we have to wait at least 3 weeks for the next shipment to get there. We had to get rid of Ariel’s mattress due to her bed wetting so I will get a wetness proof covering for this one and have her to keep using the pull ups at night.  So there is my day so far. Not complaining just sharing what I’ve been up to. I think I will be staying home with Jasmine tomorrow and maybe we will feel up to some crafting and coloring.  So I will talk to you all later I’m off the finish my chores.  Lynn How are you faring ? the nasty cough getting any better? You have been in my thought lately. Gonna try some gardening this year so I will share with you after you start feeling up to the chatting.  🙂  Leslie how is your techie stuff working ? I havent had a chance to go over to you site the past couple of days will try to later.  Take care of yourselves Ladies.

Much love to both of you



One thought on “Uggghhh :(

  1. Hi Shelly, these kiddies really know how to frighten us with their sudden high temps. Glad Jasmine is feeling a little better and hope you are soon feeling better too. How is Brian’s mouth?
    My cough is easing every day and I’m gradually feeling as though I belong to the human race again 🙂 Rod now has the dreaded man flu and is feeling sorry for himself but then if he has what I’ve just had then he probably does feel rough.
    I feel a litle frayed around the edges just now as we had the two grandsons yesterday and overnight and neither wanted to go to sleep so they cried and carried on until I finally fetched them both back down stairs and let them play and cuddle up for over an hour. They finally went back to bed around 10.15 pm – Liam in our bed with Rod so it was the spare bed for me! Luckily the boys both slept until late this morning – Liam at 9 am and Dylan until 10 am. I don’t think they have yet got over their jet lag and back into their routines again. Liam especially is not a happy bunny if his routine is disturb in any way. They were both fine this morning until mum and dad arrived and we cooked a roast for lunchtime, which turned into a chaotic state with two rebel rousing kiddies who decided they didn’t like this, that or the other!! Peace has now descended as they have all gone home 🙂 You’ve just got to love ’em lol. Now I’m relaxing in front of the computer.
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

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