Extra, Extra Read all ablut it :)

Hi everyone

Finally getting a chance to make a post. We are still battling the Yuckies around here and All the kids back in school this morning. Levi came this morning with the high fever and Jasmine made it til about lunch time before we got the call to come pick her up. Apparently we are in one of the six states with wide-spread outbreak of the flu as reported on the weather channel this afternoon.  Yippy for us, at least it explains why the kids keep having different symptoms all weekend.  So please keep us in your thoughts that we are getting it now and it runs its course quickly.

We have had bizarre weather this past week.On sunday we had a dusting of snow and today it is around 70 and another day of high gusting winds ???? We have had to chase our trash can around the neighbor hood  🙂 Brian has it secured under the porch now.

Jordan is on the mend with his front teeth becoming infected and on his way to Baltimore Maryland escorting a large dump truck. His front teeth have been busted off three times and I think he will have to have some major work on them before long.

Brian is healing quickly from his tooth extraction and feels so much better. That makes me happy because I hate it when it hurts him so much he can’t sleep at night.

I got to do a bit of random stamping this morning while Sierra and Levi colored. I made some nice background papers and think that if everyone fares well this evening I will try to put something together.   Brian is going to purge his stash of eBay stuff to make room for me to get to my crafty area again. He is so sweet and got me a small video camera so I can make and post my videos easier Am I spoiled or what ?? Oh he is so good to me.

Lynn how is Rod doing with his bout of illness? are you feeling any better? I hope you are both doing well.

Leslie how is your tech working going? I wanted to troll your site but got sidetracked with the kiddos the other day and havent gotten to yet. How is Joe getting along in his travels ? Missing you I’m sure.

Ok enough chatter for now the kids will be here soon and I need to make sure they get in safe with out the door blowing off.

Big hugs and much love,



3 thoughts on “Extra, Extra Read all ablut it :)

  1. March has been strange here weatherwise, one day beautiful sunshine and relatively high temperatures and then it is howling a gale and freezing cold with snow. However a high is moving in over the weekend so we can expect warmer weather for most of the week.
    I am now over the worst of the flu bug, just feel tired and still have a cough, Rod is also recovering.
    Hope the flu blows through quickly and is soon away again for you and yours. So glad Brian’s mouth is healing and less painful but poor Jordan must be feeling down with his tooth infection. And it all costs so much money!
    Anyway hope you are able to get crafting this weekend 🙂
    Love and hugs
    Lynn xx

    • So happpy to hear that you and Rod are feeling better. the bug this year has been terrible for many folks. I think the kids are passing the different things back and forth but we only have to make it about another week and a half til spring break and we will have about two weeks away from school so maybe we can rid ourselves then 🙂
      I tell you the waether is CRAZY…. we’ve had tornado watches,severe rain with some hail and like I said snow and blowing winds. I am hoping that this wont be the pattern for spring and early summer. Living in a mobile home with nothing but farm fields across from us we get slammed with the winds terrible and I so hate having to flee our home every time it turns nasty.
      Any word from Leslie? I know shes been working on her web site. I was reading that Oaklahoma is one of the states with the flu also so I hope She and Joe are keeping healthy.
      Jordan is feeling better with his antibiotics but having a hard time finding a local dentist that takes their insurance. He had a safe trip to Maryland and should be home in the wee hours tomorrow.Like Leslie he took his camera along to take pictures of his travels. Maybe I need to get him blogging???? Take care

      Love and hugs,

  2. Glad to Hear:
    Brian’s extraction is healing and not hurting him so much any longer.
    Levi’s fever has come down enough that he is coloring with Sierra.
    You have been able to get some stamping done in your crafty space.
    You now have a new little video camera to practice with and upload to YouTube.

    Sad to Hear:
    Your weather is wonky. Freezing and snow one day then hot and windy the next.
    Jordan is having difficulty with his front teeth. That can not be any fun for him in his new job. Poor guy. Hope he gets his teeth fixed soon.
    The flu has taken up residence in the nooks and crannies of your home and doesn’t want to leave any time soon. Hope it has finally run its course.

    Thanks for your concern for me, Shelly. My days and nights are all mixed up and I think I have created a monster here. The end is at least getting near. I’ve decided to come up for air 😀

    Take care my friend.
    Love you – Leslie

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